I don’t care if you don’t pingback this post, but I ask all bloggers to create a post for Orlando. You don’t need to actually write a prayer for Orlando, but as I am a Christian, this is what I will do.

Dear Jesus,

Why is there war and destruction in the world?

Why do bad people seem to be winning using hate, anger and fear?

These things are not of God (you), and they are not as powerful as love, kindness, and peace.

Where are you, God?

When people are dying, people are killing, people are hating,

Where are you, God?

When you knew that hatred is as good as murder in your eyes,

Where are you, God?

But I know that these people will go down where they belong, and you will judge the wicked and bless the good.

People have stopped believing in you,

People have started to grow doubt in their hearts,

they think you let this happen,

They think you’re not there,

protecting them as you should,

You say you are our Father in heaven,

then prove it to us,

Show us you care for us,

Give us Shalom Peace in our hearts,

for our burden is too heavy,

with the weight of death and grief and loss on our shoulders.

Let us come to you for rest,

Let us know that you are there,

Give us rest, give us peace, Give us hope.







2 thoughts on “Orlando”

    1. We will never know when Judgement day comes until it comes. I based this prayer on Psalm in the bible as I’ve been reading Psalm recently and I think it’s relatable to our current events. Thanks for dropping by.


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