The cat is back

Hello everyone,

Something that I have been struggling with for the past year or so, is writing to an empty room. There are no readers and you think, what’s the point of all this? What could motivate me to write and write every day even when there is no one in the world, knowing of my existence. Okay, a bit dramatic.

But I think writing is not about the money and it can never be. Once it is, you lose something so precious, so valuable.

I’ve learnt that writing is not about people (no offence). But it is about myself and writing only for myself. Even if I’m the only one who reads this, at least I know I’m being true and not trying to be someone else to please others.

I also learnt recently that writing is about so much more than writing because it relates to every aspects of life.

So that is why my blog is going to be about writing. It has been staring at me right in the face. This really is a writing-journal kind of blog.