Good bye, farewell, I’ll even do a Limerick

I love the Sound of music but this post has nothing to do with the film. (Although, how cool would it be to watch the Musical of the Sound of Music?)

Instead, we talk about something that is both exciting and a bit painful as well.-A farewell. I am leaving to Singapore next Friday. Even though that is 6 days away, I am saying farewell now. I won’t be using my laptop for the next 6 days, and even further still when I am overseas for 6 weeks.

So, goodbye laptop, good bye internet, farewell blog, for 6 weeks.

Until we meet again.

Now, I’d like to end this post with my second agenda. It’s been  along time since I’ve written anything as prompted by the daily post prompt. In addition, I will use thhe prompt to write a limerick.

Prompt: Solitude

Even when I play the trombone,

People won’t leave me alone,

Especially my Aunty,

All of them nasty,

when it comes to being on one’s own.


Write a limerick of your own using the same prompt or a different one word prompt.

Make those 5 lines count and make sure they rhyme.

Alternatively, do you have any plans this weekend? What is the next exciting thing that you are going to do and are looking forward to doing?