Camp nanowrimo april

Camp NaNoWriMo April is coming to a close with just three more days to get typing on the word processor and getting those numbers in. I reached my goal of 50K yesterday (26th April) but the thing is, I haven’t finished the story so I’m still writing and i won’t validate my novel until I finish the story.

For those of you who have already validated their word count and have finished their story, congratulations.If you’ve finished the story, then I suggest you get planning on the next story or at least celebrate with a bottle of champagne. For those of you who are like me, and haven’t finished the story, keep writing.

And finally, for those of you who don’t think you can write the last 20K of your story in three days, keep heart. We lose sometimes and sometimes we win. But if you’ve at least tried NaNoWriMo this month, then I for one do not think you’ve failed, because the really win is the writing. How good does it feel that it’s near the end of April? Honestly, tell me how good it is.


At the end of this month, whether you lose or win, celebrate that you’ve gotten this far in your novel. If your novel isn’t finished by the end of the month, I enourage you and challenge you to continue to write the story in May.

Because although camp nnaowrimo’s airm is tow ritea  book in 30 days, the better advice or goal would be to finish what you’ve started. 




I am afraid to say

I am afraid to say…

I think I’m still in love with my boyfriend from Year 8 and I’m afraid of having those moments when I look back in the past and feel like this is true. Every other day, he’s this guy who was a jerk and kissed sloppily (although apparently I was pretty good), and he’ll always be “that guy”. The one who pressed a fist against the mouth, puffing out his cheeks, just when I thought I was changing my mind about him. The one who said “I love you” while my back was turned and then just smiled at me and kind of laughed like it was a joke when I looked at him. (This was when I taught him the “fist to mouth, puff out cheeks” thing).

The one who was the class clown, making people around him laugh, and he was the star of the show and I was the lead actress.

The one who I couldn’t trust, who I should’ve ignored completely in the first place.The joke’s on me. Thinking about him six years later and even worse, thinking about intermediate. That’s not only the worst, it’s low. Where are my standards?

Maybe I’m desperate for love, which I see everywhere around me, yet I’m single and unemployed. Yes, maybe what I’m really afraid to say is that I think I’ll always be single, though my job life will improve, but I’ll never marry, never have kids and there’ll never be someone who would take interest in me, except for that ugly-haired, smirky grin, really annoying 13 year old boy.

There is something that tops those two fears. I love Disney movies and enjoy watching fairy tale movies, but if I am a hopeless romantic, if I believe in true love or love in first sight, shoot me now. Ack.

You’ll still go to jail for my murder because I’m young, bright and healthy, but at least it would stop me from having my head in the clouds. In that case, I’ll exempt you from jail and just haunt you for the rest of your life.

Hear me out all you ladies, the only kind of prince charming, is the Prince Charming in Shrek. And the only real kind of Prince charming, is Shrek in the movie Shrek.

I hope I’m not writing like those love sick teenagers who write love letters instead of real stories. If my writing this makes you feel sick, basically, this song “No” by Megan Trainor is how I’m feeling. (cover by Pentatonix)


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Also, if you haven’t already done the prompt, I suggest y’all do it now, whether you’re doing nanowrimo or napowrimo. Yup, that’s a thing.

credits for the prompt goes out to napowrimo

Now for the actual prompt: Have you ever had an ex who you coudn’t get rid of in your mind and memories? What did you do, and were you able to get rid of him/her in the end? Let me know in the comments below.