SSA and the christian girl Ep 3.

As with the previous series, this will be my third and final episode in response to this article, “SSA and the Christian girl” by Girl Defined. I’ll be using the same video as last time but will cover more of the other articles that Girl Defined links to, mainly to a blog post from “desiring God” that explains to me more clearly the dangers and offense of the term “same-sex attraction”. Before I crack my knuckles and my neck muscles, please remember to hit that follow button, that like button, and leave a comment too. I’ll be sure to return the favor unless I genuinely don’t like your content because I shall not butt-kiss.

Nick Roen is saying that SSA is not a sin but is a temptation to sin. If we changed SSA to Homosexuality (which by the way, is what he’s doing), then we’re saying that Homosexuality itself is not a sin, but it is a temptation to sin.

Sexual identity of any kind is not a sin neither is it a temptation to sin. It’s an identity. It’s not a temptation. Being gay is not tempting someone else to “be gay”. Being gay is not a temptation to have sex with people outside marriage or to rape or any other sin. This is how disgusting the term SSA is and how offensive and dangerous the term is because it is used interchangeably with “Homosexuality”.

Please do keep in mind that sexual identity is something we’re born with, it’s not something we can change about ourselves. We can’t be homosexuals and then decide later that we’re heteros. But we can be homosexuals and then live under the dominant and more accepted sexuality which is being straight and being in a straight relationship. This is something that happens all the time.

I’m tired of talking. Is this how atheists feel? Oh, Jimmy, I’m so sorry that you have to put up with this sh**, even though it does give endless content.

I’m going to let this video carry across my message because, despite typing, my jaw is tired somehow.

I’m sorry that this blog post is really short. I just wanted to get this series over and done with. I’m not, by a longshot, finished with speaking up about LGBT and the poisonous beliefs of Christians, but I’m done with it for now. Damn. Good God.

Another article that Girl Defined links to and which may be interesting to you, because of all the lies and self-hatred that’s in there, is an article written by Christopher Asmus.

I just want to reiterate very strongly and clearly that being homosexual is NOT the same as SSA and sexual identity is not a temptation to sin. It can lead to sinning as in doing bad things with other people that you later regret, but that probably happens due to the restrictions from other people who tell you what you must and must not do, than from being homosexual.

There’s nothing to cure. I think if Christians didn’t believe that the purpose of marriage was to have sex and procreate, then actually, having the spectrum of sexual orientation that we have, would probably not be such a big deal. But because we’re “wired” to want sex, any sexual activity that isn’t between a man and a woman, is wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong to say that we’re wired towards this, although there are some people who are wired to not want sex at all, so sex isn’t for everyone. But really, I mean seriously, that kind of stuff is not other people’s business and frankly, it’s not the business of the bible either, who you want to f**K.

I’m sorry for swearing. I’m feeling a bit crude this year. Please forgive me and I’ll see if I can tone it down. I need more than four seconds, but this kid’s video is still a good reminder to calm down. No need to swear. Maybe. We’ll see.


Why did God make women? Ep4

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my blog. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I started blogging in 2019. As you might know, I recently finished writing a series on “Why did God make women?” as a response and to clarify a blog post of the same title and from a blog called, “Biblical Gender Roles”. Yup, so…it’s not biased or old fashioned or deluded.

As mentioned in the last episode of this series, I was done with all of this. I thought I was but last night, as I laid in bed, I realized that I wasn’t done. I wasn’t done because I am aware that I’m indoctrinated and probably believe in some lies. So I wanted to clarify a few things that I had written in my last post, to give you my take on the verses that the blog had used to support their argument, and to make clear that I’m not siding completely with Mr Atheist or with the blog. I am on my own side.

Marriage must be built on trust, communication, consent, and respect. We need to humble ourselves and work on our pride problem. Wives must willingly submit to the authority of her husband in the same way that husbands must willingly submit to the authority of Jesus. Another way to put this is everyone must submit under the authority of Jesus as we are part of the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom.

I agree 100 percent with the first line. I think with any couple, secular, religious or poly, that there must absolutely be trust, communication, consent, respect, and probably other values as well that both partners can agree to be significant in making the relationship work. The problem with Christian relationships is that they tend to take the specific stuff from the bible. They will trust and communicate with each other but specifically, “Wives, submit to my authority!”. They will give consensual sex and have respect for one another but specifically, “Wives, I own you. You are my property and so you must have sex with me whenever I want.”

Wrong. Very and so obviously wrong. No, sorry. I shouldn’t say that it’s obvious because it’s not for some people and not all of those people are stupid.

So I have a problem with my own thinking, from the second sentence onwards. I don’t think I really understand what these biblical phrases mean such as “willingly submit”, “authority”, “in the same way that husbands (that whole sentence), “we are part of the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom”.

I don’t understand these things even I wrote and believe in them. I don’t understand it well enough to explain it to an atheist or even just to a secular human being.

When I re-read this and I see words like “submit” and “authority”, my feminist self becomes angry like crazy, like menopause crazy.

So, what do I say now? I love how in my AMP footnotes, it says that Paul doesn’t empathize on the husband’s authority. In the same way, we shouldn’t get so hung up over that and actually read the whole chapter. Because further on, Paul writes that one’s husband must love his wife as he does himself. I think it’s interesting to note as well that the footnote (Eph 6:1), mentions how parents must treat their children in such a way that the children will want to obey. This is clearly talking about respect. This is in another chapter but I just liked this advice.

I don’t understand Eph 5, “Marriage like Christ and the Church”. I am still angry and offended even while I’m sure there’s some sort of big picture that anyone can be joyful about. But since I don’t understand right now, I can’t say much on it.

However, if we were to just step outside bible verses and scriptures and what God supposedly say, my advice on marriage is:

  • Don’t get married to have sex (or to hug)
  • You’re worthy as and equal to each other
  • Outside of marriage, you are each your own person
  • Have an open communication before getting married about important topics like taking care of children, household chores, and generally, what a good and successful marriage actually looks like to you.

It is significant or is supposed to be significant to get married and to make this decision. It takes a special kind of guy to, first of all, have a woman to willingly “submit”/”tasso” and to also be the leader of his family. This is why I’m not going to get married to anyone but Jesus. And no, I’m not at all thinking of how big his…

Another point I’d like to make (I could point to a few bible verses but I can also say this from common sense), is that wives need to listen to her husband and husbands need to love his wife. If wives tend to want control, then they must fight against that and “let it go”. If husbands tend to act as a tyrant, then they must fight against that and love their wife. But y’all need to stop focussing on women who like control, and start focussing on the responsibilities and expectations of both wives and husbands, females and males.

What I was trying to say in these paragraphs is that, when you’re married or you’ve chosen to be someone for the rest of their life, you’ve got to make sacrifices and compromises. If you’re both strong headed, and you both want to do your own thing, then maybe, be friends with benefits instead of lifelong partners?

So there has to be a sacrifice without sacrificing you or who you are. A lot of this falls on wives. They, without really talking with each other, have or feel like they have the responsibility to clean the house, cook, take care of the husband and children as if they’re both dependent on her, despite one being an adult.

The second paragraph was written after the very smart epiphany that marriage is a pretty serious decision. You don’t get married to someone after being with them for 4 years because 4 years is “long enough to wait”. It’s so much more complicated than the decision to start dating.

If you want to know what your faults are and quick, then get married because your significant other, who you have to share everything with, will not only show you, but point it out. Love one another which means, let go of the idea that you’re always right. I know my brother had to certainly learn this lesson (in order to not be the exact replica of my dad).

The bottom line is, someone who’s controlling and someone who’s a tyrant, will clash and butt heads and even up in divorce. Put love first above your differences and learn to share.

I think my anger when using the words “submit” and “authority” comes from my pride. I need to be humble in order to really see what the bible actually says and how the bible uses these two words. At the same time, these two words disgust me because of how overused and misused they are. I would love to know the original Greek words that the English language have butchered.

To be honest, and in this day and age, if you want a good and healthy marriage, don’t EVER use words like “submit” and “authority”. EVER. (Unless you’re only married to Jesus or you’re in a “sub/dom” situation).

I don’t agree with everything Jimmy says in the video but for what it’s worth…

I think Christians should stop doing or saying stuff “because the bible told them to”, and actually start using their heads to make decisions. Don’t only do stuff because the bible says, but do it ALSO, because you actually agree as a sane, rational and logical person. Jimmy says it better but there you go.

There’s so much more to cover on this and I’ve only scratched the surface. But as I’ve mentioned in my previous post and even in a prayer, I’m sick of this sh**. So I’ll leave it there. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to better understand Ephesians and will, therefore, have a much more compelling and detailed argument against that blog post.

Thanks so much so sticking around. Do you have any thoughts, questions or critiques? Leave all of these things in the comments section below. Did you enjoy this blog post? Hit the like and follow button. Gosh, I wish I could say the word, “button” as cute as Jimmy.

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Why did God make women? Ep 3.

Please God,

Let this be the final episode. You know I can’t stand this.

Thank you for the day,

In Jesus name I pray,


Hello, it’s me, Ching Ern. My name’s not important but anyways, here’s what I’m hoping to be the final episode of my response to “Why did God make woman?” a grammatically incorrect blog post written by

To make this the final episode, and because there’s so much content to go through and use, I will skip a few paragraphs. I’m happy to do so because it’s about to get very serious and offensive. To keep this PC, I will give you three detox videos. Here’s the first one:

The bible is ‘clear’ that women are inferior and unequal to that of men. So, now that it’s clear for you, the question is, Why did God make woman to be a subordinate helper to Man?

My response and take on this:

  1. As I’ve explained in my previous episodes, women, females and wives were created equal to the male counterpart, and to join together to take dominion and care over the earth, animals and people.
  2. It even says so in the footnotes of the AMP bible
  3. The greek word for submit, is “Hupotasso” which comes from two words, “Hupo” meaning, “under”, and “tasso” meaning, “1. to put in order 2. to appoint”. I’ll further explain the meaning of Hupotasso later but first: Please remember to like, follow and leave a comment.

To follow along with Jimmy’s response: 10:08

Here are my other thoughts and answers to this:

  1. I have a tension headache
  2. Women were created to help men just like how God sent the holy spirit to be our helpers. But women are not perfect helpers as demonstrated by Eve when she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. In fact, in all the commandments that are in the bible, it’s like God is saying, “I’ll let you humans try to be holy and righteous on your own efforts, and then when you realize you can’t do it, I’ll do it myself and show you up.”
  3. My point is, although Eve was created to help Adam in taking care of the earth, the holy spirit is a much better companion and helper for all because the holy spirit is perfect and humans are flawed. We were flawed before we ate that fruit.
  4. I need a vodka tonic, hold the tonic. But since I don’t drink, here’s another detox video:


Two verses

I don’t condone the use of “cherry picking” bible verses but I’m going to do it anyway since this is a response to a blog post and not a sermon. According to the blog post, Christian Egalitarians claim that man’s ownership over women were not part of the original plan but only happened because of that darn fruit. The CE people uses this one verse to support their claim. This verse can be found in the New Testament of the bible and was part of a letter written by Apostle Paul, to a church, after the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Please note also, that they’re using the KJV and I’m using AMP.

Galatians 3:28 (AMP)

There is [now no distinction in regard to salvation] neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you [who believe] are all one in Christ Jesus [no one can claim a spiritual superority].

I don’t know why the KJV is a lot shorter but in any case, it seems AMP is clearer than KJV in terms of translating text into English while still conveying the original meaning.

The blog’s counter-argument, also taken from one verse and from Ephesians, also written from Apostle Paul to a church, states that;

Marriage like Christ in the church

Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as [a service] to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also wives should be subject to their husbands in everything [respecting both their position as protector and their responsibility to God as head of the house].

(Eph 5:22-24)

The writer is trying to argue that wives need and were made to submit to their husbands, under their authority and leadership. Wives do not have a say in anything.

This brings me to the meaning of the word “Hupotasso” or in English, “submit”.

And now, presenting, a Greek lesson

The word “Hupotasso” comes from two words, “Hupo” and “Tasso”. The word, “Tasso” has more information so I will focus on this as well as what my AMP footnotes say.

From bible study, “Tasso” means:

  1. to put in order, to station
    1. to place in a certain order, to arrange, to assign a place, to appoint
      1. to assign (appoint) a thing to one
    2. to appoint, ordain, order
      1. to appoint on one’s own responsibility or authority
      2. to appoint mutually, i.e. agree upon

My AMP footnote comments on these verses that:

  1. The Greek word for “submit” does not refer to being under the total control of another but to voluntarily place oneself under the authority of another.

Why should wives, or for that matter, women, voluntarily and willingly put/place/station/appoint themselves under the authority of a husband or man?

I think it all comes to pride. Allow me to jump from verse to verse and do a bit of cherry picking or “connecting of verses together”:

Let’s go back to the beginning:

As I flip my heavy bible back to Genesis, here’s a video for y’all:

In Genesis 3: 16, God gives snakes, men and women curses as punishment for eating that darn fruit and disobeying Him. For women, particularly wives, God says that “Yet your desire and longing will be for your husband, And he will rule [with authority] over you and be responsible for you.”

The footnote of AMP says, “The word, ‘desire’ can also mean, ‘an attempt to usurp authority or control’. (To paraphrase), “You will now have a tendency to try to dominate your husband and he will have the tendency to act as a tyrant.”

Marriage must be built on trust, communication, consent, and respect. We need to humble ourselves and work on our pride problem. Wives must willingly submit to the authority of her husband in the same way that husbands must willingly submit to the authority of Jesus. Another way to put this is everyone must submit under the authority of Jesus as we are part of the bride of Christ and he is our bridegroom.

It is significant or is supposed to be significant to get married and to make this decision. It takes a special kind of guy to, first of all, have a woman to willingly “submit”/”tasso” and to also be the leader of his family. This is why I’m not going to get married to anyone but Jesus. And no, I’m not at all thinking of how big his…

Another point I’d like to make (I could point to a few bible verses but I can also say this from common sense), is that wives need to listen to her husband and husbands need to love his wife. If wives tend to want control, then they must fight against that and “let it go”. If husbands tend to act as a tyrant, then they must fight against that and love their wife. But y’all need to stop focussing on women who like control, and start focussing on the responsibilities and expectations of both wives and husbands, females and males. As a feminist, Egalitarian, Christian and someone who’s angry at this blog post, I hope that what I’m saying can make sense to some of you out there.

There are a lot more to say on this but for this particular blog post article and youtube video, this is the end of my response and answer to “Why did God make woman?”

Thank you JESUS that it didn’t take longer than three episodes, although I probably will one day write more blog posts that address the issue of misogyny and other problems that arise from the misinterpretation of the bible.

Time to detox Y’all, like, hard out

Why did God make woman? Ep. 2

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King.

In the blog post, “Why did God make woman?” by “Biblical, BG talks about how women are not equal to men, are man’s property, and other bllsh*t. Today, I will try an “essay-like” approach (Statement, Explain, Xample) to respond to BG’s post and to give a clearer and more accurate interpretation of what the bible actually says. But first, please remember to like, follow and comment.

Back to the essay-like approach- I believe that God made women to subjugate the earth alongside men, to be their own person, to do all the good things that God had planned for them to do and to generally live a good and blessed life here on earth. My evidence of this comes from personal experience, bible study, Google, common sense, a response video by Jimmy/Mr Atheist and the AMP (amplified) bible version. Here goes:

We start with Mitochondrial Eve

The word/name “Eve” is in Hebrew, “Chavvah” which means “life” or “life giving”. Eve was to be the mother of all human beings. But, did Eve actually exist once upon a time? While I can’t prove Jesus’ genealogy, I do know that mitochondrial eves exists and this is more than just one “Eve”, but this is talking about multiple (mitochondrial) eves of which from a common ancestor/s descended all of us. According to Jimmy’s video, there are multiple mitochondrial eves right now today, who will be ancestors of all the people that will live in the future in about a few thousand years.

By the way, it might be good to make clear that just because Eve is also a “mitochondrial eve”, doesn’t mean that this is the role or purpose of every woman out there. But even though not all women will ever reproduce and choose the journey of motherhood, I’m sure we’re all connected in some way and we all share DNA. Or at least, I predict this, since I can’t prove it.

More profound questions from the blog post:

Let’s see if you can answer these questions before I reveal to you what the bible says according to this blog post. Here are the questions:

  1. But what kind of companion did God design her to be to him?
  2. And what kind of helper did God design her to be to him?
  3. Did God intend for her to be an equal partner with her husband
  4. and equal helper with him?
  5. Or did he intend something else?

Hmm…it’s so difficult to answer.

Here’s my take on this:

  1. We are all equal under God’s eyes. One evidence of this is that we all go through death. Even the people in the Bible who didn’t get buried still had to leave earth.  No one is more favored than the other. We are equal. We just don’t exercise equality.
  2. We were all designed to take care of the earth, animals, and people together, in unity and harmony, as people with the same goal.
  3. We are equal but God intends something specific for you and me because we are different and we’re interested in different things.

Did I get a bullseye? Let’s see what they say.

6:36 (to follow along with Jimmy).

The blog post jumps over to the second book of the bible, Exodus. At this time of the biblical story, the Hebrews, God’s people, are in the wilderness/desert and God gives them the Ten Commandments. From this moment on, the Hebrews no longer live under grace but they now live under the law. Also during this time, and for many decades, there has been a distinct difference in the role between man and woman, male and female. This is for cultural reasons specifically for the Hebrews, but also because back then, there just were these roles for men and women.

The last commandment, which can be found in Exodus 20:17, is also known as a “thought crime” in which we must not covet, desire or even think about wanting something that a neighbor owns. We must not want their house, servant, donkey or boat. (the boat is a modern-day example). We also must not want for ourselves, our neighbor’s wife.

I see this as a way to protect wives and because in those days and also to this day, men tend to think they can take and do whatever the h*ll they want. But the blog post and unfortunately a lot of religious people believe that because women are grouped together with property, that it means they are inferior to men. This is one of the many dangers of wrongly interpreting the bible.

The last bit of the verse in the AMP says, “…or anything your neighbor owns.”, which further cements the idea that women are property and are to be owned. Oh, contrare (did I do that right?), women, girls, females, and wives are NOT property just like how servants aren’t property either. But perhaps this was part of the Hebrew culture back in the day. Perhaps when we say that husbands own their wives, it is not in an “I’m better than you” kind of way but is more because they do own and belong to each other because of their union in matrimony. Just spitballing here.

Much like how, in my last blog post of this series, “biblicalgenderroles” used the Gen 2:18-23 verses to justify how women were made to be helpers, not equals to men, they’re using another stand-alone verse again, to justify how women were AND STILL ARE property, and therefore, are not equal to men in any way, shape or form. I’ll cover this in the next blog post.

However, I could create a counter argument using the bible but just different verses. So it’s important to, first of all, be holistic when reading the bible instead of looking at it as an instruction manual made in the Bronze age, that’s still completely relevant to follow for 21st Century people. The second thing is, KNOW YOUR SH**!

So that’s all the time we have for this episode. I’m hoping my third episode will be the last because I’m sick of this sh*t.

And now, it’s detox time…



Why did God make woman? Ep. 1

Welcome to my blog, “No excuses”! This used to be a blog on writing but is now on spirituality and other important topics. Today’s post is a response to a blog post called “Why did God make woman?” by Biblical Gender Roles and a response to a video by Mr Atheist, that responds to this blog post. You don’t need to click the link because the youtube video can be found in this post.

But first, please remember to like, follow and comment. Yeah, I’m that kinda person now. SO ANNOYING.

Why did God make woman?

This is such a good and profound question. Let’s see if I can answer before I get into the video and blog post. God made women, for example, me, so that I can do good works on earth, to take care of his creation including the land, people and animals, and to overall, enjoy the life that he has given me. Yeah, that sounds about right. Yes? No? Wait, what? You’re saying no?

No, you’re not right Ching Ern. But first, here’s a definition of progressive revelation.

Progressive revelation is like being given a story or an account of something and then later getting a flashback or a different viewpoint which gives you a different angle or revelation on the story. If this doesn’t make sense, then watch the video and Jimmy will read the blog post to you.

The first account of creation can be found in Genesis 1. The second account that gives us a progressive revelation, can be found in Genesis 2.

What revelations do we find?

We find that:

  1. It is not good for man to be alone
  2. Man was created first before woman
  3. Adam looked at all the animals and didn’t find a suitable helper
  4. Eve and therefore women were created for men.
  5. Women were created to be helpers and for companionship

This blog-writer got these points from the KJV bible. My AMP (amplified) version of the bible of the same verses says that:

(Gen 2:18-23 AMP)

  1. Adam needed a helper, someone who balanced him, or a counterpart
  2. none of the animals were a suitable companion (note, how it says companion but NOT sexual partner).
  3. The word “helper” indicates a role, not a woman’s value. Adam needed someone who was like himself, who was intelligent and equal in value but with different qualities, who could subdue the earth together with him. This was taken from a footnote of the AMP bible.
  4. God causes Adam to fall into a deep sleep and He took one of Adam’s ribs to create Eve. Another footnote says that if God had taken a piece of Adam’s head, then this implied women were superior, if God had taken a piece of Adam’s toe, then this implied woman were inferior. But to take the rib, a piece from Adam’s side, implied equality and mutual respect. It doesn’t imply being a side piece, hahaha.  (According to my footnote, Martin Luther King had observed this but I’m not sure if he actually did since I can’t at the moment, find evidence of him saying this).

So, I’d like to first apologise. Here goes:

  1. There are a lot of stupid christians in the world
  2. I can’t say that I’m any smarter but
  3. At least I hope that my content here is smart and agreeable, instead of just sounding like sound advice or facts…or complete trash.
  4. I’m sorry for this blog, that confirms literally every atheist who says that the bible is very misogynistic. 
  5. and I’m sorry that I’m now going to be a hypocrite by saying my thoughts on this

This is what I believe:

There are many versions of the bible which leaves the bible open for interpretation. I trust the AMP because it tries its best to demonstrate how people understood the bible in its original language. Now, English isn’t a very good language to translate to because English doesn’t have enough words to convey the same meaning as the original language.

I trust the AMP when it explains that men and women were created equal and with mutual respect, to both subjugate and take dominion over the earth. It doesn’t mean that the KJV is not an accurate Bible translation or version. But, it does mean that people can get different interpretations of the bible depending on which Bible version they use, how deeply they study the actual meaning of words, and whether or not they are actually qualified to give an accurate not-man-made interpretation of the bible.

And that’s why this blog that I’m responding to, and other things like this, are so dangerous to both themselves and society-they take a few verses from the bible and utterly twist the verses to conform to their way of thinking and indoctrination. I hope that as I do more of these blog posts, that you’ll find I don’t do that, but I try my best to actually see the whole picture instead of focussing on a few verses.

By golly, it seems like I’m going to need to do a series on this instead of just one blog post. 🙂 That’s fine because- more content. So this is the end of my blog post, episode one of “Why did God create woman?”

And by the way, it’s “women”, plural, not just Eve. WOMEN.

Let’s shake off the intensity-ness that comes from feminism and the fight for equality and watch a cat on top of a roomba, in a shark costume, chasing a duck.

Happy Lunar new year!

I didn’t write a New Year’s post but I’m on time to CNY (Chinese or Lunar new year), and that’s what’s most important. Although technically, 2019 began on October 15th, the day I turned 22.


Here are a few changes that I intend to make on my blog:

  1. More of Jesus, less of me

I will be writing more on spirituality instead of on random things that are happening in my life. But I’ll still be random and stuff, just not as often as before.

2. Colours

Should I choose a different look for my blog? I definitely feel like I need a new outlook on life. We’ll see but I’m not paying for anything.

3. Connection

Please! I’m so lonely here! Please do connect with me this year by leaving comments down below. I’m also going to be more annoying by reminding you to follow me if you like my content, and comment if you like…uh…my personality?

And I’m also going to be a reader. It’s not fair on anyone if I only ask for readers and I myself don’t read. Fun fact: I’m ten times more likely to read and comment on your blog if you do the same first. Just saying. And hinting. Wink.

4. Write about what matters

This is similar to the 1st bullet point except that apart from spirituality, I’ll be covering topics that may not personally interest me but my stance and my viewpoints on these topics are important. I compare this to that poem about how the Jews were mistreated and no one did anything and then finally we were mistreated and there was no one left to help us. Yeah, it’s like that. Gotta care about the jews. I’ll see if I can find the original poem because my memory of it is not good enough.

5. Apologies

Lots of apologies are coming your way because of some of my blog posts which advocates on views that I no longer hold. Apologies also, as a Christian. I may not have done anything wrong personally but by calling myself a Christian, I’m partially responsible for all the sh*t that’s out there in the world.

6. You may also see more cussing and slang. I’m letting my hair down this 2019.

I hope I don’t cuss too much because if it’s ‘normal’, then it loses its significance.

So there you have it. 6 changes coming to this blog. I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m cringing and in pain a little bit. Like a massage.

Let’s connect

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Happy Birthday poem

To those of you who were born on this day,

a merry happy birthday to you.

May all your wishes come true

Be filled with happiness and

joy, peace, love.


Happy, happy, happy birthday to you,

the Lord bless you, prosper you,

Happy birthday to you

and Happy Birthday to me too!




Five ways to show mothers gratitude

Mother’s day is when we show gratitude towards the women in our lives. It isn’t being thankful but it’s about reciprocating the love and care that they have shown towards us. We shouldn’t show gratitude for our mothers only on Mother’s day but everyday.

Show your gratitude for your mother or woman figure in your life, every day, a random day, more than once a year.

Gratitude is having a Grateful attitude. How can you show gratitude towards your mum?

That being said, here’s a list of five things to do to show gratitude towards the women in our lives:

1. Kisses and hugs-

Women love affection and there’s nothing that say gratitude than not feeling ashamed of showing this affection in public. Although you don’t have to be outside to kiss your mother on her cheek.

2. Words of affection

  1. “I love you”. Look your mother in the eye and say, “I love you”. Mean it. Trust me when I say, you don’t say it enough times. If you don’t live with your mum, then text her regularly and message her that you love her. It is a heartfelt gesture.

3. Notice what she does and compliment her

Compliment on something your mother does that you normally take for granted-Some examples: Wow, my shirt is without any crinkles. That was such a good dinner, lots of good taste and love in this dish. The floor is clean. etc. Perhaps even better than this is to do these chores without waiting for mum to tell you or telling your mum. Just do it and surprise her. Surprise visits to home are also good. In a world where everyone is busy and a lot are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s important to make time for the people who matters. Afterall, no one has ever regretted about missing work but perhaps they felt that they didn’t spend enough time with their grandkids…

4. Show you care by your actions, not your words.

  1. Show that you care about what she cares about and what she does for you. It’s easy to be ungrateful about things we take for granted. To show we don’t take things like an ironed shirt for granted, actually care. Fold or hang your clothes properly. Go out of your way to keep the carpet clean and if you make or see a mess, then clean it up. This is similar to doing chores without being asked but really, we should be cleaning up after oursevles in any house or place.

5. Take a picture and it’ll last long. Take a picture, print it out, put it in a photo albulm, it’ll last even longer.

  1. Photos-pictures contains long lasting memories of the good and the bad. Capture these moments with your mother, with your friends and families. Your mother will treasure these photos for a long time to come. For me personally, my mum’s sent a lot of pictures and videos of her grandchildren. Even though she treasures these pictures and videos, they take up a lot of space on her phone. Plus, her phone for some reason doesn’t have Google and we know how hard it can be when our devices aren’t connected to Chrome. It can be convenient to put the videos on DVD and photos into albums. I’ve only done the latter once, but you know? It’s worth it.

Note: Mother: A person who takes cares of you, who looks after you. A woman figure in your life who leads by example.

What to do now:

  1. Tell your mother you love her
  2. give her lots of bear hugs
  3. Clean up after yourself and the house without being asked
  4. Compliment and acknowledge her hard work
  5. Take pictures and videos and turn them into hard copies so that she can have space on her phone for more pictures and videos.

You turn:

Do you agree with anything on the list? Do you have anything to add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.





Praise report on healing

Have you ever had a really bad flu? The bad thing about the flu is that you get symptoms for the cold and also a bad fever and a bad sore throat in succession, one problem after the other. Sometimes, all three at once. At the time of writing this post, I’ve had the flu for about 5 days now. I also have a really bad sore throat. It’s a lot better now but still needs healing and recovery. But I believe in healing and I believe in prayer. I believe that prayer is the number one solution for healing and restoration. Prayer and honey and lemon tea are more effective and efficient than just honey and lemon tea.

This post isn’t a praise report on my healing. That will come soon but not now. This is a report on a fellow brother in Christ. This video has many key points. It’s not long video so it’ll be worth it to watch the whole video yourself even though I’ll write down some points.

Some points from the video:

  • God blesses those whom he loves
  • Rest in what God’s done for me and not what I’m trying to do for him
  • Thank you Jesus for going to the cross for me

I think I can write a prayer on healing from these three points. Let’s see…

Dear Lord,

You bless me, your precious child whom you love. Help me to rest in what you’ve done for me. You are always at work for my good. It is not what I do, but it is all about your love and who you are. You are healer, restorer, and father. Thank you, Jesus, for going to the cross for me, paying the price for all my sins. Because of what you’ve done, I can be forgiven and healed. I claim healing, I claim a restored body, I claim peace and perfect health over my body, mind, and spirit in Jesus name, Amen.

You turn:

Share in the comments below. Don’t share your germs. But share any testimonies or else just your thoughts on anything that I’ve written in this post.