Finding Friends

The last five months, I’ve been at NZMA, doing and completing the level 3 retail certificate. I forgot that this was a gap year. But it was, atleast, for the first half of the year. I went to Sydney, singapore, malaysia, met my old school friend, met my old high school friend, and watched Brooklyn Nine nine many times on Netflix.

As I go through my older posts, to see if there are any commennts I missed, I read, with a bemused smile on my face, this post My Predictions for 2016. It did not go at all the way I thoughht it would go. I didn’t know that I would be studying, or that after 6 months of being out of school, I practically begged George to enrol me and quick. I had had enough of the  Garfield life.

In Primary, I had one friend. I keep failing to stay in contact even though we both have whatsap, but I always manage to track her down whenever I’m in Sydney. In high school, same problem, I had one friend. At least this one is still in auckland.

I meet with her pretty often or at least, whenever I can and when she’s not busy. I still haven’t given her her christmas present. At NZMA, my private tertiary school, things were a bit tricky in terms of finding new friends. They were either older than me by a lot of years (I usually have friends who are my age or younger), or they ended up not turning up to class most of the time. Most people would look at the number of friends I have (2) and think I need more friends, more social life, more partying. But for me, these two friends are going to remain my friends for the rest of my life.

I have a cousin who showed me her yearbook and pointed to everyone who were her friends. She pointed to about 50 kids and her whole class, aparently were her friends. But then shew ent on tosaying in aa sad voice; “none of them are going to be at my school next year,”

She’s going to high school next year, 2017. I told her that she could get their phone numbers and whatsap them or snap chat. She said it would be too much work. But what about all her friends? So she’s just never going to see them ever again? See, I have lots of “friends”, but I only count the people as my friend if I know they are going to stick with me till the end and vice versa. I don’t want a school friend, or a church friend, I want a “I’ll go to your house on a week day even though there’s no school” kind of friend.

That requires effort. But if she’s a good friend, then it’s worth it.

One good true friend, one who is always there beside you, is a treasure and more valuable than 50 or 100 so-called friends.





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