Before the Red Sea

There is a well-known story in the bible of Moses at the Red sea. He and thousands of Hebrews had just gotten out of Egypt, but not long after that, Pharoah and his men went after them. With their enemies behind them and the red sea in front of them, there was nowhere to go.

Nowhere to go, that is, but through.God made the Red Sea split in two so that there was dry land where the Hebrews could travel. When the Hebrews made it safely to the other side, the sea became a sea again and swept the Egyptians to their deaths. Shortly after this miracle, the Hebrews praised and cheered God “For he is exalted”

What I learnt about his passage in the bible, on Sunday, was that often we have problems, and then we ask god for help. There is no problem with asking god for help but often times, we only praise and worship God after the problem is solved, and not while we still have that problem.

How can we praise God before he saves us and solves our problems?


Not because of who we are,

but becasue of what you’ve done,

not becxause of what we’ve done,

but because of who you are,”

We cannot see the horizon in the distance. We can only see the problems we are stuck in. But we need to lean and trust in God’s word and his promises for each and every one of us. Omne of his promises that He made with everyone was that he had a plan for each of us, a plan to prosper and not to harm, a plan to give you hope and a future.”

It’s not by what we see, but it’s by faith that we overcome

Too often (especially Christians), we complain and grumble to God.

“Oh, how good I had it before i became a Christian. I could sleep in on Sundays. I could drink beer and hang out with friends and party all night,”

We Christians have to deal with not just our conscience, but something called “Jesus conscious”. When we have Jesus in our hearts and our life, we don’t want to sin and we are less tempted because we just don’t want to. We love Jesus too much to sin and turn away from him. It doesn’t mean that Christians are never tempted to lie, or punch our enemy, or disobey our parents. We just don’t think about it too much. We’re not tied down by the law (I’ll write a different post on this)

It’s funny how some disdtance, makes everything seem small

Imagine how the Hebrews felt when they were begin chased by the Egyptians. It was whether death by sword or by drowning. Then imagine how they felt as the sea “closed up again” and their enemies who had been chasing them, were dead.

Your Turn

Everything has a perspective. The next time something bad happens to you, or a problem arises, don’t just do what you normally do. Don’t complain, don’t fret or worry, don’t be discouraged. Instead, look to God, to the good tihngs he has done over your life and the things hehas  planned for you, and look to the cross.

Have a nice day.







6 thoughts on “Before the Red Sea”

    1. Thanks very much. You’re always reblogging my posts, it means a lot to me. Other people can see my work but it also shows me that you read it and felt something from it.


    1. Thank you. I find that when I write things about Jesus or my writing, I get views and feedback. It’s when I’m writing true to my heart and the important matters to me.


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