Keep at it

Something that I’ve learned from writing is to keep at it even if you think you suck.

Here on Wattpad, we don’t just battle with suckability, but with readers. Because this is a social community, like Facebook for writers, having no readers or coments can suck. It can feel lonely. We depend on comments to see whether or not we should continue with a story instead of asking ourselves what we want to do.

Here’s something: write for yourself not for other people.
That way, even if no one reads your stuff, you have one very important reader who loves what you dish out and that’s you.

If you love what you do, if you do it even when you’re sick of it, then don’t stop and don’t give up no matter what.

It’s harder than it sounds.

How can you write if you’re stuck on the story and you don’t know where to go from here?

When I say “don’t stop writing” it doesn’t mean to keep writing the story because that might not be possible right now.

But it does mean to write something down as long you don’t stop practising the craft completely.

Whatever it means to you, don’t stop writing.
This could mean writing the shopping list, in your diary, comments etc.  Could mean poems even if you usually
write novels. I used to write novels but now I write at the most ten story chapters. That’s not even a novella. (A novella is 20k to 50k and a short story is under 20k. My stories are ten k or less).

And one day, some say, you’ll get there because dreams come true.

But you’ve got to be kind to yourself, have courage and “never let the fear of as striking out keep you from playing the game.”

The sentence in quote marks, is from the film, “a Cinderella story” and the girl played by Hillary duff, remembers playing baseball with her dad. The sign (the quote on the wallpaper underneath the new ripped wallpaper), gives her the courage to finally stand up for herself against her step mum and say “no” to her demands. She does something for herself because in that moment, she knew she had to live her life, and not let being scared of failure, stop her.

This quote is by Babe Ruth. He was a baseball player. He didn’t give up. He kept at it.

Keep at it.