Camp nanowrimo april

Camp NaNoWriMo April is coming to a close with just three more days to get typing on the word processor and getting those numbers in. I reached my goal of 50K yesterday (26th April) but the thing is, I haven’t finished the story so I’m still writing and i won’t validate my novel until I finish the story.

For those of you who have already validated their word count and have finished their story, congratulations.If you’ve finished the story, then I suggest you get planning on the next story or at least celebrate with a bottle of champagne. For those of you who are like me, and haven’t finished the story, keep writing.

And finally, for those of you who don’t think you can write the last 20K of your story in three days, keep heart. We lose sometimes and sometimes we win. But if you’ve at least tried NaNoWriMo this month, then I for one do not think you’ve failed, because the really win is the writing. How good does it feel that it’s near the end of April? Honestly, tell me how good it is.


At the end of this month, whether you lose or win, celebrate that you’ve gotten this far in your novel. If your novel isn’t finished by the end of the month, I enourage you and challenge you to continue to write the story in May.

Because although camp nnaowrimo’s airm is tow ritea  book in 30 days, the better advice or goal would be to finish what you’ve started. 





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