Rice or noodles?

Left: Tempura prawn with noodles and soup

Right: Tempura Prawn with rice


I love Japanese food especially raw salmon (sashimi). I have recently been interested in tempura which is prawn lightly fried. It is delicious and good tempura are ones where you don’t get much batter.

In japan, you can deep fry anything, sweet potato, cucumber, carrots, and of course my favourite, prawn.

When I was in Singapore and I ordered Tempura noodles (see picture to the left), I was surprised that the prawn was on top of the noodles. The soup made the tempura soggy and although I had the sense to put the tempura in a bowl, I didn’t do it immediately and by the time I did, the bottom part of the tempura which had laid in the soup was soggy and soft. The top part was crunchy which is how a tempura should be.

I loved the noodles, the soup, and the mushrooms.

But the main star should’ve been the prawn tempura.


I also tried a similar dish, Prawn Tempura on rice (See pic in right). This dish was delicious. There was nothing special to the rice but at least it kept the prawn tempura crunchy and dry (not soggy). Perhaps the large difference was because I had ordered the rice tempura from a Japanese  restaurant whee they specialised in sushi, and i had ordered the soup tempura dish at a place that was more famous for their bak ku teh.

Overall, there were many pros and cons on each dish, but I’d say I’d go back to Singapore and order both of them again.

Happy eating!







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