In my weakness

Lord, I am so useless. I’m not good at anything.

I thought I was a helpful person but I only make things worse.

Turn my idle hands into usefulness for your glory and movement.

But I have no skills, gifts or experiences.

I am useless.

I can’t do anything.

And yet, here I am, called by You to do greater than what I alone could achieve.

Because you see me differently than others.

You see what I could do, not based on my merits and strengths,

but based on YOUR goodness, YOUR merits,

YOUR faithfulness and OUR relationship.

It is based on your hopeful and prosperous plans for my future.

Thank you,

for the greatest gift I have is being your daughter.

Thank you,

for in you, I am capable.

For in you,

I find my strength,

It is the strength that carries me over the waters,

and what I once couldn’t do, I can do because You give me success in everything.



Psalm: Where I fall short

This psalm is more of an afternoon prayer but I think you can use this in the morning as well.



I don’t always pray every night,

I don’t always pray everyday

worse still,

I didn’t go to church today

I can’t wield the bible like a sword,

I even fall short of my own expectations of how a christian should act,

and what a teacher should be like,


I rejoice in the Lord,

you made me as I am

no mistakes in your precious handiwork

You love me regardless of what I can and can’t do,

and it is because of the solus of your love,

I can love you back.



You are my lord forever,


You are my king who reigns,




Hallelujah and Amen.



This prayer is short but a little wordy. I would say that it could still be used in the morning, maybe in the later morning or while showering. That is, unless you’re one of those people who are actually awake as soon as your eyes open.

Another thing to note is that this is a personal psalm, hence why there are things that might not relate to you. For example, “What a teacher should look like”, comes from my failures as a leader over children. I noticed that I was controlling and cold. I wasn’t the warm, laid back teacher I thought I was. Instead, I wanted everything perfect and I was greatly disappointed when it didn’t work out like that.

So feel free to customise this psalm if you’re using this as a prayer. What are times when you’ve fallen short of your own expectations?

Something to take away from this psalm, know that when you let yourself down, God still loves you no matter what. Because God loves you (and it is in his love ALONE), that is why we can love him back. He is the reason why we can forgive others and ourselves.

I got inspiration for the second stanza from two scriptures; (paraphrase)

Ephesians 2:10-We are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do Good Works.

Philippians 4:4- Always rejoice because of God.

Have a blessed day 🙂

Psalm: Help

Another Psalm for the morning, brought to you every Saturday morning at 7am (NZT time). 

Thank you Lord for this day

Help me throughout the day

I fall short

Help me faith jump, bridge gaps,

keep my eyes on you while I walk on water.

doesn’t matter,

the waves, the wind, the irrational,

I go to you and in the solus of your salvation, love, kindness and help, I’m safe.

For where I’m weak, you’re strong.


In Jesus’ name,



Note from the author:

I wanted to write in short chunks hence why there’s a sort of listing or bullet point feel to the poem. Why? Because for a morning prayer, it’s pretty long but the good news is, it doesn’t have long sentences or words or unnecessary conjectures.

Solus, means “alone” i.e. We are saved in Christ alone and in his death and resurrection, and nothing else brings us salvation.

This psalm hopefully conjures up a picture in your mind of Peter walking on water towards Jesus. He steps out of the boat, hits the water but doesn’t sink, and continues to walk. Now imagine, it’s not Peter on the water, but it’s YOU.

You’re taking that step out of the boat and you’re walking to Jesus. Keep your eyes on him so that the waves, wind and your rational brain telling you that what you’re doing now is illogical, are SILENCED. So that in the solus of Jesus, there, you find help and that you can do impossible things.

I hope whenever you pray this psalm, you’ll be excited for the day ahead.

Bonus prayer:

IF you wake up and you’re extremely tired, then this is another prayer you could use which says the same thing as the one above:

Lord, Help me walk on water, Jesus’ name, Amen.


Have a blessed, water-walking day 🙂