Apostle Paul’s Pet peeve: homosexuals

I know some Christians who are against gay marriage. I know some other people who have stopped being Christians because they have gay friends.

It’s conflicting for the latter group of people to have religion on one hand and gay friends on another. After all, the only ‘sin’ gay people have ever committed was being gay.

I would like to challenge you:

Is being gay a sin?

And if so, can we have a religion and still have gay friends? How can we resolve this conflict without completely turning away from Jesus?

I don’t know if being gay is a sin. However, I know two things:

  1. Sexual sin is not the unforgivable sin.
  2. The bible is against misuse of sex regardless of sexuality.

That’s what I know to be true. This website is particularly encouraging in my viewpoint on homosexuality. Let’s dive into these two things that I know a little bit further.

Sexual sin is not the unforgivable sin

All sin is paid at the cross because of Jesus who gives us a second chance, everlasting life, hope for the future and a family. This includes sexual sin. However, there is one sin that is unforgivable. I think this sin is when someone turns away from God and his heart is hardened and there’s no going back to the cross. It’s scary to think about which is why I don’t. As long as I keep my eyes, my heart and my focus on Jesus, I will be okay.

The bible is against the misuse of sex regardless of sexuality

The bible is against rape when a man rapes a woman and also when a man rapes another man. So regardless of sexuality, rape is rape and God is against that. Some people may think homosexuals have disgusting sex lives but this can actually be true for a heterosexual couple as well. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence who has revealed why she hasn’t had sex in a while.

Moreover, though homosexuality doesn’t mean no sex at all, such people are more likely to wait till marriage and even then, their marriage is based on loving each other, not multiplying the earth with these small people. Please be aware, I don’t actually have any statistics on this.

I know this is a controversial issue but I also know that Jesus said to love everyone, that Jesus ate with tax collectors, that Jesus didn’t condemn that woman who commited adultery even though he was the only one who could. So neither should we condemn each other, no matter what race, sexuality and even religion we may be.




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