It’s almost half past six and I’m awake, red-eyed and yawning.-But awake. Why is that? I suppose it’s because I’ve got a lot on my mind. I can’t tell you how many times, I woke up in the night, sitting up straight in bed and talking to myself. I hope nobody heard me. Although I did whisper, never shouted, but I always feel like the walls are thin and you never know.

I think I have a lot on my mind because it’s Thursday-I have no classes today so it’s kind of a “do everything” sort of day. I have time. I could sleep or try to sleep some more but at the same time, I don’t want to wait for the sun to come up to start my day. And besides, I’ll take a nap in the late afternoon. I like naps.

I do apologize for the randomness of this post. I do want to keep a sort-of structure so that you can expect when I’ll be sending out posts. But then again, this is my comeback stage, so you really never know when it’ll happen.

So three things (of the many things), on my mind:

  1. When you’re trying to be quiet because everyone else is sleeping, man does sound become magnified. Every punch I make on the keyboard is so loud. A whisper becomes a shout. Doesn’t help that my stomach is growling.
  2. Look at the tags and you’ll things words like “hesed” and “blessed”. I will make a post about Hesed soon because it’s the word for this year. I have those kinds of tags in the hopes that God will give me success in all I do, including but not limited to blogging. Let’s hope blogging becomes a regular thing and not a phase.
  3. I used to not like demi’s newer songs but after watching that trailer of her movie (her life’s story), her newer songs move me. I think her newer songs show her vulnerability and a softer side to her. we all want to be loved and even celebrities can feel lonely and unwanted. So I’d like to share with you, “Tell me you love me” by Demi Lovato. This is the lyric version because I like to look at the lyrics.

goals 2018

Hi again. My second blog post in under ten minutes. Don’t get used to it, haha.

In my first comeback blog post, I talked a little bit about myself and sent two links, one to a loom video I made, and another to a youtube video in the hopes to convince you to learn Chinese.


This post is about goal setting. Again, I can’t stress enough that I’m going to try my best not to come back to this blog all confident and cocky. Okay? okay.

I have a selected number of interests that holds my attention and time. I will most likely be posting things about:

  1. being a student at Laidlaw. I’m studying to become a primary school teacher. yay.
  2. cooking. I’m living on campus so I have to do grown-up things like cooking and washing my clothes. Yay? I can’t tell you how stressful food can be. Not just the preparing and the cooking but also just thinking about what I’m going to do for the next meal. What’s for dinner? Uh, I don’t know.
  3. stories-I won’t post a lot of stories though I may post flash fiction a bit more frequently.
  4. my online writing course-mainly updates and possible rants
  5. God-keeping me sane

Through all this, I will also post:

-videos that I want to share

-loom videos

This is for two reasons:

  1. If I don’t know what to write, I can at least share a video
  2. also means less writing anyway which is good for using less time and a motivation for me to actually write

How often do I expect myself to write a blog post?

Most likely once a month or maybe even once in a blue moon. And that’s okay because of:

-Reverse psychology

-being very busy

-not having an audience that depends on my blog for survival in this cruel world

In saying (or writing) all that, here are a few reasons why I’m making a comeback at all (Ching Ern, this is for you):

  1. build a platform, an online presence. Whatever it’s called.
  2. because it can be fun
  3. because when I become a teacher, I want to have a blog with my class and I need to at least seem like I know what I’m doing
  4. because it’s good to reach out and be in communication with people from across the globe.

Thank you.

Here’s a cat on a Roomba chasing a duck


I’m back again at wordpress. I was going to make a blog on weebly, yeah, I know, start all over again. but then, much like prezi, it took way too long to load. So here I am again. My comeback.

This time, I’m not going to be too cocky in terms of creating a community here.

I thought I’d ease back into the blogging world with a short clip I made using Loom.

Aren’t we innovative these days?



It’s a video on what my name means for anyone interested in learning a little bit of chinese.

Not interested? Well, maybe this video will change your mind.

hmmm. Who else is feeling like dumplings?