I’m back! (a short post)

Hi everyone,

I’m back. Yay!!!

*Throws confetti in the air*

When I had closed my blog, I did it because it didn’t give me joy. Other reasons included:

  1. I didn’t know what to blog about because I still didn’t have a theme
  2. I didn’t have alot of views and it felt lonely to not get any comments
  3. I just didn’t want to do it anymore

As you can see from my reasons stated above, I felt a bit low and disheartened.


I couldn’t delete my blog because I had never stuck at blog writing for a long time. With this website though, I had written over 200 posts. Were they all good quality posts? No. Am I going to eventually delete most of them out of sheer embarrasment. Pro-ba-blee.


I couldn’t delete the whole thing. It had taken too much effort for me to just erase it forever. So I kept it but without any new posts or updates. Finally, I’m back again. And now, with a half-baked idea, I’m glad I can continue from this website instead of having to make a new one.

There’s still one problem: What’s the theme?

Okay, so I’m still figuring out that one. I have a sort-of idea of a theme. And that is to write a diary. My life wasn’t that interesting but believe it not, LOCKDOWN has not actually changed that. I had the idea a while ago to write an online diary that documented by time in lockdown during the corona virus pandemic. I thought it’d be similar to Anne Frank (and yet, not really).

I’m also going to connect my “platforms” together. I’m also on Twitch, a video sharing platform like Youtube but with one big difference. The videos are streamed, not edited.

Another big change is, aside from wriing in “diary-style”, I’m also (still) going to be fairly random and write things that really speaks to me and/or means a lot to me. With a little bit of planning, it won’t be so random after all.

Thank you for your support, keep your self safe and enjoy the lockdown holiday.






Author: ceyeh96

Find me on my blog/website: writing160.wordpress.com Let's connect.

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