Who am I?

Hi all,

I thought it was a good time for me to tell you a bit about myself (and give an update since the last About Me post).

My name is Ching. My name on Twitch is “Reswitch” which is why sometimes I’ll sign off on a post as “Reswitch”. But I really don’t care if you know my name or not. Haha.

Due to my country’s lockdown (that’s New Zealand), I work from home. I’m grateful that I still have a job because it keeps me busy. By the way, that ‘job’ is streaming on Twitch and blogging. So, not really a job? A hobby?

My interests are writing love-action stories, reading good adventure or dystopian novels and watching funny movies. So, I’m really big on entertainment.

2 years ago, according to Myers Brigg, I was idealistic, in my own world, flighty, artsy, and a social justice warrior. I’m still all of those things, but I also can’t be labelled, prefer to work my own hours and hate the school education system.