Don’t speak bible to me

There’s a new language in the world. It’s called bible.


These people speak the same language but they don’t understand each other.

These people speak bible to others who can pick up the language but don’t understand it.

These people don’t communicate their thoughts through bible, but bible gets communicated through these people.

They jump from one phrase to another.

They jump from one thought, all pre written, to another pre written thought.

Bouncing from one jelly head to another.


Whatever you do, don’t speak bible to me.

It’s okay to quote scripture. It’s okay to talk about the Bible. But when you talk to me, use your own words.

It’s called thinking on your own.

When I ask you why you hate homosexuals, don’t speak bible to me.

Tell me in your own words why YOU hate, not why you think the Bible hates.

It’s called critical thinking.

What are your morals? Lay them down like shells lined up in the sand.


How many of them are you talking bible? And how many of them actually sits right with you? The world isn’t perfect but still, we strive to be better humans.

How can we do this?

Well, for starters, don’t start speaking bible to me.