My life so far

I am writing this post about me because keys face it, my life is interesting. If it wasn’t before, it certainly is this year and this year onwards.

This year, I took a 6 month break. During this time, I volunteered at stardome and spca op shop. But the main reason for this blog post is to talk about recent things. NZMA.

I have been enjoying immensely going back to school. I have a c.f. That despite the grammar mistakes and the wrong phone number, I’d actually looking pry God, neat, tidy and actually kinda impressive. 

I have never been so motivated to learn and excel, never been so keen to get up in the morning, never been to a stage where I didn’t need to catch up with the others. 

I’ve only been in NZMA for 2 weeks but during this time, I’ve never arrived late and I’ve never called in sick. I have a little fit my life and I truly beeline that this course is in God’s Will and in his plans for me. 

Something else coming up: 

Stories, free to read and enjoy. 

Laidlaw college

NZWC short story comp

NZWC courses

Selwyn community college courses

Learning things 20 year olds need to learn.

That’s all from me. Just something shirt and sweet trekked directly from my life. Happy winter everyone.


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