80 recovered from covid 19 NZ


Dear diary,

I read on the news that in NZ, 80 or so people have recovered from the virus. It should fill me with happiness. We have proof that we can overcome this. Even if we get the virus, that doesn’t meant we’re going to die.

But somehow, one bad news outweighs any good news that we could recieve. What I’m talking about is, we have had a death in NZ. The death toll is 1 which I know sounds pathetic and even laughable. Except it’s not. Except that one death makes this virus thing, NOT laughable at all, but real. It’s real. It’s here.

There are times when I still think of my nieces and nephews, and how they’re so lucky to not go to school. I guess it takes something like this for me to realise that, despite its flaws and difficulties, school is a priveledge. It’s something I’ve taken for granted. I think I’m not alone in that. Yes, education is a human right. But school is a priveledge. That’s something, I think, for me to hold onto when we’re out of the lockdown.

I don’t know why bad news always stay with me. We have 80 people who had the virus and are now recovered. And yet, it’s that one case that didn’t recover that really hit the hardest.

We should want good news, seek for it. But I guess maybe it’s because we’re not statistics. Maybe that’s why.

So what if 1000 people get the virus and recover? If there’s even one death, that’s one less person on earth, one more funeral to go to (or not be able to go to).

I really hope we can get the all clear to get out of lockdown. I wished it’d be over. And I wished I could do something to help besides staying at home.






I’m back! (a short post)

Hi everyone,

I’m back. Yay!!!

*Throws confetti in the air*

When I had closed my blog, I did it because it didn’t give me joy. Other reasons included:

  1. I didn’t know what to blog about because I still didn’t have a theme
  2. I didn’t have alot of views and it felt lonely to not get any comments
  3. I just didn’t want to do it anymore

As you can see from my reasons stated above, I felt a bit low and disheartened.


I couldn’t delete my blog because I had never stuck at blog writing for a long time. With this website though, I had written over 200 posts. Were they all good quality posts? No. Am I going to eventually delete most of them out of sheer embarrasment. Pro-ba-blee.


I couldn’t delete the whole thing. It had taken too much effort for me to just erase it forever. So I kept it but without any new posts or updates. Finally, I’m back again. And now, with a half-baked idea, I’m glad I can continue from this website instead of having to make a new one.

There’s still one problem: What’s the theme?

Okay, so I’m still figuring out that one. I have a sort-of idea of a theme. And that is to write a diary. My life wasn’t that interesting but believe it not, LOCKDOWN has not actually changed that. I had the idea a while ago to write an online diary that documented by time in lockdown during the corona virus pandemic. I thought it’d be similar to Anne Frank (and yet, not really).

I’m also going to connect my “platforms” together. I’m also on Twitch, a video sharing platform like Youtube but with one big difference. The videos are streamed, not edited.

Another big change is, aside from wriing in “diary-style”, I’m also (still) going to be fairly random and write things that really speaks to me and/or means a lot to me. With a little bit of planning, it won’t be so random after all.

Thank you for your support, keep your self safe and enjoy the lockdown holiday.