When I watched this on TV, I smiled to myself because I actually understood the science stuff that they were talking about. lol


Why Do You Blog?

Though provoking, inspirational and something relatable to myself personally. Enjoy!


We all have our personal reasons for wanting to publically journal or dare to attempt to write for others. I started my blog 2 years ago as a way to escape. At this time, I was beginning to work on my Ph.D. My proposal had been approved and now came the difficult part of literature research and writing down coherently on paper what I had in my head.

I remember the exact night I started the blog. It was after midnight and ahead of me, I had hours of reading and writing. I have to admit I was lonely and seeking some sort of camaraderie as well as escape from my present task. I downloaded the WordPress app and tried to think of what to write that would be of interest to others and myself. My first post was “3 Steps to Stand Out in a Crowd.” It was an…

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4,200 religions in the world

There is an estimate of 4,200 religions in the world. I know this because I googled, “How many religions in the world” and this was what had turned up. The question is, why do I choose Christianity? how can I say that this religion out of 4,200 religions is the ‘correct’ one? This is a hard and difficult question to answer. But it’s one I’m willing to try to answer, even if I only touch the tip of the iceberg.

Out of 4,200 religions in the world, how can I say that the God I believe in is the true God?

I don’t like writing posts with a lot of words. I wonder if anyone’s noticed. Anyways, I’ll try and keep this short yet informative.

  1. Every single religion in the world is a religion. My religion is a relationship with the creator of the universe.
  2. Not every religion actually helps people grow and be better people. But Jesus changes lives. He helps us develop love, faith, and hope in ourselves and we then share this with other people.
  3. Most religions are built on fear but my foundation is Jesus. I say, ‘most religions’ because I don’t know what every religion is like. But I can say from the ones I do know, fear is a great motivator. God does want us to fear him, but this fear is not the same as being scared. “Fear”, in this sense, means to ‘worship’. Truly, God is worthy to be worshipped.
  4. In most religions, you can see the God/idol, but for what I believe in, I can’t see him with my physical eyes. I see by faith and not by sight.
  5. And finally, the icing on the cake: God is all about love and grace. No other God gives mercy. Only the true God is able to say, “Neither do I condemn you” without condoning our actions either.

Your turn

I don’t normally do this. In fact, as much as I’d love to chat, this just feels weird to speak directly to you. But as this post is quite provocative and I’ve only scratched the surface, I’d like to know what your thoughts are. Perhaps you have other things to add to the list or things to expand. Perhaps you’re not a Christians and in that case, have something entirely to offer. Feel free to write a comment down below. If it’s too provocative, then of course, please feel free to be silent.




Myths on Christianity debunked Part one

Hi everyone. This post is a little bit provocative, just warning you in advance. Also, please note before reading this post that I don’t have all the answers so you may not be completely satisfied with the title “debunked” and what’s actually in this post. Before I begin listing myths on Christianity, here’s something everyone should know:

People who become atheists, or for that matter, Buddhists, Muslims etc. were never true Christians, to begin with. (Tweet this with caution).

A true Christian is a person who has a relationship with God. You CANNOT have a relationship with God and then one day, POOF, God doesn’t exist or has ever existed. Therefore, this relationship you had with him, never existed. It was all your imagination.

No, it doesn’t work that way.

Here are a few myths that I will debunk:

  1. You need to tell people about Jesus otherwise they’ll go to hell

So many people fear hell and death. They do things because of this fear. In fact, they’re manipulated because of this fear. But telling your loved one what to believe because you fear for their lives, is not a good reason to tell them about Jesus. Jesus conquered death. He defeated the only weapon that Satan had at his disposal. We don’t need to fear death anymore. We certainly don’t need to fear hell. Even though when we believe in Jesus, we receive salvation and eternal life, but being a Christian is so much more than living forever. It’s about love, hope, joy and having a relationship with God.

2. If you’re a Christian, you have to be anti-gay

Okay, I admit some Christians are a little old school in their thinking. There’s no way to persuade them or any one person that being gay is okay and not a sin. For me, I don’t know if it’s a sin or not. It’s not that clear-cut. But I don’t think it’s something God would hold against anyone.

This means that because we don’t know whether or not being gay is a sin- it’s not as crystal clear as we know that killing another person is wrong- homosexuals can come to God as themselves and He will accept them.

Again, this issue largely connects with the first myth. So many people hate God and the idea of God because they know that if He was real, then they’d go to hell. There are too many rules and restrictions. There’s no breathing space. That’s far from the truth.

On one hand, the decision to follow Jesus is a matter of choosing life or death. But on the other hand, it’s not about hell or heaven.

So many people ask “I’m a ___, does that mean I’ll go to hell?”

Get that out of your mind! As far as I’m concerned, Jesus defeated hell. He went to hell so that we wouldn’t have to.

To debunk this myth, no. A big “NO!”. You don’t have to be against gays in order to be a Christian. You can even be gay and still be a Christian. It may not be easy but here’s another thing for you to think about:

Don’t leave your relationship with God because of society (Tweet this.)

There are going to be some Christians who are absolutely horrible people. Likewise, there will be plenty of atheists, Muslims and Buddhists who are so kind and caring. Even though God made us to be social creatures, but never ever let how someone behaves to dictate your relationship with God.

For example, say you’re a Christian but you have a gay friend. You have nothing wrong with homosexuality. However, everyone around you, you see fellow Christians who are against gays. That means they’re against your friend. Sure, that would sting, hurt, maybe even be frustrating. But regardless of their actions and beliefs, God is a constant. Don’t leave him because of other people. You’re not cherry picking or selecting bits of the bible that sounds good to you and ignoring other things just because you’re not anti-gay. Being sheep means being God’s people. It doesn’t mean following each other because of peer pressure.

The question I always ask when I see or hear or experience something that doesn’t sit right with me:

Is this enough to make me turn away from my relationship with God forever? (Tweet this)

The answer is always, “no”. This is no matter how much wrongdoing there is in the world or how “out of faith” I feel.

3. In the book, “Leviticus”, it says to put homosexuals to death. The bible also condones rape, murder, and slavery. Therefore, morality does not come from this book.


The only thing I will say right now is a lot of people who read the bible are not trained enough to do so. I’ve said in a previous post that “bible interprets bible”. Another truth is, “Context is key.”

That’s all I’m going to say on that. Anybody wants to debunk this further, feel free.

Oh, I will say one thing: The cost of sin (doing bad things) is death.

That’s what “Condemn” means.

‘Condone’ means to ‘sweep our wrongdoings under a rug’.

Does this look like ‘condone’ to you?

No, I didn’t think so. BOOYAH!

That’s all the time we have for this post. It’s very long compared to my other ones. That’s probably because one thing that I’m passionate about is the issue of Christians becoming non-christians way too easily. It’s a great sadness. On the other hand, it gives me something to talk about. Something that I believe is worth sharing and talking about.









Finland: I want to teach here

I’m studying to become a primary teacher. I’m an undergraduate which means this is my first year. I’m very interested in how different countries tackle education. Finland has proven to be very good at producing people who not only know a lot of things but have good character. They can think for themselves and essentially, are able to more easily and readily have their own identity. As a future teacher, how the Finland education system worked really interested me. It made me want to teach there. The icing on the cake or the cherry on top that really made me interested was that teachers in Finland were respected. And all the teachers in virtually every other country goes, “Heck yeah!”.

We’re not babysitters. This is not a daycare that we’re running. But we clearly don’t get the respect that teachers in Finland receive. Clearly. I particularly love how teachers use their free time to develop their pedagogy. In other words, they’re always learning about how to teach and how to do it better. Other things I loved in the video (I’ve paraphrased):

Maths teacher: I want my students to be happy

Principal: I want my students to play


Question time:

I don’t normally do this, but I’d like to hear my readers’ thoughts on this. What do you think of Finland’s education? Does this work because Finland is so small or could bigger countries adopt the Finland way?