Westboro baptist church Ep 2.

If you are a christian or religious person, what are some beliefs/principles that you grew up with? Can you still believe them? If you’re not a christian or religious person, do you have any principles that have now since changed? Let me know in the comments below. Please remember to hit the like button if you liked this post and the follow button if you want my newest posts to be in your news feed.


There are so many stories on Youtube of people leaving Westboro cult and starting a new and better life. It’s so heartening that this is possible. My concern is that when these people leave this cult, that they’ll completely forget about God and turn away from finding out about their spirituality. Because there is a God-a real and living God, just not the one that they were bought up to believe.

But it must be hard to be raised up in this kind of dangerous and harmful church, and then find another church. I think it makes sense if people coming from there wouldn’t want to step foot in a church or talk about God ever again. I would feel the same way. Even so, I hope that these people will want to know who God really is, and not what their church have made Him to be.

I don’t have much else to say on Westboro church despite this not being the last blog post on this. I was quite angry and fired up in my last post but this time, I feel utter sadness. I feel sad for Libby and I feel sad for the people who are still trapped in that cult.

In saying this, I’m not perfect either. I wasn’t raised in a cult, but I also need to take a good hard look at the doctrines/dogmas and everything that I believed growing up, and discern whether or not they are true or if I still believe in these things.

This video is short but I am getting a lot of content out of it. First of all, WBC believes that the Sandy hook elementery school’s destruction was brought by God’s judgement.

They are so scared of God’s wrath that it’s no wonder they believe and teach their kids to believe that the world is full of evil people and that there’s no hope.

I’ve lately been contemplating what my life would be like if I didn’t have God and I thought life would suck a lot and there’s be no hope for me or anyone. I believe this because death may be seen as ‘normal’ to most people, but I can’t accept it.

Death can’t be normal. I want there to be more than just this life and there’s no hope that there could be something else, then what kind of life would that look like?

But, even though I personally am dependent on the existence of God, I am starting to see with my own eyes that there’s still hope for evereyone including non-christians and even though we are mortals. It’s a contradiction, I know, but what Libby saw when she left her family, is true.-The world isn’t full of evil people. As much as there’s heartache, pain, sadness and hatred, there’s also joy, laughter, love and peace.

She lives a much happier, independent and freer life but I’m also glad that she’s remorseful, that it still sucks nonetheless to leave her family. I’m not glad of her suffering, but I’m glad because no matter what other people say or think, WBC is made up of one family and if for no one else, they do love each other. They did love her and she loves them. So I guess, I’m glad that there’s still love there even though it somes with pain and maybe a bit of home sickness.

There’s one last thing I’d like to discuss which is on why Libby left WBC. She left due to a close and personal reason which is often how these things work.-why people leave their religion or faith, not just people from WBC. This is once against, love winning out. Her family picketed at her friend’s husband’s funeral (he was in the military). And they also started praying for people to die.

What can counter this?


Libby left her family and everything she had ever known because of the love she had for her friend and the love she had inside of her. Love helped her to see the flaws, the cracks in the perfect persona of her family and church. Love made her see things differently and because of this, she had no choice but to leave. The people at WBC is smart and sneaky but there’s no law against love and ultimately, that is how we’re going to win.







Westboro baptist church Ep 1.

Nothing makes me sick, cringe and want to bang my head against the wall, like this church called Westboro Baptist. They’re infamous for their picket signs and offensive slogans. They make children, who can’t read these signs, hold them. They brainwash, indoctrinate and bully their congregation and tries to do the same with everyone else around them. In my opinion, they’re not a part of the Church and much like  Mormons, they’re a whole ‘nother religion from Christianity. At least I hope so.

Westboro church is an issue I needed to address because I, as a christian and a human being, cannot condone what they’re doing. As a way to not condone, I must speak up and voice out their horrific acts that they do “in the name of God”. Unfortunately, in the name of my God. That’s what makes me ticked off- is that these people think that they’re doing nothing wrong but are in fact doing God’s work. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I admit that I’m still learning about who God is because his character isn’t straight forward. He’s not as loving or kind as what my Sunday school teacher made him out to be. But even so, I believe (because this is a huge part of the gospel), that God doesn’t condone (sweep things under the rug), or condemns (judges us with much contempt and little empathy). God loves all of his creation and his prized possession that he had created was us. He loves each and every one of us and it doesn’t matter who or what we are. He loves us because of who He is, not because of anything we could do to deserve it.

That’s the gospel-or at least, the core of it. But West Baro baptist church have got it all wrong.

They’re so caught up with “One man, one woman”, to bother practicing love, kindness and empathy. They’re so concerned with who goes to hell and who goes to heaven, that they judge everyone to hell except for their own group of people. That’s wrong, disgusting and sick.

I feel sorry for the children who are growing up in this culture, who believe this with all their might because, “this is all I’ve ever known”. At the same time, I have to remember that this small church is made up of a family or relatives. And because of what they believe, because they’re so sure they’re right and will not be swayed, anyone in their family who doesn’t agree, cannot stay with them. And so, as much as I hate what they’re doing, my heart goes out to them and all those times when they lost their family member. There will be more in the future as well.

This ‘church’/’family’ does emotional and phsychological abuse because if you didn’t believe with them, then you could no longer be a part of the family. That means, you’re going out into the world alone, with no prospects or money.

It can be scary to go against the norm but you have to if the ‘norm’ hurts others and causes riots.

As a christian, here are some ‘norms’ that I have to go against:

-That the bible teaches us how to live and specifically tells us what to do and think on certain issues.

-That everyone who isn’t straight suffers from same sex attraction which can be cured

-That the solution to everything is knowing Jesus (I believe this is true but only in the big picture. In the finer details of life, we need a bit of practicality).

-That women should not be allowed to have an abortion

-That our purpose in this life as human beings lies in the purpose of  the creation of Adam and Eve.

And there are probably a few others.

But I can’t beat the people from West Barro. Those people who have left are brave and lucky. They’ve left a lot of destructive ‘norms’ and have entered a world full of light, laughter and love-the kind of world that they had never heard of when they were kids. Good on them! And I myself, will pray for the destruction of this ‘church’/cult.



SSA and the christian girl Ep 3.

As with the previous series, this will be my third and final episode in response to this article, “SSA and the Christian girl” by Girl Defined. I’ll be using the same video as last time but will cover more of the other articles that Girl Defined links to, mainly to a blog post from “desiring God” that explains to me more clearly the dangers and offense of the term “same-sex attraction”. Before I crack my knuckles and my neck muscles, please remember to hit that follow button, that like button, and leave a comment too. I’ll be sure to return the favor unless I genuinely don’t like your content because I shall not butt-kiss.

Nick Roen is saying that SSA is not a sin but is a temptation to sin. If we changed SSA to Homosexuality (which by the way, is what he’s doing), then we’re saying that Homosexuality itself is not a sin, but it is a temptation to sin.

Sexual identity of any kind is not a sin neither is it a temptation to sin. It’s an identity. It’s not a temptation. Being gay is not tempting someone else to “be gay”. Being gay is not a temptation to have sex with people outside marriage or to rape or any other sin. This is how disgusting the term SSA is and how offensive and dangerous the term is because it is used interchangeably with “Homosexuality”.

Please do keep in mind that sexual identity is something we’re born with, it’s not something we can change about ourselves. We can’t be homosexuals and then decide later that we’re heteros. But we can be homosexuals and then live under the dominant and more accepted sexuality which is being straight and being in a straight relationship. This is something that happens all the time.

I’m tired of talking. Is this how atheists feel? Oh, Jimmy, I’m so sorry that you have to put up with this sh**, even though it does give endless content.

I’m going to let this video carry across my message because, despite typing, my jaw is tired somehow.

I’m sorry that this blog post is really short. I just wanted to get this series over and done with. I’m not, by a longshot, finished with speaking up about LGBT and the poisonous beliefs of Christians, but I’m done with it for now. Damn. Good God.

Another article that Girl Defined links to and which may be interesting to you, because of all the lies and self-hatred that’s in there, is an article written by Christopher Asmus.

I just want to reiterate very strongly and clearly that being homosexual is NOT the same as SSA and sexual identity is not a temptation to sin. It can lead to sinning as in doing bad things with other people that you later regret, but that probably happens due to the restrictions from other people who tell you what you must and must not do, than from being homosexual.

There’s nothing to cure. I think if Christians didn’t believe that the purpose of marriage was to have sex and procreate, then actually, having the spectrum of sexual orientation that we have, would probably not be such a big deal. But because we’re “wired” to want sex, any sexual activity that isn’t between a man and a woman, is wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong to say that we’re wired towards this, although there are some people who are wired to not want sex at all, so sex isn’t for everyone. But really, I mean seriously, that kind of stuff is not other people’s business and frankly, it’s not the business of the bible either, who you want to f**K.

I’m sorry for swearing. I’m feeling a bit crude this year. Please forgive me and I’ll see if I can tone it down. I need more than four seconds, but this kid’s video is still a good reminder to calm down. No need to swear. Maybe. We’ll see.


Same sex attraction and the christian girl Ep 2.

What to do when you’re a Christian lesbian

I think my title is a lot shorter and to the point. It might even lead to a helpful article for lesbian Christians. Not that I’m in a position to give advice. This post is less a response and more an apology. Yes, it is time for yet another apology from me on behalf of Christians but NOT MORMONS. Mormons are their own thing.

I’m sorry, you confused LGBT teenagers

At around10:59 in Jimmy’s video, he points out how there are a lot of dead LGBT teenagers and most of them were conflicted between their sexual identity and orientation, and the religion that they grew up to believe in. He’s responding to a cherry that Girl Defined had picked. (Uh, talking about a bible verse), from 1 Cor 10:3. It’s about how God’s not going to give you anything you can’t handle.

I grew up with this verse and this belief that I won’t ever get any struggles or problems that I couldn’t handle with God. One ‘problem’ I had to handle growing up was not having a dad. He died when I was four. Funny how I remember how old I was when he died. I used to think that God thought I, a four-year-old, was strong because I could ‘handle’ the problem of not having a Dad. That’s some twisted thinking and again, really dangerous as well.

There are people who go through stuff including the death of a parent and also divorce to name another one, without having a relationship with God. Conversely, there are Christians who go to church, who went through divorce and had absolutely no support whatsoever.

What I’m saying is, you don’t need to know God, to be able to go through a tragedy and come out of it alive. Being a Christian and in a church might actually have the opposite effect since church people can be judgemental and “good-intentional” snakes. But maybe God helps and certainly, he helped me since the ‘struggle’ I had to deal with was about death. God certainly helps a little bit with that.

Moving onto my apology to the LGBT people-sorry. While I agree with Jimmy and can’t say that I’m in your shoes, it sucks. People suck and Christians suck and I genuinely hope that, whether or not you’ve been brought up religiously, that you find some sort of peace and self-acceptance with who you are and what you identify yourself to be.

You are special, you are unique, and it gets better.

Now, I know this is a huge jump from the above “it gets better” video, but this next video is to show you, and to everyone, that on some level, I do understand. -only because I’ve been suicidal before (which doesn’t really go away), and as someone who’s been bullied for not being talkative, or not being “alive” enough or even just for the colour of my hair, I want to say to you, that we’re special, unique and different and that’s okay, because we are who we are…You’ll understand after the video

Same-sex​ attraction and the christian girl Ep. 1​

Oh boy. This might be harder than my first 2019 series.

Hi all! Thanks for joining me and yes, this series is on the LGBT and what Christians think of them. Joining us is once again, Mr Atheist. The blog post that he’s responding to is by Girl Defined.

Girl defined is a youtube channel by two sisters, Bethany and Kirsten, who gives young girls advice. I’ll cover their youtube channel content later but as their blog seems to be much more controversial and closer to what they really think, that’s where I’m starting with. This blog post that I’m responding to is a “testimony” of a lesbian who was transformed by grace to not be so gay. The original testimony can be found in Desiring God.com which is another website that I’ll probably respond to sometime in the future.

Before I begin, please hit that follow button, that like button and leave a comment below about how much improvement I’ve made on saying the word, button. 

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Why did God make women? Ep4

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my blog. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I started blogging in 2019. As you might know, I recently finished writing a series on “Why did God make women?” as a response and to clarify a blog post of the same title and from a blog called, “Biblical Gender Roles”. Yup, so…it’s not biased or old fashioned or deluded.

As mentioned in the last episode of this series, I was done with all of this. I thought I was but last night, as I laid in bed, I realized that I wasn’t done. I wasn’t done because I am aware that I’m indoctrinated and probably believe in some lies. So I wanted to clarify a few things that I had written in my last post, to give you my take on the verses that the blog had used to support their argument, and to make clear that I’m not siding completely with Mr Atheist or with the blog. I am on my own side.

Marriage must be built on trust, communication, consent, and respect. We need to humble ourselves and work on our pride problem. Wives must willingly submit to the authority of her husband in the same way that husbands must willingly submit to the authority of Jesus. Another way to put this is everyone must submit under the authority of Jesus as we are part of the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom.

I agree 100 percent with the first line. I think with any couple, secular, religious or poly, that there must absolutely be trust, communication, consent, respect, and probably other values as well that both partners can agree to be significant in making the relationship work. The problem with Christian relationships is that they tend to take the specific stuff from the bible. They will trust and communicate with each other but specifically, “Wives, submit to my authority!”. They will give consensual sex and have respect for one another but specifically, “Wives, I own you. You are my property and so you must have sex with me whenever I want.”

Wrong. Very and so obviously wrong. No, sorry. I shouldn’t say that it’s obvious because it’s not for some people and not all of those people are stupid.

So I have a problem with my own thinking, from the second sentence onwards. I don’t think I really understand what these biblical phrases mean such as “willingly submit”, “authority”, “in the same way that husbands (that whole sentence), “we are part of the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom”.

I don’t understand these things even I wrote and believe in them. I don’t understand it well enough to explain it to an atheist or even just to a secular human being.

When I re-read this and I see words like “submit” and “authority”, my feminist self becomes angry like crazy, like menopause crazy.

So, what do I say now? I love how in my AMP footnotes, it says that Paul doesn’t empathize on the husband’s authority. In the same way, we shouldn’t get so hung up over that and actually read the whole chapter. Because further on, Paul writes that one’s husband must love his wife as he does himself. I think it’s interesting to note as well that the footnote (Eph 6:1), mentions how parents must treat their children in such a way that the children will want to obey. This is clearly talking about respect. This is in another chapter but I just liked this advice.

I don’t understand Eph 5, “Marriage like Christ and the Church”. I am still angry and offended even while I’m sure there’s some sort of big picture that anyone can be joyful about. But since I don’t understand right now, I can’t say much on it.

However, if we were to just step outside bible verses and scriptures and what God supposedly say, my advice on marriage is:

  • Don’t get married to have sex (or to hug)
  • You’re worthy as and equal to each other
  • Outside of marriage, you are each your own person
  • Have an open communication before getting married about important topics like taking care of children, household chores, and generally, what a good and successful marriage actually looks like to you.

It is significant or is supposed to be significant to get married and to make this decision. It takes a special kind of guy to, first of all, have a woman to willingly “submit”/”tasso” and to also be the leader of his family. This is why I’m not going to get married to anyone but Jesus. And no, I’m not at all thinking of how big his…

Another point I’d like to make (I could point to a few bible verses but I can also say this from common sense), is that wives need to listen to her husband and husbands need to love his wife. If wives tend to want control, then they must fight against that and “let it go”. If husbands tend to act as a tyrant, then they must fight against that and love their wife. But y’all need to stop focussing on women who like control, and start focussing on the responsibilities and expectations of both wives and husbands, females and males.

What I was trying to say in these paragraphs is that, when you’re married or you’ve chosen to be someone for the rest of their life, you’ve got to make sacrifices and compromises. If you’re both strong headed, and you both want to do your own thing, then maybe, be friends with benefits instead of lifelong partners?

So there has to be a sacrifice without sacrificing you or who you are. A lot of this falls on wives. They, without really talking with each other, have or feel like they have the responsibility to clean the house, cook, take care of the husband and children as if they’re both dependent on her, despite one being an adult.

The second paragraph was written after the very smart epiphany that marriage is a pretty serious decision. You don’t get married to someone after being with them for 4 years because 4 years is “long enough to wait”. It’s so much more complicated than the decision to start dating.

If you want to know what your faults are and quick, then get married because your significant other, who you have to share everything with, will not only show you, but point it out. Love one another which means, let go of the idea that you’re always right. I know my brother had to certainly learn this lesson (in order to not be the exact replica of my dad).

The bottom line is, someone who’s controlling and someone who’s a tyrant, will clash and butt heads and even up in divorce. Put love first above your differences and learn to share.

I think my anger when using the words “submit” and “authority” comes from my pride. I need to be humble in order to really see what the bible actually says and how the bible uses these two words. At the same time, these two words disgust me because of how overused and misused they are. I would love to know the original Greek words that the English language have butchered.

To be honest, and in this day and age, if you want a good and healthy marriage, don’t EVER use words like “submit” and “authority”. EVER. (Unless you’re only married to Jesus or you’re in a “sub/dom” situation).

I don’t agree with everything Jimmy says in the video but for what it’s worth…

I think Christians should stop doing or saying stuff “because the bible told them to”, and actually start using their heads to make decisions. Don’t only do stuff because the bible says, but do it ALSO, because you actually agree as a sane, rational and logical person. Jimmy says it better but there you go.

There’s so much more to cover on this and I’ve only scratched the surface. But as I’ve mentioned in my previous post and even in a prayer, I’m sick of this sh**. So I’ll leave it there. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to better understand Ephesians and will, therefore, have a much more compelling and detailed argument against that blog post.

Thanks so much so sticking around. Do you have any thoughts, questions or critiques? Leave all of these things in the comments section below. Did you enjoy this blog post? Hit the like and follow button. Gosh, I wish I could say the word, “button” as cute as Jimmy.

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Why did God make women? Ep 3.

Please God,

Let this be the final episode. You know I can’t stand this.

Thank you for the day,

In Jesus name I pray,


Hello, it’s me, Ching Ern. My name’s not important but anyways, here’s what I’m hoping to be the final episode of my response to “Why did God make woman?” a grammatically incorrect blog post written by BiblicalGenderroles.com

To make this the final episode, and because there’s so much content to go through and use, I will skip a few paragraphs. I’m happy to do so because it’s about to get very serious and offensive. To keep this PC, I will give you three detox videos. Here’s the first one:

The bible is ‘clear’ that women are inferior and unequal to that of men. So, now that it’s clear for you, the question is, Why did God make woman to be a subordinate helper to Man?

My response and take on this:

  1. As I’ve explained in my previous episodes, women, females and wives were created equal to the male counterpart, and to join together to take dominion and care over the earth, animals and people.
  2. It even says so in the footnotes of the AMP bible
  3. The greek word for submit, is “Hupotasso” which comes from two words, “Hupo” meaning, “under”, and “tasso” meaning, “1. to put in order 2. to appoint”. I’ll further explain the meaning of Hupotasso later but first: Please remember to like, follow and leave a comment.

To follow along with Jimmy’s response: 10:08

Here are my other thoughts and answers to this:

  1. I have a tension headache
  2. Women were created to help men just like how God sent the holy spirit to be our helpers. But women are not perfect helpers as demonstrated by Eve when she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. In fact, in all the commandments that are in the bible, it’s like God is saying, “I’ll let you humans try to be holy and righteous on your own efforts, and then when you realize you can’t do it, I’ll do it myself and show you up.”
  3. My point is, although Eve was created to help Adam in taking care of the earth, the holy spirit is a much better companion and helper for all because the holy spirit is perfect and humans are flawed. We were flawed before we ate that fruit.
  4. I need a vodka tonic, hold the tonic. But since I don’t drink, here’s another detox video:


Two verses

I don’t condone the use of “cherry picking” bible verses but I’m going to do it anyway since this is a response to a blog post and not a sermon. According to the blog post, Christian Egalitarians claim that man’s ownership over women were not part of the original plan but only happened because of that darn fruit. The CE people uses this one verse to support their claim. This verse can be found in the New Testament of the bible and was part of a letter written by Apostle Paul, to a church, after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Please note also, that they’re using the KJV and I’m using AMP.

Galatians 3:28 (AMP)

There is [now no distinction in regard to salvation] neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you [who believe] are all one in Christ Jesus [no one can claim a spiritual superority].

I don’t know why the KJV is a lot shorter but in any case, it seems AMP is clearer than KJV in terms of translating text into English while still conveying the original meaning.

The blog’s counter-argument, also taken from one verse and from Ephesians, also written from Apostle Paul to a church, states that;

Marriage like Christ in the church

Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as [a service] to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also wives should be subject to their husbands in everything [respecting both their position as protector and their responsibility to God as head of the house].

(Eph 5:22-24)

The writer is trying to argue that wives need and were made to submit to their husbands, under their authority and leadership. Wives do not have a say in anything.

This brings me to the meaning of the word “Hupotasso” or in English, “submit”.

And now, presenting, a Greek lesson

The word “Hupotasso” comes from two words, “Hupo” and “Tasso”. The word, “Tasso” has more information so I will focus on this as well as what my AMP footnotes say.

From bible study tools.com, “Tasso” means:

  1. to put in order, to station
    1. to place in a certain order, to arrange, to assign a place, to appoint
      1. to assign (appoint) a thing to one
    2. to appoint, ordain, order
      1. to appoint on one’s own responsibility or authority
      2. to appoint mutually, i.e. agree upon

My AMP footnote comments on these verses that:

  1. The Greek word for “submit” does not refer to being under the total control of another but to voluntarily place oneself under the authority of another.

Why should wives, or for that matter, women, voluntarily and willingly put/place/station/appoint themselves under the authority of a husband or man?

I think it all comes to pride. Allow me to jump from verse to verse and do a bit of cherry picking or “connecting of verses together”:

Let’s go back to the beginning:

As I flip my heavy bible back to Genesis, here’s a video for y’all:

In Genesis 3: 16, God gives snakes, men and women curses as punishment for eating that darn fruit and disobeying Him. For women, particularly wives, God says that “Yet your desire and longing will be for your husband, And he will rule [with authority] over you and be responsible for you.”

The footnote of AMP says, “The word, ‘desire’ can also mean, ‘an attempt to usurp authority or control’. (To paraphrase), “You will now have a tendency to try to dominate your husband and he will have the tendency to act as a tyrant.”

Marriage must be built on trust, communication, consent, and respect. We need to humble ourselves and work on our pride problem. Wives must willingly submit to the authority of her husband in the same way that husbands must willingly submit to the authority of Jesus. Another way to put this is everyone must submit under the authority of Jesus as we are part of the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom.

It is significant or is supposed to be significant to get married and to make this decision. It takes a special kind of guy to, first of all, have a woman to willingly “submit”/”tasso” and to also be the leader of his family. This is why I’m not going to get married to anyone but Jesus. And no, I’m not at all thinking of how big his…

Another point I’d like to make (I could point to a few bible verses but I can also say this from common sense), is that wives need to listen to her husband and husbands need to love his wife. If wives tend to want control, then they must fight against that and “let it go”. If husbands tend to act as a tyrant, then they must fight against that and love their wife. But y’all need to stop focussing on women who like control, and start focussing on the responsibilities and expectations of both wives and husbands, females and males. As a feminist, Egalitarian, Christian and someone who’s angry at this blog post, I hope that what I’m saying can make sense to some of you out there.

There are a lot more to say on this but for this particular blog post article and youtube video, this is the end of my response and answer to “Why did God make woman?”

Thank you JESUS that it didn’t take longer than three episodes, although I probably will one day write more blog posts that address the issue of misogyny and other problems that arise from the misinterpretation of the bible.

Time to detox Y’all, like, hard out