One book

Most of the books that I own are books that I haven’t even read yet. I keep telling myself that I need to read them, but because of the sheer volume, that there are so many books, I feel pressured. A similiar thing happened with borrowing books form the library. I’m allowed to borrow as many books as I want for one month, sometimes longer unless someone else has put a request for the book. But I used to borrow too many, not read any of it because of the pressure to read it, and then I get overdue fines.

Not good.

Once or twice, I had a 30 dollar plus fine. I thought of it as giving back to the library but the librarian looked at me with a half raised eye brow and looked like I was a disgrace to all book lovers.

So now, I restrict myself to borrowing one book from the library at a time and focussing on reading and getting through one book at a time. It sucks being an adult where you have to make rules for yourself.

But so far, it works and I am once again reading at a reasonably good speed.

I have Chuck Wendig’s Invasion book on hold, sot hat should be interesting. Side note, almost anything can replace the word apple, because it’ll still rhyme anyway:

A book a day keeps the doctor away.

And it makes way more sense than an apple.





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