unplugged for 6 days

As you are all aware by now, I have been to Australia in February and just got back on the 28th (Last Sunday). I must say, the last six days have been tough especially because I was on holiday. These last 6 days I have been unplugged. This means no laptop. It was hard at first. When I turned off my laptop, almost immediately my sister asked me to put on RM on for mum to watch on my laptop. I had to say no and refuse. I felt bad about it, but I was determined to stick to being unplugged. But….I wasn’t totally unplugged. Yes, I was away from my laptop.

But, Ip still had my phone and i had come to really like my phone mainly because it actually worked. I used my phone to go on to my NewZealand library account to renew my library books (which i had brought overseas, and were going to be due before I arrived in New Zealand). I also used it mainly to keep myself busy in the long Sydney days, playing criminal case. I must say, I got quite far on it.

Before I had my laptop in 2015, I never would’ve en think of bringing a laptop to a deserted island over a writing book and a pen. But writing is endless in a laptop whereas the pages of a book had to end somewhere.

I also learnt that while it was really hard to unplug, I realised that I was really attached to my laptop and that it was unhealthy.

  1. I spent more time in front of the screen and less time with my main job which was to take care of my little cute niece, Hannah.
  2. I had less time in the day because the whole day is sucked into being in front of the laptop.
  3. At one point, I couldn’t sleep because I felt I hadn’t “Written enough in my story. I think, as a result, I decided to end my novel early and then stopped using my laptop all together for 6 days.
  4. I could’ve been downstairs right now, and I could’ve learnt to wash clothes or learn something that all uni students (or freshman age people) need to know by now.


I also thought I’d never unplug for this long again. Las time, it was 5 days, this time was 6 days. Could next time be even longer?





Shhh, it’s a secret


We all have secrets. Some secrets are buried in our own backyard, and it’s best to leave it there. Some secrets are so silly, that it’s a wonder why it’s a secret in the first place…Why don’t you just tell your sister that you’ve been using her pen?But we ALL have secrets and though some secrets need not be kept from others, it is important to have some secrets of your own. Another important fact is when someone tells you a secret fo theirs, don’t tell anyone.

But we ALL have secrets and though some secrets need not be kept from others, it is important to have some secrets of your own. Another important fact is when someone tells you a secret fo theirs, don’t tell anyone, especially if it doesn’t really matter to you. Because it will matter a lot to that person and everyone involved. Don’t create drama, this isn’t high school, and don’t set the house on fire either. I did that once. Okay, I didn’t, but i would’ve if it had been gas.

The less-scary video of the theme song from Pretty Little Liars:






one or two?

Counting Voices

When I am alone,

I swear I am on my best behaviour,

I’m not cranky,

not pushy,

not judging someone else on their life choices,

not offending someone without knowing how,

Yes, I do like to be alone,

alone in my room,

with my thoughts,

and all those hundreds of people in my imagination,

who don’t judge me,

or make fun of me,

or pity me.

But don’t get me wrong; a girl must have some company other than four blank walls, and eyes that sees something totally different,

I like company,

I like going to the movies with my friends,

I like playing game with them,

I need at least four other people for a good games round,

But if you want to talk?

To have an actual conversation?

Hmm, I’m going to need a lot of people so that I can ghost out of the party that my aunty invited me to.

But in a story, three’s a crowd, keep that in mind you Third Wheel People!






Leap of faith

Writing a book is like taking a leap of faith,

you don’t know where you’re going with the story,

or where your characters are taking you,

or what they are thinking,

but you just go with the flow and never stop writing, never stop going on, always have that faith in your ability to write, in your characters to get out of their pickle.


Driving a car on a long and dark road in the country side is like taking a leap of faith,

you can’t see what’s ahead of you,

you might hit a cow,

or a cat,

or a Pukekoe,

but you keep driving anyway,

you keep on keeping on,

believing with everything you’ve got that you’ll get you and your family safely home.

Taking a leap of faith,

is conquering the mountain,

it is not knowing for sure where you’re going to be or end up in 5 years time,

but living in the now,

and letting tomorrow take care of itself.


And if you don’t believe me,

then you’ll just have to take your own leap

and hold on.



Never returning to earth

First of all, can I just say, that I think it’s inhumane and stupid to ask people to go to Mars and never return. Also, for the people who want to do this or who are going to, well, at the very least, bring a book to read! There’s nothing to do there. Explore? Explore what??

I don’t know much about why people are doing this, but if it was an experiment to see if we could live on another planet, let me just say that we CAN’T. I’ll tell you that right now. Can we move on?

Something I would miss would be my books. I love reading and writing and eventually, I’m gong to have read all my books, and written in all my other books and then there’d be nothing else left to do but die.

Other things I would miss:

  1. the food
  2. My family and friends
  3. the internet
  4. The feeling that my life matters and people care about my life enough to not want me to die a horrible “literally-no-air” death in Mars.

I would be cool to visit Mars, but it’s not going to happen for me. Any living arrangements I make in another planet will be for story purposes only.


Prompt: FOOD-click for the full prompt page. This is from SOCS, but on a Monday.


Hi guys! So today’s prompt is “food”. I’ll take food as “consumption”. Everytime I write, I have to drink. I don’t mean drink like beer or wine, but drink something other than water. For example, as I am writing this, I have (takes a huge sip), a DB EXPORT citru drink which my uncle came and brought over last Christmas.


I have to drink when I write. It is my incentive. It…motivates me. Rewards me when I hit a 2 blog milestone, or a 5K word hike.

I like to drink. I like my drink. And of course, I like FOOD too. 🙂


Ohh, I have another idea to go with this “food” prompt.

Just a quickie: I made curry today! I’m such a novice cook although today was a good step into the culinary world. My mum helped me and taught me how to make curry. I really don’t like thinking about death, but I think if I keep this up, learning how to cook and cooking dinners with my mum will be one of my most treasured memories I’d have of my mum when she’s gone. I would be something I’d always think of whenever I’m cooking for my own family in the future.

“Food is best when it is in my belly.”