Three rules to writing

“There are the rules to writing, unfortunately nobody know what they are.”

Good morning fellow bloggers and readers. Today is a post for the writers out there. For those writers, the above quote is something you may be familiar with. If you know who famously said it, please let me know in the comments.

The quote goes that there are only three rules but nominee knows what they are. I think since the beginning of time, humans have made simple things very and unnecessary complicated. I think I know what the three rules to writing is and this is for all writers. 

Toss out the other rules that you know of and listen to this:

1. Write a lot

“If you only write a little, you’re doomed” -Ray Bradbury

2. Read a lot

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time it the tools to write”

3. Daydream often

Adults have to learn to hold their tongue and smile even when they feel angry inside. It’s called self control and being an adult. That’s why children have better stronger imagination. Because they imagine what happenss to their maths teacher; something no adult could ever imagine. 

Being a writer calls for imagination. You know that Bully in high school? Yeah, you know the one. Put her in a vast if done sticky hokey pokey mixture. You know that Vonnegut or boss who is a bit of a drag, make him get laid or get a life. 

“Be yourself. No-one else can be you but you”-Oscar Wilde

“Be you. No-one is you-er than you.”       -Dr Seuss


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