Spoken word: Easter

Easter is more than a public holiday, more than chocolates and hot cross buns. Easter is more than a weekend or a one-day celebration. Easter is about something so special, magical and wonderful.

It is about our Lord and savior who lived, died and rose back to life for us.

Now you might be thinking, why would anyone need the motivation to rise back to life? If I died and had the chance to not be dead, I would gladly take it. I don’t need to live for anyone other than myself.

Yet the resurrection of Jesus Christ was for us. He was raised back to life for our forgiveness, our justification, our redemption.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I don’t talk about this much in the video because it’s a “back to basics” video on Easter and it’s also because I have the video making skills of a 6-year-old. This means in terms of content, simple is the key. Regardless or perhaps because of its simple nature, he content is a treasure. I was excited when I had this idea of “Show me” and I hope you do too.

Now I know watching videos aren’t for everyone but I don’t want to give any spoilers for the video. I’ll end my written message here. As for the video… Watch it, don’t watch it. Up to you. Happy Easter.


What is repentence?

In a previous post, I talked about condone and condemn. Although Jesus doesn’t condemn us of our sins, he doesn’t condone, “sweep our sins under the rug” either.

when john the baptist shouted in the wilderness for the people to repent of their sins, I thought he meant asking for forgiveness, acknowledging your a sinner and then getting baptised. This is commonly how christians and even non believers think on what it means to repent.

While asking for forgiveness and in essence, the Sinner’s prayer, is important, repentence means so much more than this.

Repentence means:

-giving consent to recieve salvation and God’s love.

Giving consent. That’s all repentence is.

Giving permission to be saved.

Would you get angry if someone saved your life and this new life you have gives you freedom and joy?

I will cover what it means to be free and also what Joy actually means.-sometimes I feel sad that I have joy because joy stops me from grieving as much as I otherwise would. More on that later.

Here’s what repentence doesn’t look like. Notice two things: When we know we’re saved and forgiven, this doesn’t make us angry. When we know the true God, that he’s a superhero, not a villan and he’s on our side, it’s really freeing. Another thing is, the guy who was saved wore a neck brace. This doesn’t happen to us because of Jesus. It’s amazing even now, for me to think about it, that Jesus bore all our diseases and injuries and sins, and grief and heartache. EVERYTHING.