Barrabus: a new perspective on my life

Last night, I went on Youtube and watched videos of reactions to people’s prison sentences. I watched people’s reactions to having a life sentence or being on death row. This isn’t what I usually watch but for some reason, I was drawn to this. As I learned about their crimes, the judgement and their reactions, something stirred inside me. On one hand, I felt anger, hatred and a sense of righteousness. After all, they deserved what they got. I felt angry because they could cry over their own life, but they obviously didn’t hold their victim’s life with the same value..

But as I watched someone, who was told he faced death row, something whispered in my ear; “Jesus died for you.” It was bizarre and heartfelt at the same time. These murderers; who laughed when the judge read out his crimes, who were angry at their sentence as if they did not deserve to die, who looked back once more at the camera before being led away by the police; these were the people Jesus had laid his life for even though they did not deserve it.  

Deserve. That word came up many times in my mind, in the judges’ mouths and in the comments below. These monsters deserved what they got. They didn’t deserve to live. They didn’t deserve to ever be let out of prison. Deserve.

But don’t we all deserve this punishment?

Jesus came to this earth to save sinners through his death and resurrection. We are all sinners. No matter how many good acts we perform, no matter how clean our record may be, but in the eyes of God, we are sinners, we fall short of his righteousness. Since the punishment for sin is death, we deserve to die.

It was hard to get my head around that these murderers and I both deserved to die but this was the revelation I had while I watched these videos.

What was even more incredible, was that for the first time, I gave thought to the murderer who was let go by Pilate and at the request of the Jews. I had never cared much about this detail but suddenly, it was significant to my life. Jesus took the place of Barrabas and died in his place. He did the same for you and me.

If I wasn’t already convicted of self righteousness, God gave me another verse. It was when Jesus gave his sermon on a mountain and explained the ten commandments in more depths, so that the Jews would learn that the law was impossible to follow by their own will or might.

Jesus told them that anger, in the eyes of God, is the same as murder. Just like how murder is subject to judgement, so too is being angry with someone. We must go so far as to hold our tongues from calling someone stupid or a fool (Mathew 5:21-26, NIV).

The ones who, by human law, are good citizens, and the ones who, by the same law, are in jail or on death row, are all sinners in God’s eyes. Jesus died for the whole world, not for the people who deserved everlasting life. In fact, none of us falls in that category.

We fall short of God’s holiness, righteousness, and standards. We can not hope to obey the law if we do not find grace in Jesus.

After watching these videos, I watched a lighter video-a cat in a shark costume on a roomba, chasing a duck-because I didn’t want to go to sleep with these dark thoughts. But after this, I prayed a heartfelt prayer to God. I thanked God that, exactly like Barrabas, Jesus took my place at the cross and he died for my sins, so that I may be forgiven. For it is only by God’s grace that I can be righteous in His eyes.

Tribute to God

I have recently re-started coming back to this here blog. It’s been an amazing break. I’ve been on Wattpad, Webook and did some real-life travelling as well.I’m excited to share all this with you but first, I’d like my second post to be dedicated to God.

Thank you God for being my muse and inspiration,

my helper, my guide.

You are always there for me, like the stars in the night sky, or the sun during the day, you are constant, complete and whole. there is none like you. If this blog or any of my projects were to survive, it would be because of you.

I give God all the thanks, praise, and glory.

I give him credit for my success.

As Moses said, I will make known the name of the Lord and praise him all of my days.


Before the Red Sea

There is a well-known story in the bible of Moses at the Red sea. He and thousands of Hebrews had just gotten out of Egypt, but not long after that, Pharoah and his men went after them. With their enemies behind them and the red sea in front of them, there was nowhere to go.

Nowhere to go, that is, but through.God made the Red Sea split in two so that there was dry land where the Hebrews could travel. When the Hebrews made it safely to the other side, the sea became a sea again and swept the Egyptians to their deaths. Shortly after this miracle, the Hebrews praised and cheered God “For he is exalted”

What I learnt about his passage in the bible, on Sunday, was that often we have problems, and then we ask god for help. There is no problem with asking god for help but often times, we only praise and worship God after the problem is solved, and not while we still have that problem.

How can we praise God before he saves us and solves our problems?


Not because of who we are,

but becasue of what you’ve done,

not becxause of what we’ve done,

but because of who you are,”

We cannot see the horizon in the distance. We can only see the problems we are stuck in. But we need to lean and trust in God’s word and his promises for each and every one of us. Omne of his promises that He made with everyone was that he had a plan for each of us, a plan to prosper and not to harm, a plan to give you hope and a future.”

It’s not by what we see, but it’s by faith that we overcome

Too often (especially Christians), we complain and grumble to God.

“Oh, how good I had it before i became a Christian. I could sleep in on Sundays. I could drink beer and hang out with friends and party all night,”

We Christians have to deal with not just our conscience, but something called “Jesus conscious”. When we have Jesus in our hearts and our life, we don’t want to sin and we are less tempted because we just don’t want to. We love Jesus too much to sin and turn away from him. It doesn’t mean that Christians are never tempted to lie, or punch our enemy, or disobey our parents. We just don’t think about it too much. We’re not tied down by the law (I’ll write a different post on this)

It’s funny how some disdtance, makes everything seem small

Imagine how the Hebrews felt when they were begin chased by the Egyptians. It was whether death by sword or by drowning. Then imagine how they felt as the sea “closed up again” and their enemies who had been chasing them, were dead.

Your Turn

Everything has a perspective. The next time something bad happens to you, or a problem arises, don’t just do what you normally do. Don’t complain, don’t fret or worry, don’t be discouraged. Instead, look to God, to the good tihngs he has done over your life and the things hehas  planned for you, and look to the cross.

Have a nice day.






New Creation church

This is my new project which connects a little bit to my Singapore Trip project. In Singapore, I went to The Star, Buona Vista to attend New Creation church. For the four weeks, I had been in Singapore, I had only gone to church twice, both at the same location but I never learnt so much in any other church. This is of course because of God, as it always is, but it is also because of a remarkable man named Joseph Prince.

This is a picture that I got from Google: