Colors of the Rainbow

Colours of the rainbow,

are bright and true,

Red for love around the world that which God had given us,

Orange for the sunset, every day, coming and going,

yellow for the sun that shines and lights up the whole world,

Green for the grass underneath our feet, tickling our toes,

Blue for the sea below, friends playing in the water,

Indigo, the name of a bird,

and violet, fierce and strong, but not violent or cruel.

The colours of the rainbow,

we remember God’s covenant today,

and we have hope, love, faith, and peace.

When I heard about the mass shooting in Orlando, I was angry and upset. I also felt ashamed because as a Christian, I’m not exactly “compatible” with homosexuals. And yet the bible says to love one another and forgive one another just as Christ has forgiven you.

Today, I write a poem in dedication to Orlando and to those who died, and to those who are mourning. I also ask everyone who is reading this to write a blog post of their own with this link:

This will guide you to a petition against assault weapons. Assault weapons are used for mass shootings and for war, not for defence reasons. Sign up to the petition today against Assualt weapons in the hopes that America will get the hint and make it less easy for people to get their hands on guns.






Duolingo Spanish

Last night, I went to my Duolingo account for wat felt like the first time in a long time. Aparently, I am 40% fluent in spanish. Anyways, I realised that I have learnt quite a few words in Spanish, so I thought of writing a poem. This is it. I am still learning.

My poem on the Spanish language:

Yo soy una mujer,

yo bebe agua,

yo como pescado,

la nina, la mujer,

la mujeres,

ella beben agua,

Yo habla ingles,



Your turn

Write a poem of your own but in a different language than the one you speak.




. I saw a blue light illuminate the chair and I thought “is that lightning”.

I looked at the sky, the dark brooding clouds.

A few seconds later, I heard a clap, a boom. Was that thunder? Or, my heart?

“I’m not scared.” said the little one with her hands covering her ears.

But I was scared. I jumped out of my seat and actually looked up from my phone, whilst playing candy crush.

That time was frightening. I was on the 26th floor in a flat in Singapore.





Finding time

I thought I’d write something based on the title of my blog.

Finding time when you don’t have any

When you are too busy in your life to sit down and write,

Get up early in the morning, open up your laptop and write,

then go back to sleep.

When you miss your 7am alarm to write,

wake up late,

brush teeth, comb hair, bathe, clean face,

then eat breakfast,

then go to the library and sit down and write a story,

When you don’t go to the library

because you wake up ten minutes

after mum has finished cooking lunch,

eat your lunch, thank mum for the lunch,

and after lunch and watching something on Netflix,

go to your room, sit at your desk

and write something on your laptop.

When you don’t have time to write, morning or afternoon,

you have two options,

have a good sleep or,

write something just before you shut your eyes

and cover yourself with your blanket.

When you don’t have time to write,

Bull shit, Find time to write.

Your turn

What is theme of your blog? What are you trying to say to others? Write a poem or flash fiction in the comments below.

If you don’t have a blog, then choose a theme/topic that means a lot to you such as segregation, war, family etc.

April Fools day a story

This is a late story for April Fool’s Day. And aside from acknowledging God, I’d also like to give a shout-out to one of my finest and closest allies, Oscar. This one’s for you:

Oscar, the daredevil,

the unpredictable,

how he loved to make others laugh,


Fun was his crime

and without spending a dime

he’d make April fool’s prank,

the biggest one yet,


and although you’d be one who get your face in pie,

soggy shoes,

hair turned blue,

the joke always went back on him.


For all his faults, his whims, his spontaneousness, and his mischievous deeds,

his spontaneousness, and his mischievous deeds,

and his mischievous deeds,

he wanted people to love him

needed people to need him,

To tell him that he was the best and would he do this prank next year?

In which he would say; “Done and done!” And that was that.

And that was that.