The perfect day to write

My ideal perfect day for writing:

  • a sunny day
  • something warm in my belly (hot chocolate, tea)
  • cooling environment
  • my laptop open
  • I am ready to write a best seller


“The thing with wiritng a story is, you’ve got to do it everyday, rain or shine, night or day, busy or not. There is no “perfect day”. But there is a trick; take your ideal perfect day, and trick your brain into thinking that everyday is that peerfect. Then start writing.”

I believe there is a trick to a good writing attitude that had helped writers for centuries, to write every single day, on days when they don’t feel like it, on days when they were too busy.

And that trick is to take whatever your ideal writing day would be, and make every day to that standard of perfectionism.

For example, in Auckland where I live, it is not always Sunny but if it happens to be raining, or dark outside, then I cna turn on the light and that will be the “sun”.

I have two windows. They are very old and one of them is forever jammed shut but the other works (although, I can’t close it completely, don’t tell the robbers).

This helps give my room a “cooling” environment and if this isn’t enough, I can always go downstairs where there  are fans and downstairs tends to be a lot cooler in general.

I also like to drink beer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink actual beer. I drink something called Xports and it has less than 0.003% alcohol, but it’s still more than 0%, and so I like to think it’s beer just because when i drink it while I’m dealing with a blank word document, I like to feel like I’m drinking all my problems away.

It makes me feel relaxed, makes me feel like i can do this but even more importantly, I have an indulgent drink; an incentive. This is a cold drink which still works, but another thing that works is something hot. You know that feeling you get when you drink something and it warms your whole body inside? I love that feeling and therefore, I love tea, and I love hot chocolate.

“You can’t always have na ideal writing conditions. You can’t have a perfect dayt here’s no such thing. You just have to have the right positive writing attitude, use what you have, and do the work.”

Something to muse on: Writing is not fun if it’s always going to be fun.

What you’re ideal writing day? What do you do when the conditions are less than perfect?