Finland: I want to teach here

I’m studying to become a primary teacher. I’m an undergraduate which means this is my first year. I’m very interested in how different countries tackle education. Finland has proven to be very good at producing people who not only know a lot of things but have good character. They can think for themselves and essentially, are able to more easily and readily have their own identity. As a future teacher, how the Finland education system worked really interested me. It made me want to teach there. The icing on the cake or the cherry on top that really made me interested was that teachers in Finland were respected. And all the teachers in virtually every other country goes, “Heck yeah!”.

We’re not babysitters. This is not a daycare that we’re running. But we clearly don’t get the respect that teachers in Finland receive. Clearly. I particularly love how teachers use their free time to develop their pedagogy. In other words, they’re always learning about how to teach and how to do it better. Other things I loved in the video (I’ve paraphrased):

Maths teacher: I want my students to be happy

Principal: I want my students to play


Question time:

I don’t normally do this, but I’d like to hear my readers’ thoughts on this. What do you think of Finland’s education? Does this work because Finland is so small or could bigger countries adopt the Finland way?


Ah Boys to Men frenzy

Have you heard of the film, “Ah Boys to men”? If you’re not a Singaporean then you probably haven’t. As my cousin would say, “Aiyo! How can one?”

That’s singlish, by the way.


This is a song from the first movie. Yes, I will be posting one video for every movie. How did you know that? Seriously, you’ve got to check it out. Watch the trailers on Youtube, watch the movie, twitter, and stuff. The whole nine.

It’s okay if you don’t understand some of the words. Somethings only singaporeans will understand but you’ll still enjoy the song as a whole. They’re all quite catchy and shoik.


Jeremiah 29:11 part two

God has plans for everyone of us. These plans are full of success and hope. Sounds good right? We’ve covered in a previous post, on the word, “success”. This is part two of my revelation that covers the word, “hope”. This is exciting stuff. Ready?

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that I’m only starting to listen to the holy spirit. But as I do, I’m more and more convinced that listening has a lot to do with reading the bible. That’s primarily how God talks to us. I wish there was a GIF for this; a dear brother of mine, Pastor Joseph Prince always says, “bible interprets bible” or “scripture interprets scripture.”

He’s right.

So here’s a scripture that neatly interprets the hope part of Jeremiah 29:11.

1 Peter 1:3

Praise God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is so good, and by raising Jesus from death, he has given us a new life and a hope that lives on. CEV

This was taken from the CEV (contemporary English version) bible. In another version, it says, “…a hope that is alive. It is alive because Jesus Christ rose from the dead.”

In other words, God’s plans for us is holistic. It’s not about promotions, cars, education although those things can come under “success in everything we do”, but in terms of ‘hope’, it all points to Jesus at the cross, taking our punishments and then rising from the dead. He is our hope. Our hope is alive because Jesus is alive.

Here’s another verse, just because I wanted to add a video. Courtesy of Hillsong.


God bless you!

Introvert time is important

I’m an introvert. At least, many people would classify and box me in this label. And fair enough; I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert either. But I think no matter what you are, we all need a little downtime, a little me time. A little alone time.

I call this, Introvert time. Yes, even extroverts need this time to be, well, alone. Some people may disagree but the truth is, even social butterflies need to have time to reflect and just be. There is something about spending the night with yourself, alone in your own thoughts, that time of intrapersonal reflection, downtime, that makes us better conscientious people in the long run.

Even social butterflies need to have time to reflect and just be. (Tweet this)

10 things you should know about biblical theology

  1. One out of a thousand- There are so many kinds of theology, it’s crazy. Biblical theology is only one kind of theology. One out of many ways to look at, approach and interpret the bible.
  2. Story focussed- Biblical theology is following the grand story of the world. It’s a meta narrative. It’s a large story composed of smaller stories. Every book in the bible contributes to the grand story-yes, even Leviticus.
  3. Forest for the trees-We’re looking at the big picture. We’re looking at the trees and how they link to the forest. In other words, why did God allow the Hebrews be subject to slavery for 400 years? Why did God stubborn Pharaoh’s heart? Biblical theology asks and reflects on these questions in light of the bigger story of salvation and redemption.
  4. Themes-like any good story, the biblical story is told through the lens of themes. you can tell the biblical story many times because there are many themes to look at.
  5. The Theo Combo-Biblical Theology is not just one kind. It is a mixture of systematic, historic and biblical theology. Yes, it’s true. You do need to be a bit systematic when telling the story in the lens of a theme
  6. Many themes-and only some include-Covenant, redemption, salvation, God’s people, temple. For my class, I wrote an essay, framing the story in the lens of the covenant theme. I’ll do the same for the others themes to in order to broaden my understanding and yours too.
  7. Grace-When you can see the bigger picture, the one story from Genesis to Revelation, then you will know Grace. When you know Grace, you will worship God. You might even go so far as to bow down and break out in tears. This is because Grace produces true worship. And there’s a lot of grace in the biblical story.
  8. We’re all in the story
  9. A ministry tool
  10. All Christians are theologians