Five ways to show mothers gratitude

Mother’s day is when we show gratitude towards the women in our lives. It isn’t being thankful but it’s about reciprocating the love and care that they have shown towards us. We shouldn’t show gratitude for our mothers only on Mother’s day but everyday.

Show your gratitude for your mother or woman figure in your life, every day, a random day, more than once a year.

Gratitude is having a Grateful attitude. How can you show gratitude towards your mum?

That being said, here’s a list of five things to do to show gratitude towards the women in our lives:

1. Kisses and hugs-

Women love affection and there’s nothing that say gratitude than not feeling ashamed of showing this affection in public. Although you don’t have to be outside to kiss your mother on her cheek.

2. Words of affection

  1. “I love you”. Look your mother in the eye and say, “I love you”. Mean it. Trust me when I say, you don’t say it enough times. If you don’t live with your mum, then text her regularly and message her that you love her. It is a heartfelt gesture.

3. Notice what she does and compliment her

Compliment on something your mother does that you normally take for granted-Some examples: Wow, my shirt is without any crinkles. That was such a good dinner, lots of good taste and love in this dish. The floor is clean. etc. Perhaps even better than this is to do these chores without waiting for mum to tell you or telling your mum. Just do it and surprise her. Surprise visits to home are also good. In a world where everyone is busy and a lot are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s important to make time for the people who matters. Afterall, no one has ever regretted about missing work but perhaps they felt that they didn’t spend enough time with their grandkids…

4. Show you care by your actions, not your words.

  1. Show that you care about what she cares about and what she does for you. It’s easy to be ungrateful about things we take for granted. To show we don’t take things like an ironed shirt for granted, actually care. Fold or hang your clothes properly. Go out of your way to keep the carpet clean and if you make or see a mess, then clean it up. This is similar to doing chores without being asked but really, we should be cleaning up after oursevles in any house or place.

5. Take a picture and it’ll last long. Take a picture, print it out, put it in a photo albulm, it’ll last even longer.

  1. Photos-pictures contains long lasting memories of the good and the bad. Capture these moments with your mother, with your friends and families. Your mother will treasure these photos for a long time to come. For me personally, my mum’s sent a lot of pictures and videos of her grandchildren. Even though she treasures these pictures and videos, they take up a lot of space on her phone. Plus, her phone for some reason doesn’t have Google and we know how hard it can be when our devices aren’t connected to Chrome. It can be convenient to put the videos on DVD and photos into albums. I’ve only done the latter once, but you know? It’s worth it.

Note: Mother: A person who takes cares of you, who looks after you. A woman figure in your life who leads by example.

What to do now:

  1. Tell your mother you love her
  2. give her lots of bear hugs
  3. Clean up after yourself and the house without being asked
  4. Compliment and acknowledge her hard work
  5. Take pictures and videos and turn them into hard copies so that she can have space on her phone for more pictures and videos.

You turn:

Do you agree with anything on the list? Do you have anything to add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.





It’s hard to say goodbye

When I go to Singapore, it’s always difficult to leave. On the last day, memories of my time there resurface. I know that I’ll miss the people, the food, the shops. I’ll even miss the heat since that’s part of the Singapore life. But no matter how much it hurts to say goodbye to loved ones, a part of me is also excited to go back home. There’s no place like home.

Home is really something special.

Similarly, when I’m at home and I’m leaving to go to Singapore, I know I’ll miss New Zealand and the people there, but I’m also looking forward to a new place, a new culture. Something different.


When my friend left New Zealand for her home country, the feelings that bubbled up inside me was so different from anything I have ever experienced in an airport. This is probably why I don’t usually send people off.

It’s hard to say goodbye.

You’re not just saying a two syllable word. You’re letting go.

After she left, my friends and I stood there in shock. We stood there absolutely still for a good ten minutes. Not even the monster car park prices stopped us from taking a moment or two to just soak it in. She’s gone. Really gone.

But I was perhaps the only one not crying. At the time, I kicked myself because it was as though I was trying to be tough. This was not a tough-guy moment. This was a moment of really hugging it out and crying together.

I think I didn’t cry because a part of me knew that this wasn’t the end. I would see her again one day even if it was one or five years from now. This wasn’t the end.

I don’t know. Maybe I just haven’t let go yet and when I do, then the waterworks will start.

You Turn:

Think of a time when you had to do something difficult. Perhaps it was a particular funeral, sending someone off, or putting your pet down. Feel free to share in the comments below or else reflect on those times and what helped you.






Bath bombs

There are so many DIY crafts and science which is exciting. They’re for children but hey, it has the sign “plus” on the box.

Here is one product that people could buy, make and maybe even sell:

Bath bombs

You heard me.
The expensive, awesome smelling bath bombs you get at places like Lush, are actually pretty easy, fun and cheap to make.

At K mart (New Zealand store), bath bombs are 15 dollars and you can make three different types. It also comes with a mould so, if you could buy the ingredients, then you could keep making and making to your heart’s desire.

The downside about making your own bath bombs are:
There’s a feeling inside me that doubts this home made bath bombs that a 12 year old could make would be of the same quality as a Lush product.

Would people buy this or rather settle for a more expensive but better quality product?

How good is it, quality wise?

Also, who uses baths? Honestly! Baths use so much water.
I wouldn’t take baths unless I was in a hotel.

Great, now  I want a bubble bath.
But Ching Ern, you’re an adult and bubble baths are for kids.
Yeah, I hear you but… Bubbles.

Like any enterprise or business, there’s always a risk. But as far as demand goes, I think taking a bath and soaking in the water is something that a lot of people will pay for as a treat.

Plus, they make good gifts.

That’s it for this post. Come back again for more posts on cheap DIY products that could earn you extra moolah, and maybe nice smelling feet too.

Your Turn:

What are some ways that you could turn products into cash or your skills into an asset? Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t live in a cash world society?


What if I never got paid to write?

This is a scary question for me as I come to a time (and age) where money and budgeting is something I have to think about. I know that money is important and crucial in order to survive in this world. But I love writing. That is my passion and even when I hate it, I don’t hate it. Writing is my lifestyle. It is a choice and also not a choice.

But I also need to pay the bills. (in the future). I still need money to live, survive, thrive. What if writing never got me to where I want to go? What if there was absolutely no financial gain from writing stories? Even worse than that possibility is, what if no one reads my writing? I don’t become the next J.K. Rowling, I don’t write stories that struggled in the process but eventually thrived like Matilda. I become like Vincent Van Gogh, the worst artist in the world. Or worse-I don’t even become famous after my death.

Vincent Van Gogh lived in the mid to late 1800’s. He was an artist before his time and greatly under appreciated. He certainly didn’t paint for the money. And while there are good benefits for working without the need to impress an audience, it was also lonely. He was misunderstood and eventually was driven to suicide.

The truth is, I’m scared that I’ll never be good enough to make it, to gain the reader audience, to say something worth reading about. And the lack of any social-ness will lead me to quit writing altogether, give up on my dreams and aspirations. And yet…

And yet even as I write these depressing thoughts on the screen, I have this feeling inside me that my story isn’t going to play out like that. You see, even though I lack ambition and confidence, I have other qualities. I am, for lack of a better word, stubborn in my ways. I’ve already learned from my first-hand experience that the biggest obstacle in my way is myself.

Van Gogh’s biggest obstacle wasn’t his “weird” paintings and it wasn’t his loneliness. It was because when he did start to get recognized, he hated it. He suddenly had an audience waiting for his next painting and he couldn’t handle the pressure. It was genuinely never about the money.

But the thing is, in this world, in these times, whatever I do have to benefit me in some way.

I think even if I don’t become very famous or very rich, whatever I do, it will support me and my living. But writing will always be so much more than a paycheck. Writing is my lifestyle. It is a choice and not a choice.

“Your turn”

In this post, I’ve expressed my worries and doubts about becoming a recognised and published writer. But does earning money truly equal success? Is there possibly something else even greater than money that makes the world go round? Okay, now that I’ve stirred something inside you, here are a few questions for you.

Do you understand what the message I’m conveying or am I rambling? Am I the only one here or is there anyone here that feels the same way?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me.




Come on New Zealand! Advocate for the children!

First of all, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not affiliated with World Vision nor am I making money by doing this. However, I know a good cause when I read it. Right now, there is a great urgency and need to open New Zealand’s doors for the refugees. I know that this will means we’ll have a flood of refugees but that is only because:

They have no where else to go. To go home or to stay home is to get killed. 

Isn’t it therefore our social responsibility to help them?

After all, we may have to work to have a home, feed our kids but when it comes to life or death,

shouldn’t we do what we can to advocate for life and prevent death?

I urge all New Zealanders to read this and click on the link

that will take you to the advocate page for the Sudanese children. We have to let Jacinda Arden know that letting refugees into our home is not a burden, is not a bad thing, but it is a responsibility that we, as a nation, share for our brothers and sisters and fellow human beings.

Thank you!



Nervous but excited poem

I’ve noticed that many times in my life, normally before a huge change, I’ve felt nervous but excited. Some examples include:

  1. The day before the first day of college
  2. A few days before I went to camp
  3. the night before the week of Stardome
  4. Starting the other half of semester one

I thought, I keep feeling this way, and also based on this High school musical SNL video, why shouldn’t I write a song called “Nervous but excited”? A song requires music so this is actually just a short poem, just to try this out.

Nervous but excited:

People ask me how I feel

Well sometimes I feel happy, something I feel sad,

but whenever there are big changes in my life,

I feel…

Nervous but excited

like a leaf quivering in the wind, not knowing if it’ll stay with the tree or leave the branch

nervous but excited

like a dog seeing a family of adopters, not knowing if they’ll adopt him or turn to his brother

Nervous but excited

always nervous but excited

even when people ask me about college and I know it’ll be okay for the first day, that the newness will die eventually and I will go back to the old mantra of “school is school”.

But for the moment,

nervous but excited is the feeling.

Thanks for asking

Reflection on poem

Bwahahaha! lol. It’s obvious poetry isn’t my niche. I really just wrote whatever came to mind. Might not even be considered poetry by the ‘experts’. I think it’d be pretty hard to write and sell this song. In a Disney movie, it’d probably be super annoying.

Video that inspired this atrocity:

I had to write this poem, you see, because of Troy Bolton saying,

“I was nervous but excited. So I started to sing a song called, ‘nervous but excited'”

I remember this EVERY time I’m going through a big change or milestone.




I say hello
At the same time you say goodbye

I smile at you
At the same time you look away and hurry past me.

Its OK,
You don’t need to be afraid or feel guilty,
It’s OK,
If you have no money or don’t want to give,
I don’t want your money

Just a friend,
A smile is a treasure,
All the greatest treasures have no price
They’re for the poor, not the rich

Stay a little while longer,
Let’s forget about our problems,
And just pretend,
That the war has ended.

Thank you for your support over my book.

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Friends are fun but families are gold