I won 50K


I won 50K! Yay.

Not 50K as in $$$$ money, but I’ve beaten the writer’s block and writer’s critic, and inner editor, and I’ve won April camp NaNoWriMo. My word count goal was 50K words and I did it. I actually got over 50K on 26th but the story wasn’t finished until today, the last day of April 2016 and camp NaNoWriMo.

It feels awesome to have achieved my goal and finished my story. I’m looking forward to the next camp in July.

Do you see my badge? Do you like it? Yeah, i know you do. This is so awesome, i feel great.

Hey, if any of you readers are a camp NaNoWriMo winner either this year April 2016 or in previous years, let me in the comments below. What were your low lights and high lights?

I ended the story with acknowledgments and then I did a Q&A to myself.

Here’s one of the question:

3. Talking about the first draft, the one that you wrote in April camp NaNoWriMo 2016, what were the high lghts and what were the lowlights?

The low light was everytime i wrote at home and the internet didn’t work. Many times I had to reload my document (on gmail) and it was very fustrating. Then I changed to writing in the library and it was better. But sometimes I couldn’t update my word count for the day, and that was really annoying too.

Another low light was when my mum left for Sydney. I was really bummed out and I saw and felt a drop in my word count after that. But I’m also glad that this happened because it taught me that setting a timer for my writing sessions, is a good thing. I set it to 15 minutes at first, when I was just trying to stay on Par, but then this changed to 30 minutes each day. And at the last few days of the month/of camo, I wrote 2-3 writing sessions. (over an hour each day)
A high light was that I not only finished my story, but I was happy with and had improved my writing compared to the story I wrote last month in March (Ivrick). This was because I finished the story, and would even play a little Q&A. With Ivrick, I rushed the ending because I was running time, trying to finish everything by the end of March in time for Camp NaNoWriMo. 

Thank you for ready and supporting my blog. I look forward to reading your answers to the above question and if you are thinking about doing the camp NaNoWriMo in July or the one in November, hit me with any questions you’ve got.

Also, I know the title “I won 50K” is a bit misleading but to me, what I’m feeling right now and what I’ve accomplished, it’s the same feeling I would get if i had won 50K in lotto but better because I won.






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