I’m back…again

I have a confession to make. I’ve been naughty and lazy. I’ve been swimming star fish style in self pity, because no one reads my blog and no one knows it even exists. But that time is over. 

Although it’s more than half way in the year and even though I may have done this in my last blog post, I’m going to declare today my resolution. And by golly, I will persist with the stubbornness of a younger sister and the determination of a writer. I will survive.

This is my mid year resolution:

Write more blog posts more frequently and never again, abandon it to the wastelands of the cyber space black hole.

It’s going to be challenging and at times, I’ll want to do anything else but write a blog post but I’ll persist and have the courage to take that extra step forward. And then another step after that.

What about you?

Turning it over to the reader/fellow bloggers. And please don’t ignore me. Tell me if you’ve ever experienced what I’ve been through, where you don’t want to write your blog post, feeling like there was not one person in the world who cared. 

Have a good week end.


2 thoughts on “I’m back…again”

  1. Hey, don’t give up. Do what you love.

    Why don’t you try to grow your readership? There are some great posts with hints and tips on WordPress. Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to interact with bloggers. Do a free blogging course at The Daily Post’s blogging university, I made some of my best blogging friends there.

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    1. Thanks Nicola for your encouragement. Blogging for me, has been on and off. Now I’m back again times 3. haha. I will do my best to build my readership as you said. I also decided to be kind to myself, my wriitng and my voice.-by drinking lots of hot tea and writing with minimal editing because where I am as a writer and what I can produce right now, is already Good Enough. Just pep talking myself a little bit.

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