Give in order to get

I go on Wattpad infrequently. For a social networking site, it can be pretty quiet. I don’t have a lot of readers or friends there but if there’s ever a story in my head, Wattpad is where I go to write and release them. It’s the safe haven for writers and readers.

On the flip side, there’s a lot more activity when I become a reader, not a writer. Through this, I learned that you’ve got to give in order to get.

My reasons for giving are pretty shallow-I want more readers and followers. I’m giving with the intention of getting something in return. I can’t change this about myself or force myself to not want these petty things.

So what’s the solution?

Stop reading because I’m doing it for the wrong reasons?

The only problem with this is as a writer, I do get something out of reading. After all, if you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the tools to write.

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But what frustrates me about giving is feeling lonely. Everyone is looking out for themselves. Even saying “Hello” on someone’s wall is always followed by, “please read my book”. They’ll only talk to me if when replying to a comment that I write on their book. When is it my turn to feel the spotlight, the glory, the recognition.

And yet, going undetected can be a good thing. As I’m learning the hard way, I’m not ready to have beta readers. I’m still writing and that’s a long process that takes dedication and intrinsic motivation, not comments and reactions.

Another benefit to giving is that I enjoy the giving. Even as I am frustrated with waiting for my turn that may never come, with waiting for reciprocity that again, might never be realised, I enjoy reading. I’m not reading any stories for the sake of popularity. I’m reading stories that interests me. Stories that are exciting, gripping and turns their own pages.

After I write this post, I’m still going to have my frustrations, my impatience, my loneliness, but I will remind myself that I’ve got to give before I can receive. And truth be told, If I’m not reading a lot, then my writing isn’t going to be so good either.

So, I know this might be cliche, but really, who’s giving who? The reader or the writer?





A call For the Sudanese Children

Please forgive the typo in the cover of my book. Yeah, not good. The book is on my blog and Wattpad. Not all the poems are on here. It’s difficult to give away your heard earned money and harder still for me to ask. But I need to ask for these children who can’t ask you themselves. Here are 7 facts about the war that leads to why you should therefore…

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Dedicated to:

To the child refugees of South Sudan
To all refugees
To my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

1.They are children

And that makes it everyone’s problem. Child poverty, child refugess, child soldiers, these all exists because of the effect and influence adults have over the world and the world that children lives in. Make this world a better place. Leave this world better than when you had first arrived and can take as little as giving 2 dollars.

2.Because the fight is between adults

And the children are in the thick of it.

3. It is our social responsibility to help cater for the children of the world. All of these children are our children.

Surely, the “every man for himself” only applies to the bill and mortgage paying adult who’s living from paycheck to paycheck. But this doesn’t apply to children because they don’t live in a cash world, because they’re too young to work. Isn’t this therefore, our responsibility, our burden, our duty and our problem?

4. They need us and yes, it’s a matter of life and death

It hurts me to think about how much better the world would’ve been if we had started helping them 5 years ago, since the beginning of the war. Maybe then, we wouldn’t have so many refugees, over half are children.

The thing is, I know it hurts to part away with money especially to give to people who you’ve never met, and don’t know. But the truth is, they rely on people like us, and on charities like World Vision.

I wrote this book, I am fundraising because I acknowledge that it’s a matter of life and death.

Why should you care?

Maybe you don’t have a reason to.

But you know what?

It matters to them that you do.

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Note: My fundraising ends tomorrow, but you can donate directly to World Vision at any time.



President of Sudan

A limerick…

There once was a man in Sudan
Who fought a war not yet done
It was between his vice president who wanted power
Nobody could’ve ended the war sooner

But when it is over there’ll be fun
Although for me, I think I’ll stay in Ugan!

*note: Ugan=Uganda

No regrets

I have no regrets in this life because
Why worry about the past? It is useless.
Regretting anything would be a loss
Although the Let Go Life is not Careless

My past is haunted with pain and regret
That is if I were were to regret my past
But those unforgiving makes me so mad
My mistakes are gone, done and will not last

The truth is that I refuse to remorse
The past is a part of me, I won’t forget
But that is okay because I’ve changed course,
I’ve a good life, content, with no regrets

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the truth
Happy means content, you don’t need a sleuth.

A small gift

“A small donation can change a child’s life.”

Trying to think of a clever line that can express
How I truly feel
About the present you’ve given me, with your
Note about how it’s something small but to a
Kid like me, means the world. Why,
You might ask, does it matter so much? It’s because of the power
Of words, the flow of ink on paper as I express my
Undying gratitude to you.

From the bottom
Of my heart, I say that you have given me a
Reminder that I’m loved no matter how cruel the world is.

That there is always
Hope as long as I keep believing till the
End of my days.

Precious is this gift you’ve given me and
Everyday I’ll cherish this even after there’s
Nothing else to say.


She’s young and even then,
She’s small for her age.

She was born in the slums of Sudan, in a makeshift house,
Her father was the doctor and her sisters were the nurses.

She doesn’t understand money, the affairs of love or the taste of chocolate. She leads a simple life though her life is complicated.

She is something untranslatable in English as one word,
In Swahili,
She is called
Small and beautiful
A handiwork of God.

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Dedicated to:

To the child refugees of South Sudan
To all refugees
To my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

Scar and cuts

The girl of seven years
Has a faint line on her pinkie,
A scar of when she was three, cutting herself on a piece of sharp plastic, because she was too busy to see what she was touching. Sometimes, it still hurts.

People laugh at her,
They call her ugly,
They say she was born with a deficit.

A boy of sixteen, who has grown up big, tall and strong, but has an education equivalent to a nine year old. It huts his head when he does maths, It hurts his self esteem when he sits on the mat with the kids seven years younger than himself.

People laugh at him,
They tsk and make him feel ashamed,
They say he’s stupid and slow,
He’ll never amount to anything.

These children with their scars and hunger to learn,
Though poor and disadvantaged,
Thought they did not have the best start to life,
Though some scars do not heal,
It’s okay because everyday, the scars are a constant reminder, a loud trumpet, with shouts and singing:

They will live.
They will live
They will live.


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Dedicated to:

To the child refugees of South Sudan
To all refugees
To my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ