Westboro Baptist church Ep 3.

This is my last blog post on Westboro, at least for now. If you haven’t watched the above video, I suggest you watch it now. Russel brand schools these two men with class, humour and dignity.

My conclusion for this church is that, I’ll try not to hate them or the people. Most of them were raised in that church and so were indoctrinated/brainwashed since a young age. It’s hard to get out of something like that no matter how destructive it can be.

I’m once again surprised, just blown away, by how smart Russel really is and I really must write a transcript of this video one day. He’s not a christian but he’s on point.

I think there isn’t really much to say or maybe there’s so many things that are wrong with this church/cult, that it makes me tired. I can’t be bothered to argue against nonsense. I’ll leave you with this: the command to love God with all your heart, mind and body, is impossible to obey. Just like with all the commandments in the bible, they’re all to show us what God can do that humans can’t. It’s all meant to point us to Jesus, the only one who can do all these things. So, don’t use the bible as an instructions manual on how to live your life. Use it as a book that can draw you closer to a relationship with God.