Two birds with one stone

Part three in response to: My Predictions for 2016

The first stone: Spanish

I didn’t even start learning the other languages but I actually got pretty good with Spanish. I used Duolingo. It’s a website and it’s also a mobile ap and it’s still on my phone. I guess it was easier to learn spanish and use duolingo when I got my new phone in singapore. My phone is awesome by the way.

But it sort of simmered down. Maybe I was too weighed down by NZMAand volunteer jobs, but you know, these things happen. Every skill takes years to master, be good at it, or even to make it a habit and decide that yo enjoy it enough to do it everyday and all the time.

Second stone: writing

This is straight from the post that I’m responding to;

  • Write 12 novels
  • Do a writing course from NZ writer’s college
  • Win a writing contests
  • Enter 6 writing contests

Am I crazy? It’s not official, but yeah, I am crazy. I didn’t do three of these things. I could put it down to being super busy, but as my new blog is called “No excuses”, that’s just not good enough. I guess these kind of things take time.-How can I enter 6 writing contests, when I only started entering them last year, and only entered two. And the goal; “Win a writing contest”, is very bad. Because if I fail (and I did) then I’m what? A failure? a loser?

It’s oly a good goal if i define the term “win”and I say that:

Wunning is the act of writng a complete story and submitting it to a competiton. Two things:

1. You wrote a frickin story and under time pressure. it’s coherent and even if it doens’t win anything, you wrote and edit until it was “publishable”. You an still share it to other people.

2. You entered a competition, yo gt out there nad soemtimes that’s the scariest thing. It’s like walking, eyes closed and steping off a cliff, not being able to feel the ground under your feet.

I actually remembered my “12 novels” goal, even though it’s the craziest one on the list. But I gave it a go and wrote/started writing 11 novels. On the 12th month (this one), I decided to edit one of the novel that I wrote this year. It was one of the only novels that actually reached the goal of 50K and yet, it is no where near finished.

I can’t even edit it, I’ve found out,  because I still have to finish writing the story. I’ve already written 8K words more onto the original story. It’s messy and they’re just bits and bobs of scenes and I have to slot them in the story somewhere, but it’s 8k and many more words to go.















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