Heinz Dilemma

What is right and wrong? How do we know when we do something right? Why do we have this sense of good and evil?

Lawrence Kohlberg was a theorist born in the late 20’s who developed the moral development called the “Kohlberg’s 6 moral stages”.

Kohlberg also creates the “Heinz’ Dilemma” which can determine where a person is at in their moral development based on their answer to the posed question.

There are 6 moral stages according to Kohlberg and three levels that the stages fit into.


Your turn:

In the context of Heinz’ dilemma, what level and what stage are you in?

Should Heinz have broken into the lab? Why? or why not?

What do you think Heinz could’ve done differently? i.e. was there a third option?


What? An article on the human moral development

When? Tuesday 2:00pm

Where? writing160.wordpress


May God fill you with the wisdom of grace.





Author: ceyeh96

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