Jeremiah 29:11 part two

God has plans for everyone of us. These plans are full of success and hope. Sounds good right? We’ve covered in a previous post, on the word, “success”. This is part two of my revelation that covers the word, “hope”. This is exciting stuff. Ready?

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that I’m only starting to listen to the holy spirit. But as I do, I’m more and more convinced that listening has a lot to do with reading the bible. That’s primarily how God talks to us. I wish there was a GIF for this; a dear brother of mine, Pastor Joseph Prince always says, “bible interprets bible” or “scripture interprets scripture.”

He’s right.

So here’s a scripture that neatly interprets the hope part of Jeremiah 29:11.

1 Peter 1:3

Praise God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is so good, and by raising Jesus from death, he has given us a new life and a hope that lives on. CEV

This was taken from the CEV (contemporary English version) bible. In another version, it says, “…a hope that is alive. It is alive because Jesus Christ rose from the dead.”

In other words, God’s plans for us is holistic. It’s not about promotions, cars, education although those things can come under “success in everything we do”, but in terms of ‘hope’, it all points to Jesus at the cross, taking our punishments and then rising from the dead. He is our hope. Our hope is alive because Jesus is alive.

Here’s another verse, just because I wanted to add a video. Courtesy of Hillsong.


God bless you!

Introvert time is important

I’m an introvert. At least, many people would classify and box me in this label. And fair enough; I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert either. But I think no matter what you are, we all need a little downtime, a little me time. A little alone time.

I call this, Introvert time. Yes, even extroverts need this time to be, well, alone. Some people may disagree but the truth is, even social butterflies need to have time to reflect and just be. There is something about spending the night with yourself, alone in your own thoughts, that time of intrapersonal reflection, downtime, that makes us better conscientious people in the long run.

Even social butterflies need to have time to reflect and just be. (Tweet this)

10 things you should know about biblical theology

  1. One out of a thousand- There are so many kinds of theology, it’s crazy. Biblical theology is only one kind of theology. One out of many ways to look at, approach and interpret the bible.
  2. Story focussed- Biblical theology is following the grand story of the world. It’s a meta narrative. It’s a large story composed of smaller stories. Every book in the bible contributes to the grand story-yes, even Leviticus.
  3. Forest for the trees-We’re looking at the big picture. We’re looking at the trees and how they link to the forest. In other words, why did God allow the Hebrews be subject to slavery for 400 years? Why did God stubborn Pharaoh’s heart? Biblical theology asks and reflects on these questions in light of the bigger story of salvation and redemption.
  4. Themes-like any good story, the biblical story is told through the lens of themes. you can tell the biblical story many times because there are many themes to look at.
  5. The Theo Combo-Biblical Theology is not just one kind. It is a mixture of systematic, historic and biblical theology. Yes, it’s true. You do need to be a bit systematic when telling the story in the lens of a theme
  6. Many themes-and only some include-Covenant, redemption, salvation, God’s people, temple. For my class, I wrote an essay, framing the story in the lens of the covenant theme. I’ll do the same for the others themes to in order to broaden my understanding and yours too.
  7. Grace-When you can see the bigger picture, the one story from Genesis to Revelation, then you will know Grace. When you know Grace, you will worship God. You might even go so far as to bow down and break out in tears. This is because Grace produces true worship. And there’s a lot of grace in the biblical story.
  8. We’re all in the story
  9. A ministry tool
  10. All Christians are theologians

My revelation on Jeremiah 29:11-whoop!

There’s a well-known verse in the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11

Here is the verse in the form of a song so that it gets annoyingly stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

For years, YEARS, I’ve wondered what God’s plans were. It’s one thing to have plans, but you know, tell me what they are. How can I live out his plans, which are full of good things like hope and prosperity, if he doesn’t tell me? I mean, okay, truth be told, I don’t stick to plans. Sometimes, I don’t even listen to myself which can be super annoying and not to mention inconvenient. It bothered me for a while. In fact, I remember when a friend of mine quoted this verse, saying it was her favorite. she looked so happy, peaceful. In my head, I was screaming, “but what is the plan?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, be frustrated no more. For I have had a revelation on this verse. You see, prosperity is a synonym for success. In the old testament, we see the phrase, “God gave __ success” quite a number of times. To name a few, He gave success to Joseph, Samuel, and David.

Do you know what this means? This is really significant! Because Sucess is given by God, handed to us on a silver platter.

Sucess is given by God. When the spiritual battle has been won, the win in the physical battle is a given. (Tweet this)

That’s God’s plans for us. He gave David success in all of his battles. He gave Joseph success even as a slave. He gave Samuel success in leading the people as their judge. He gives us success because that’s his plan for us.

He also gives us hope…I’ll talk about this in another post. Stay tuned.

I’m feeling so happy on this revelation. I think I’m happy about this because I’m currently an undergraduate student studying to become a primary teacher. I need all the success I can get. So if my success comes from God and he’s willing to give success to me, I’m all good with that.



5 things to do on Mother’s Day

What are you going to do this Mother’s day?

I know what I’m going to do. Here are five things that you can do too to make Mother’s day that much more special to the women in your life.

  1. Tell her, “I love you”. Say to all the women in your life that you love them. They don’t hear it that often and will appreciate you having the courage and sincerity to say so. Actions speak louder than words but sometimes, it’s nice to just say how you feel in a straightforward manner.
  2. The Classic breakfast in bed-Don’t do this if you can’t cook. It’s not cute. If you know your mother’s go to breakfast, that’s even better!
  3. Reminisce on the good times-share just with your mum or your family the times when your mum helped you out, took care of your when you were sick or did or said something that even now, you are grateful.
  4. Make a card-and sent it to everyone in the family so that everyone can write their own special message. One of the few people who keeps cards are mothers.
  5. Create a gift-be creative and artistic. Or be a handyman for the day. Do a craft activity to create your own present to give. Your mum will appreciate that it is your handiwork and not store bought. My mum likes purple and black and her favourite animal is the cat. I’m going to use this info to draw and then paint artwork for her to keep and cherish forever.


Mothers aren’t naggers

I went to week one of Camp Raglan April holidays 2018 from 14th to 21st. During this time, I learned a lot about Moses, the exodus, what it takes to be a great leader and how to best look after children. I learned that sometimes it’s okay to break a child’s trust if it means asking for help. I also learned courtesy of my team of girls, that mothers don’t nag, they help.

I had to tell these 9-year-old girls every day the same instruction. Make your bed properly. Put on your shoes outside. It seemed I was telling them off for doing or not doing the same thing every day. This got me frustrated which led to me telling them off even more for the littlest of things.

At one point, I felt broken inside. Broken out of frustration that they weren’t listening. But also broken because I had to scold and scold and that wasn’t the kind of leader I wanted to be.

What my role was to these girls reminded me of my mum and how I don’t usually listen to her instructions either. I reminded myself every day, “when I come back home, I’ll listen to mum. Really listen and do what she says.”

When camp finally ended, I went back to my church. My mum was waiting for me and we said our goodbyes to the other campers and got in the car. While in the car, we talked about lunch. It was at this moment that I realized something very important about my mum; she was not a nagger. No, she was bestowing upon me words of wisdom and advice more valuable than the finest gold.

Mothers aren’t naggers. They’re wisom bearers. (Why not tweet this for Mother’s day?)

This revelation made me feel better about myself and how I acted as a leader. After all, I wasn’t nagging them, I was bestowing words of wisdom and advice. Even if I didn’t always do this with a cool head, but I believe I did learn and grow as a leader while I was at camp. That is a priceless lesson and one that I will take with me every day of my life and in the next camp too.





Put it in prayers

A poem that is full of truths and heart. Reminds me of a verse; cast all your problems onto God for he cares for you. Another reminder: Prayer is our number one weapon against the forces of evil and strife.


If you have a problem
Which you find hard to solve,
Instead of worrying about it,
Put it in prayers;
And God will hear your prayers.

If there is something you want
But are not having it,
Instead of worrying about it,
Put it in prayers;
And God will hear your prayers.

If you have an assignment
That you find hard to carry out,
Instead of worrying about it,
Put it in prayers;
And God will hear your prayers.

If you are sick
And not responding to treatment,
Instead of worrying about it,
Put it in prayers;
And God will hear your prayers.

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