Pad Thai


Picture: Pad Thai

In Singapore, there are many malls. Each mall had at least four floors plus a basement. Almost everyone who lives in Singapore has a mall nearby them. Where I was staying, the mall was a ten-minute walk away.

And in this mall, were four floors and a basement. In the basement were mainly food shops, one being called Thai Express.

I went to this restaurant with my mother one day to try out the pad thai. (More photos later). I ordered lime juice which was not that great because of all the herbs and whatever else they put in there.

The pad thai had chili, not yet mixed in with everything else (see bottom right of the picture). I gave as much chili as i could to my mother since I don’t each chili but I couldn’t get rid of all. It wasn’t all that bad actually because  this was chili flakes.

But I’m the kind of girl who eats too fast, too much, so eat enough chili flakes, your tongue will go on fire, your throat will burn up, and cheeks will go red.

On the plus side, the food  did come fast but so did the people trying to clear the plates and kick us out. Overall, the Pad thai was pretty good and not too sweet. But next time, I think I’m going to stick tot he Pad Thai that’s in New Market at home and go for the more “Singaporean” food when in Singapore.

Happy Eating!








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