Where am I at?

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I’ve been thinking about it while I’ve been away at camp and before I left for Raglan. It’s a little bit hard to write this post but I’ll try my best to write a good one.

There are six thinking hats according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Facts, knowledge, data. What you know.

I know that…

I’m happy to be back in my own bed

I like sleeping in sleeping bags. I like the material.

Friends are important. The most important friend I have is the one inside of me; Jesus, but I’m really grateful for my other human friends too.

I miss my brother. I don’t get along well with him but I miss him.

I have assignments and things due soon after my break ends. Need to get onto it.



I am…

unsure-will I continue with my blog? Will I keep writing blog posts? Is it worth it?

Happy-just to be home

sad-that I’m not at camp

Glad-that camp was BEAST

Nervous and excited-for tomorrow because I’m volunteering at Stardome which means more kids. Yay…. Fun.





Camp Raglan 2018


This week was the first week of my mid semester break. I went to a children’s christian camp as a leader. I had a lot of fun with the activities, was pretty good with my aim on the air riffles, and I loved the children. This is a video that one of the staff leaders from CBM made:

I don’t usually do this…but please like and suscribe! thanks!

Have a blessed day.


Writing is Good exercise

Yes, we’ve come back full circle to this post again. Writing is hard. I wanted to spin a positive twist on and go changed “hard” to “good exercise” which is really synonyms for each other.

Firstly, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful chocolate eating easter.

Here are a few things you should know about writing:

Sore muscles the next day does not equal a good workout

Many people buy into the myth that a good workout means being sore and fatigued the next day. That’s not true! you can have a good exercise and not be sore the next day. I wish I knew all this before I did the Pump class with my sister on Monday. It’s Thursday and I still feel pain in my arms. I can only move my arms <          > this high.

The same is true with writing. Don’t write so much that your brain hurts. Don’t write so much that you’re tired to write again 24 hours later. Please don’t do what I had done for about six years; writing in my journal even when my wrist began to hurt. Don’t hurt yourself. Listen to your body both when exercising and writing.

Below is a worksheet of a bunch of writing exercises that primary students do to learn their spelling words. You’ll have to make up your own list of words. But you can look up the words primary students have to learn and use that. Simple is better.

writing exercises.png

Do warm ups before and after exercising

This is crucial to preventing soreness later on. Do some stretches, lunges, shake yourself, shake your leg. For writing, do writing challenges or exercises. If characters come a bit more easily to you than plot, then write out a bunch of character outlines. If you’re more of a plotter, then brainstorm a bunch of story ideas or even write a ten point plot outline. More on this in a later post and I will make the link here.

Do warm-ups after the exercise or writing the story/poem etc. This could mean resting and meditating. This could mean reading what you’ve written and then reflect on it. Freewriting or brain dumping is a good tool to just let out all your worries and inhibitions on paper. Chances are, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself even if you don’t come up with any solutions to your writing problems.

I’ll let you in on a secret: I hate warm-ups! But I have to practice what I preach and do this too. Warm-ups(or warm-downs?) after writing will be hardest for me to remember and do. I’ll let you know how it goes in a link I’ll put here.

And that’s the end of my writing-exercise analogy. Hope you enjoyed my short post.

This video has writing exercises on writing sentences:


Learning to ride a Bicylcle

Let me just put it out there right now: I can’t ride a bicycle. I never learned mainly because Asians don’t ride bicycles. Okay, that’s not fair to say. My Asian family doesn’t ride bicycles. I did ask at least once to my mum if I could buy a bike and learn. She said no, road kill.

Having said that, I recently got a “vision”, a very vivid image of me, a bike and God.

I gave my worries and fears, some specific others not so.

  1. worries about my assessments
  2. worries about the future
  3. despair
  4. hatred
  5. a broken heart and not being able to move on from a bad relationship

Each worry or problem made a part of the bike. The seat was Jesus. That never changed. One of the wheels was my worries and fears for my friend who was going through a bad break up.

Then, I gave these parts made of my problems to God. I saw all the different parts of the bike, labeled with my problems, go to the clouds. Because, of course, that’s where heaven is. He turned this into a bike.

I rode this bike with God walking beside me, holding onto the bike as well. As I rode along with him, my bike turned to gold and eventually all the parts of the bike were replaced with something good.

  1. God cares for you (from the verse, give all your worries to God, for he cares for you).
  2. love
  3. hope
  4. shalom (peace from God)
  5. hesed (wisdom of grace)

My old bike laid on the side of the pavement. God took it away to heaven. This means that all my worries, problems and fears were given to God. I don’t need to think about these things for one more moment of my life.

God let me go. I’m riding the bike by myself but he’s always behind me, watching me, ready to catch me if I fall and help me back onto the bike again.

I quite liked this ‘vision’ that I had and hope that this could help some of you out there who are struggling with doing everything on your own. I’m still struggling with this because of my essays and practicums. But  I have to constantly remind myself that I’m riding a bike.


Apostle Paul’s Pet peeve: homosexuals

I know some Christians who are against gay marriage. I know some other people who have stopped being Christians because they have gay friends.

It’s conflicting for the latter group of people to have religion on one hand and gay friends on another. After all, the only ‘sin’ gay people have ever committed was being gay.

I would like to challenge you:

Is being gay a sin?

And if so, can we have a religion and still have gay friends? How can we resolve this conflict without completely turning away from Jesus?

I don’t know if being gay is a sin. However, I know two things:

  1. Sexual sin is not the unforgivable sin.
  2. The bible is against misuse of sex regardless of sexuality.

That’s what I know to be true. This website is particularly encouraging in my viewpoint on homosexuality. Let’s dive into these two things that I know a little bit further.

Sexual sin is not the unforgivable sin

All sin is paid at the cross because of Jesus who gives us a second chance, everlasting life, hope for the future and a family. This includes sexual sin. However, there is one sin that is unforgivable. I think this sin is when someone turns away from God and his heart is hardened and there’s no going back to the cross. It’s scary to think about which is why I don’t. As long as I keep my eyes, my heart and my focus on Jesus, I will be okay.

The bible is against the misuse of sex regardless of sexuality

The bible is against rape when a man rapes a woman and also when a man rapes another man. So regardless of sexuality, rape is rape and God is against that. Some people may think homosexuals have disgusting sex lives but this can actually be true for a heterosexual couple as well. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence who has revealed why she hasn’t had sex in a while.

Moreover, though homosexuality doesn’t mean no sex at all, such people are more likely to wait till marriage and even then, their marriage is based on loving each other, not multiplying the earth with these small people. Please be aware, I don’t actually have any statistics on this.

I know this is a controversial issue but I also know that Jesus said to love everyone, that Jesus ate with tax collectors, that Jesus didn’t condemn that woman who commited adultery even though he was the only one who could. So neither should we condemn each other, no matter what race, sexuality and even religion we may be.




What is repentence?

In a previous post, I talked about condone and condemn. Although Jesus doesn’t condemn us of our sins, he doesn’t condone, “sweep our sins under the rug” either.

when john the baptist shouted in the wilderness for the people to repent of their sins, I thought he meant asking for forgiveness, acknowledging your a sinner and then getting baptised. This is commonly how christians and even non believers think on what it means to repent.

While asking for forgiveness and in essence, the Sinner’s prayer, is important, repentence means so much more than this.

Repentence means:

-giving consent to recieve salvation and God’s love.

Giving consent. That’s all repentence is.

Giving permission to be saved.

Would you get angry if someone saved your life and this new life you have gives you freedom and joy?

I will cover what it means to be free and also what Joy actually means.-sometimes I feel sad that I have joy because joy stops me from grieving as much as I otherwise would. More on that later.

Here’s what repentence doesn’t look like. Notice two things: When we know we’re saved and forgiven, this doesn’t make us angry. When we know the true God, that he’s a superhero, not a villan and he’s on our side, it’s really freeing. Another thing is, the guy who was saved wore a neck brace. This doesn’t happen to us because of Jesus. It’s amazing even now, for me to think about it, that Jesus bore all our diseases and injuries and sins, and grief and heartache. EVERYTHING.