One book

Most of the books that I own are books that I haven’t even read yet. I keep telling myself that I need to read them, but because of the sheer volume, that there are so many books, I feel pressured. A similiar thing happened with borrowing books form the library. I’m allowed to borrow as many books as I want for one month, sometimes longer unless someone else has put a request for the book. But I used to borrow too many, not read any of it because of the pressure to read it, and then I get overdue fines.

Not good.

Once or twice, I had a 30 dollar plus fine. I thought of it as giving back to the library but the librarian looked at me with a half raised eye brow and looked like I was a disgrace to all book lovers.

So now, I restrict myself to borrowing one book from the library at a time and focussing on reading and getting through one book at a time. It sucks being an adult where you have to make rules for yourself.

But so far, it works and I am once again reading at a reasonably good speed.

I have Chuck Wendig’s Invasion book on hold, sot hat should be interesting. Side note, almost anything can replace the word apple, because it’ll still rhyme anyway:

A book a day keeps the doctor away.

And it makes way more sense than an apple.





Author: ceyeh96

I am a novelist who is taking an amazing gap year. In Jan 2016, I'll be doing volunteering work as well as throughout the year as well. Check me on Wattpad for short stories. My username is ching_e Follow my blog, Writing160 (not RubyAtYourService).

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