10 things I learnt from writing stories

1. Good reading is damn hard writing but it is worth it

2. Editing your draft if like killing your draft and then bringing it back to life. The “bringing it back to life” thing is worth the feeling of killing all your hard work.

3. Feed back hurts like a bitch especially good feed back

4. If you actually listen to the feedback, you might learn something and actually improve your story and your craft.

5. But be prepared when you ask for feed back or for help

6. Writing when you don’t want to write is worth it in the end

7. Nanowrimo is hard work but it’s written it in the end because the outcome is a novel

8. You can edit a bad page, you can’t edit a blank page. Even if it hurts to write so badly, do it anyway because it’s worth it

9. No glory without pain.

10. That every rejection letter, every criticism, every doubt and fear you’ve ever had, has helped you to be the writer you are today and it is therefore all worth it. Every word.

So just do it and do your best effort. Give it all you’ve got. Don’t give up. Sit at the type writer and bleed. And through the pain, produce something magical and wonderful. 


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