Bath bombs

There are so many DIY crafts and science which is exciting. They’re for children but hey, it has the sign “plus” on the box.

Here is one product that people could buy, make and maybe even sell:

Bath bombs

You heard me.
The expensive, awesome smelling bath bombs you get at places like Lush, are actually pretty easy, fun and cheap to make.

At K mart (New Zealand store), bath bombs are 15 dollars and you can make three different types. It also comes with a mould so, if you could buy the ingredients, then you could keep making and making to your heart’s desire.

The downside about making your own bath bombs are:
There’s a feeling inside me that doubts this home made bath bombs that a 12 year old could make would be of the same quality as a Lush product.

Would people buy this or rather settle for a more expensive but better quality product?

How good is it, quality wise?

Also, who uses baths? Honestly! Baths use so much water.
I wouldn’t take baths unless I was in a hotel.

Great, now  I want a bubble bath.
But Ching Ern, you’re an adult and bubble baths are for kids.
Yeah, I hear you but… Bubbles.

Like any enterprise or business, there’s always a risk. But as far as demand goes, I think taking a bath and soaking in the water is something that a lot of people will pay for as a treat.

Plus, they make good gifts.

That’s it for this post. Come back again for more posts on cheap DIY products that could earn you extra moolah, and maybe nice smelling feet too.

Your Turn:

What are some ways that you could turn products into cash or your skills into an asset? Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t live in a cash world society?