Pad Thai


Picture: Pad Thai

In Singapore, there are many malls. Each mall had at least four floors plus a basement. Almost everyone who lives in Singapore has a mall nearby them. Where I was staying, the mall was a ten-minute walk away.

And in this mall, were four floors and a basement. In the basement were mainly food shops, one being called Thai Express.

I went to this restaurant with my mother one day to try out the pad thai. (More photos later). I ordered lime juice which was not that great because of all the herbs and whatever else they put in there.

The pad thai had chili, not yet mixed in with everything else (see bottom right of the picture). I gave as much chili as i could to my mother since I don’t each chili but I couldn’t get rid of all. It wasn’t all that bad actually because  this was chili flakes.

But I’m the kind of girl who eats too fast, too much, so eat enough chili flakes, your tongue will go on fire, your throat will burn up, and cheeks will go red.

On the plus side, the food  did come fast but so did the people trying to clear the plates and kick us out. Overall, the Pad thai was pretty good and not too sweet. But next time, I think I’m going to stick tot he Pad Thai that’s in New Market at home and go for the more “Singaporean” food when in Singapore.

Happy Eating!







Rice or noodles?

Left: Tempura prawn with noodles and soup

Right: Tempura Prawn with rice


I love Japanese food especially raw salmon (sashimi). I have recently been interested in tempura which is prawn lightly fried. It is delicious and good tempura are ones where you don’t get much batter.

In japan, you can deep fry anything, sweet potato, cucumber, carrots, and of course my favourite, prawn.

When I was in Singapore and I ordered Tempura noodles (see picture to the left), I was surprised that the prawn was on top of the noodles. The soup made the tempura soggy and although I had the sense to put the tempura in a bowl, I didn’t do it immediately and by the time I did, the bottom part of the tempura which had laid in the soup was soggy and soft. The top part was crunchy which is how a tempura should be.

I loved the noodles, the soup, and the mushrooms.

But the main star should’ve been the prawn tempura.


I also tried a similar dish, Prawn Tempura on rice (See pic in right). This dish was delicious. There was nothing special to the rice but at least it kept the prawn tempura crunchy and dry (not soggy). Perhaps the large difference was because I had ordered the rice tempura from a Japanese  restaurant whee they specialised in sushi, and i had ordered the soup tempura dish at a place that was more famous for their bak ku teh.

Overall, there were many pros and cons on each dish, but I’d say I’d go back to Singapore and order both of them again.

Happy eating!






My all time favourite any where

There are many things I love about Singapore and one big thing was the food. Before I give you a list of my top then Singapore food, I’d like to take a paragraph or two to feature my all-time favourite, any time, any place.

Rice with soup.

No, not porridge/congee.

No, not gravy.

Rice with soup.

See picture on the left, here you see chicken andSatay egg.

But when you mixed everything together, as in picture number two on the right, you see soup with rice.

Ignore the chicken, the eg, the seaweed and everything else.

Rice in soup, that is all I need.

I ordered a large set with my mum so it was really expensive, but I would come to this restaurant again just for this soup and rice dish. I will upload more pictures later but right now, here’s a list.

A list of the top ten favourites of Singaporean food:

  1. Chili Krab
  2. Satay
  3. Mee Pok
  4. Rojak
  5. Popiah
  6. Chicken Rice
  7. Mo’s Burger (rice bun burgers)
  8. Te Si Gosong (Tea, no sugar, strong)
  9. Scallops with Broccoli
  10. Kaya Butter toast
  11. Jack fruit
  12. Durian
  13. Bah Kwa

Your turn

Choose a country besides where you live. What food have you experienced before? Did you like it? Or did you have a tummy upset afterwards?

Let me know in the comments below and if you do leave your thoughts, I will gladly reply to you.





. I saw a blue light illuminate the chair and I thought “is that lightning”.

I looked at the sky, the dark brooding clouds.

A few seconds later, I heard a clap, a boom. Was that thunder? Or, my heart?

“I’m not scared.” said the little one with her hands covering her ears.

But I was scared. I jumped out of my seat and actually looked up from my phone, whilst playing candy crush.

That time was frightening. I was on the 26th floor in a flat in Singapore.





Singapore trip project

Hi bloggers,

I am back from Singapore. I was gone for 38 days in total. Miss me?

I was so excited to come back to Auckland so that I can go back to my blog and start a new project. But because of recent events, I will do a whole “I’m back! whoop, whoop” even though I was so excited for this.

Instead, I will get straight in it and explain to you what I actually mean.

This is my Singapore project where I will upload pictures and blog posts, all about my  Singapore and Malaysia trip.

I will start with this post:

Okay, I do not actually have any pictures to post just yet, but I will get that done fairly shortly. What I want to do right now is just give you the overalls of my trip.

I went to Singapore on the 6th of May, and for the first few days, I went to Melaka, which is in Malaysia.

It was hot, sunny and exhausting just to step out of the hotel door.

But I was impressed by the hotel, and fast wi fi. Even though a lot of people use data, I still rely on wi fi to get my internet fix.

Melaka is a popular tourist destination and very small.

I lived in a hotel that was connected to a Mega Mall. But this mall did not have my usual shops, so I didn’t spend too long there.

I went outside and braced the heat. My mum and I walked and walked, and asked people along the way how to get from one place to another. Why were we walking out in the heat and the sun with no fan?

Because of cookies. That’s right, my mum dragged herself and my own butt, outside, to get some cookies, apparently world famous in Melaka. We also had cento (pronounced with a “c”) which I cannot argue or complain since I had eaten most of it.

We went to the Rock cafe which was expensive but really amazing. The service was fast and staff were friendly. We ordered an Oreo Dessert  and a mocktail. I normally don’t order mocktails, but this one was very berylicious.

After the Melaka trips, my nephew was born. Those few weeks in Singapore went by in a blur with a pattern of eating, meeting people, and eating again.

Singapore gives pretty small portions so what normally would happen was that we’d have lunch, then afternoon tea, then dinner.

My favourite store in Singapore is Popular which is a bookstore but it also sells many things. It usually has a whole section just for school. -homework, practise tests etc. from Primary one to high school.

There were a lot of little things under $5 that I bought for my kids back home. (Kids from Sunday school).

Near the end of May, my two sisters came one from Sydney and the other from Auckland as well.

Overall, I had eaten four buffets.

I also went to a Pokemon cafe. More details in later blog posts. Watch this blog!