Review of 2017 and summary of blog



It’s been a while since I last went on this blog-my blog. I guess I’ve been busy with Wattpad, Webook and other things as well. In case you don’t know, Wattpad and Webook are both writing communities and I’ve been pretty active on these sites for the last few months.

This year has been awesome, to say the least. I had the privilege of going to Singapore with my mum earlier this year. I’ve read several engaging good books this year. It’s always a treasure a treasure to find a good book in the library.

I’m still unemployed but I’m looking forward to being a student once again, this time at Laidlaw College.

So those are just a few highlights of this year. Now here’s information about what I’m going to do with this blog.

If all goes well, I will ‘revive’ this blog, meet and connect with people, have my own community going, and post exciting content that people will enjoy reading.

Here are some things I will write about:

My beliefs-this includes Jesus, but also my values and morals

Writing-This is a big one because I’m a writer and becoming obsessed with the craft every day.

Short stories and flash fiction-don’t get too excited about this as I also post these kind of things on Wattpad and WeBook and I don’t like to re post things. We’ll see about this one.

I will also “re-blog” posts from other blogs. Sorry, I don’t know what the proper word is called but this isn’t the same as plagiarism.

Other-I don’t want a general blog that tries but fails to cater to everyone, but when I say “other” I really just mean whatever the old cranium can come up with, usually musings.

This blog is about my life which consists of travel, learning to cook, writing stories and being with my family.

That’s all folks. Looking forward to being back online here.







Two birds with one stone

Part three in response to: My Predictions for 2016

The first stone: Spanish

I didn’t even start learning the other languages but I actually got pretty good with Spanish. I used Duolingo. It’s a website and it’s also a mobile ap and it’s still on my phone. I guess it was easier to learn spanish and use duolingo when I got my new phone in singapore. My phone is awesome by the way.

But it sort of simmered down. Maybe I was too weighed down by NZMAand volunteer jobs, but you know, these things happen. Every skill takes years to master, be good at it, or even to make it a habit and decide that yo enjoy it enough to do it everyday and all the time.

Second stone: writing

This is straight from the post that I’m responding to;

  • Write 12 novels
  • Do a writing course from NZ writer’s college
  • Win a writing contests
  • Enter 6 writing contests

Am I crazy? It’s not official, but yeah, I am crazy. I didn’t do three of these things. I could put it down to being super busy, but as my new blog is called “No excuses”, that’s just not good enough. I guess these kind of things take time.-How can I enter 6 writing contests, when I only started entering them last year, and only entered two. And the goal; “Win a writing contest”, is very bad. Because if I fail (and I did) then I’m what? A failure? a loser?

It’s oly a good goal if i define the term “win”and I say that:

Wunning is the act of writng a complete story and submitting it to a competiton. Two things:

1. You wrote a frickin story and under time pressure. it’s coherent and even if it doens’t win anything, you wrote and edit until it was “publishable”. You an still share it to other people.

2. You entered a competition, yo gt out there nad soemtimes that’s the scariest thing. It’s like walking, eyes closed and steping off a cliff, not being able to feel the ground under your feet.

I actually remembered my “12 novels” goal, even though it’s the craziest one on the list. But I gave it a go and wrote/started writing 11 novels. On the 12th month (this one), I decided to edit one of the novel that I wrote this year. It was one of the only novels that actually reached the goal of 50K and yet, it is no where near finished.

I can’t even edit it, I’ve found out,  because I still have to finish writing the story. I’ve already written 8K words more onto the original story. It’s messy and they’re just bits and bobs of scenes and I have to slot them in the story somewhere, but it’s 8k and many more words to go.















Cooking up new dishes

Part two in reponse to an earlier post:

My Predictions for 2016

For two weeks, my mum was away in Sydney, helping my oldest sister with her one year old daughter. My other sister (I have three), was just starting her Asia Trip. So that meant I was home alone. And I enjoyed it a lot that when people came by to visit and check up on me, I actually got annoyed instead of grateful. It was one of those rare times where I was alone but I was not lonely.

I kind of cooked my favourite dishes, though I didn’t stray too far from the basics. So, I didn’t cook ratatouille or soup, but I cooked mushrooms, courgettes and rice. Basically, I had those three ingredients in almost every dish.

I even learned to wash towels and none of the colours of my clothes “bleeded” into other clothings. So I felt very independent. Then my mum came back and does everything. Seriously, I don’t even wash dishes which I actually liked to do even though there seemed to always be dirty dishes in the sink.

One time, my sister came by my house to check up on me and eat dinner, and she scolded me for having dirty dishes (the same dirty dishes she saw the day before). The next time she came over she asked me in an accusing voice; “Did you wash the dishes?” and she went to the sink and saw that there were still dishes. By then it was 5pm and I was too tired and fed up to explain that they were new dirty dishes. “You don’t know my life”. Sigh.

This reminds me of a quote or saying I once found on google; “If you want to make it as a writer, move out of your mum’s place”.

Sadly, I think it’s true.





Finding Friends

The last five months, I’ve been at NZMA, doing and completing the level 3 retail certificate. I forgot that this was a gap year. But it was, atleast, for the first half of the year. I went to Sydney, singapore, malaysia, met my old school friend, met my old high school friend, and watched Brooklyn Nine nine many times on Netflix.

As I go through my older posts, to see if there are any commennts I missed, I read, with a bemused smile on my face, this post My Predictions for 2016. It did not go at all the way I thoughht it would go. I didn’t know that I would be studying, or that after 6 months of being out of school, I practically begged George to enrol me and quick. I had had enough of the  Garfield life.

In Primary, I had one friend. I keep failing to stay in contact even though we both have whatsap, but I always manage to track her down whenever I’m in Sydney. In high school, same problem, I had one friend. At least this one is still in auckland.

I meet with her pretty often or at least, whenever I can and when she’s not busy. I still haven’t given her her christmas present. At NZMA, my private tertiary school, things were a bit tricky in terms of finding new friends. They were either older than me by a lot of years (I usually have friends who are my age or younger), or they ended up not turning up to class most of the time. Most people would look at the number of friends I have (2) and think I need more friends, more social life, more partying. But for me, these two friends are going to remain my friends for the rest of my life.

I have a cousin who showed me her yearbook and pointed to everyone who were her friends. She pointed to about 50 kids and her whole class, aparently were her friends. But then shew ent on tosaying in aa sad voice; “none of them are going to be at my school next year,”

She’s going to high school next year, 2017. I told her that she could get their phone numbers and whatsap them or snap chat. She said it would be too much work. But what about all her friends? So she’s just never going to see them ever again? See, I have lots of “friends”, but I only count the people as my friend if I know they are going to stick with me till the end and vice versa. I don’t want a school friend, or a church friend, I want a “I’ll go to your house on a week day even though there’s no school” kind of friend.

That requires effort. But if she’s a good friend, then it’s worth it.

One good true friend, one who is always there beside you, is a treasure and more valuable than 50 or 100 so-called friends.





free writing and trusting my voice and my skills as a writer

What am I doing here?

I am punching out heaps of blog posts one after another. I don’t know if any of it is any good but the whole point is to write and not stop. Some of the posts are even from my journal, although tweaked a little bit. But otherwise, apart from corrrecting the auto-correct, I leave it as it is, don’t think too much if at all, and let it out into cyber space, anther world, a whole other dimenstion.



One book

Most of the books that I own are books that I haven’t even read yet. I keep telling myself that I need to read them, but because of the sheer volume, that there are so many books, I feel pressured. A similiar thing happened with borrowing books form the library. I’m allowed to borrow as many books as I want for one month, sometimes longer unless someone else has put a request for the book. But I used to borrow too many, not read any of it because of the pressure to read it, and then I get overdue fines.

Not good.

Once or twice, I had a 30 dollar plus fine. I thought of it as giving back to the library but the librarian looked at me with a half raised eye brow and looked like I was a disgrace to all book lovers.

So now, I restrict myself to borrowing one book from the library at a time and focussing on reading and getting through one book at a time. It sucks being an adult where you have to make rules for yourself.

But so far, it works and I am once again reading at a reasonably good speed.

I have Chuck Wendig’s Invasion book on hold, sot hat should be interesting. Side note, almost anything can replace the word apple, because it’ll still rhyme anyway:

A book a day keeps the doctor away.

And it makes way more sense than an apple.