Happy Juno day

The other day, Google home page celebrated Juno, or something to do with outer space. Juno was sent into outer space by NASa, obviously, and arrived at Jupiter on 4th July 2016. it took five years for Juno to reach Jupiter from earth. And now, Juno is happily orbiting Jupiter, for “NASA” reasons.

Although my research was small, I found something interesting in outerspace. A space probe called Rosetta.

I don’t want to get into the spacey details about it because it might just make your brain hurt. But isn’t Rosetta such a lovely name for a girl.

Anyways, happy Juno day or Happy Birthday Juno, or whatever these scientists call it these days.


Winter Solitice

Good morning all,

Today is mid winter and the shortest day (something like that according to quick google research). Happy Winter Solstice day to everyone in the southern hemisphere!

Sometimes I feel like New Zealand is the only country in the southern hemisphere because 1. Australia is always HOT

2. Antarctica is always COLD

3. all the islands do not have seasons

4. And the south of New Zealand, is like how all south things are; ALWAYS COLD.


Happy Solstice day.

Happy coats shopping.


Happy Birthday Landsteiner

It looks like this project is up and running once again.

I have been fascinating by the different ways Google makes their home page special. Today, we are blessed in having a picture of a scientist and what appears to be blood in different test tubes to test for different blood cell types. Or something like that. Please note that this paragraph was written before I actually read about the google feature of today.

According to Wikipedia, Karl Landsteiner was an Austrain-american biologist and physicist (I was right->) He became famous in 1900’s for distinguishing between the main blood groups.

He was born in 1868, June 14th and died June 28th in 1943. Landsteiner had begun the start to how we classify blood types today.

Just a short and snappy post to Landsteiner.





Earth day-22 april

A few days ago, it was Earth day. This day is probably the best day for the sustainability people and people who care about climate change and the end of the world.


Who would’ve thought that there was more to the three R’s that we’ve come to learn and chant in Primary school?

Yesterday, the day before recycling and rubbish collection day, I learnt from my sister that plastic bottles can be recycled. I was like, Whaaaat?

Yes, if a bottle has the number 1 or 2, then it can be recycled even if it’s made of plastic.

In another separate event, several days ago, my sister dropped a new bottle of water and I’ve always thought the bottle was made of plastic. it was made of glass. Whaaaaa?

I think that sustainability, saving the trees, recycling, things like that, are good things to do and good causes, but I just can’t be bothered. Anyone wth me?

I think a lot of people are lazy like that and for that reason, we are losing the war against climate control and dare I say, Global warming.

Happy Earth day everyone. And remember that this is the only planet that we can live in. No, we cannot live on Mars.




Not much of a sports fan

Today marks the first semi-final for the 2016 cricket tournament. It is especially important to kiwis everywhere such as myself, but more so, the cricket fans, because it is a game of New Zealand Vs England.

Yesterday, the game was between Sri Lanka and South Africa and South Africa won by 8 wickets.

That’s all I’m saying on the subject on Cricket. For more information, talk to the person next to you, to a cricket expert/nerd and/or read a book.


Happy Easter

I didn’t need to look at the Google page to know that today is a celebration. It is Easter day or Passover day. Happy Easter everyone!

This post is a really good recap of the story of Easter and Jesus’ crucifixion.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Sunday Mass.

(Shame shame, I know your name)

But I had a really good excuse. I would’ve had to wake up at 9 something in the morning, and I really like my sleep ins.

Okay, so it’s just an excuse, not a good one.

But today is about forgiving sins, isn’t it, not counting them up.

Happy Easter everyone!

As I live in a place where I’m one day ahead of the rest of the world, I assume the Google page doesn’t have anything about Easter today. I will look for it tomorrow. Enjoy your 4 day weekend, for those of you lucky enough to have that holiday.