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Barrabus: a new perspective on my life

Last night, I went on Youtube and watched videos of reactions to people’s prison sentences. I watched people’s reactions to having a life sentence or being on death row. This isn’t what I usually watch but for some reason, I was drawn to this. As I learned about their crimes, the judgement and their reactions, something stirred inside me. On one hand, I felt anger, hatred and a sense of righteousness. After all, they deserved what they got. I felt angry because they could cry over their own life, but they obviously didn’t hold their victim’s life with the same value..

But as I watched someone, who was told he faced death row, something whispered in my ear; “Jesus died for you.” It was bizarre and heartfelt at the same time. These murderers; who laughed when the judge read out his crimes, who were angry at their sentence as if they did not deserve to die, who looked back once more at the camera before being led away by the police; these were the people Jesus had laid his life for even though they did not deserve it.  

Deserve. That word came up many times in my mind, in the judges’ mouths and in the comments below. These monsters deserved what they got. They didn’t deserve to live. They didn’t deserve to ever be let out of prison. Deserve.

But don’t we all deserve this punishment?

Jesus came to this earth to save sinners through his death and resurrection. We are all sinners. No matter how many good acts we perform, no matter how clean our record may be, but in the eyes of God, we are sinners, we fall short of his righteousness. Since the punishment for sin is death, we deserve to die.

It was hard to get my head around that these murderers and I both deserved to die but this was the revelation I had while I watched these videos.

What was even more incredible, was that for the first time, I gave thought to the murderer who was let go by Pilate and at the request of the Jews. I had never cared much about this detail but suddenly, it was significant to my life. Jesus took the place of Barrabas and died in his place. He did the same for you and me.

If I wasn’t already convicted of self righteousness, God gave me another verse. It was when Jesus gave his sermon on a mountain and explained the ten commandments in more depths, so that the Jews would learn that the law was impossible to follow by their own will or might.

Jesus told them that anger, in the eyes of God, is the same as murder. Just like how murder is subject to judgement, so too is being angry with someone. We must go so far as to hold our tongues from calling someone stupid or a fool (Mathew 5:21-26, NIV).

The ones who, by human law, are good citizens, and the ones who, by the same law, are in jail or on death row, are all sinners in God’s eyes. Jesus died for the whole world, not for the people who deserved everlasting life. In fact, none of us falls in that category.

We fall short of God’s holiness, righteousness, and standards. We can not hope to obey the law if we do not find grace in Jesus.

After watching these videos, I watched a lighter video-a cat in a shark costume on a roomba, chasing a duck-because I didn’t want to go to sleep with these dark thoughts. But after this, I prayed a heartfelt prayer to God. I thanked God that, exactly like Barrabas, Jesus took my place at the cross and he died for my sins, so that I may be forgiven. For it is only by God’s grace that I can be righteous in His eyes.

In my weakness

Lord, I am so useless. I’m not good at anything.

I thought I was a helpful person but I only make things worse.

Turn my idle hands into usefulness for your glory and movement.

But I have no skills, gifts or experiences.

I am useless.

I can’t do anything.

And yet, here I am, called by You to do greater than what I alone could achieve.

Because you see me differently than others.

You see what I could do, not based on my merits and strengths,

but based on YOUR goodness, YOUR merits,

YOUR faithfulness and OUR relationship.

It is based on your hopeful and prosperous plans for my future.

Thank you,

for the greatest gift I have is being your daughter.

Thank you,

for in you, I am capable.

For in you,

I find my strength,

It is the strength that carries me over the waters,

and what I once couldn’t do, I can do because You give me success in everything.



Psalm: Where I fall short

This psalm is more of an afternoon prayer but I think you can use this in the morning as well.



I don’t always pray every night,

I don’t always pray everyday

worse still,

I didn’t go to church today

I can’t wield the bible like a sword,

I even fall short of my own expectations of how a christian should act,

and what a teacher should be like,


I rejoice in the Lord,

you made me as I am

no mistakes in your precious handiwork

You love me regardless of what I can and can’t do,

and it is because of the solus of your love,

I can love you back.



You are my lord forever,


You are my king who reigns,




Hallelujah and Amen.



This prayer is short but a little wordy. I would say that it could still be used in the morning, maybe in the later morning or while showering. That is, unless you’re one of those people who are actually awake as soon as your eyes open.

Another thing to note is that this is a personal psalm, hence why there are things that might not relate to you. For example, “What a teacher should look like”, comes from my failures as a leader over children. I noticed that I was controlling and cold. I wasn’t the warm, laid back teacher I thought I was. Instead, I wanted everything perfect and I was greatly disappointed when it didn’t work out like that.

So feel free to customise this psalm if you’re using this as a prayer. What are times when you’ve fallen short of your own expectations?

Something to take away from this psalm, know that when you let yourself down, God still loves you no matter what. Because God loves you (and it is in his love ALONE), that is why we can love him back. He is the reason why we can forgive others and ourselves.

I got inspiration for the second stanza from two scriptures; (paraphrase)

Ephesians 2:10-We are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do Good Works.

Philippians 4:4- Always rejoice because of God.

Have a blessed day 🙂

Psalm for the morning

This is a psalm to be said in the morning before the start of the day.

A morning prayer:

Thank you God for this day. Thank you for all you’ve given me.

Bless my friends and family. Help me throughout the day.

In Jesus name,


Back story:

I think praying in the morning is important but it can be really hard because we’re still asleep. So this is a psalm and a short prayer that I made to be said in the morning before the start of each day. I wrote something simple but still meaningful. I know this is a short post but I hope this psalm/prayer will help you in praying in the morning, or at times when you need to pray but are really tired for a long one.

Note: If I make a bunch of psalms and put them all in a book, I’d call it, “Psalms for the season.”

Have a blessed day.


The five love languages

I recently took part in a quiz. You may have heard of “The five love languages. These love languages are:

  1. Word of affirmation-you like it when people compliment you or when they notice that you cut your hair or did something good
  2. Physical touch-you like hugs and high fives. You may also like dancing or you may squeeze someone’s arm when you get excited.
  3. Acts of service: You like it when people help you with homework, the dishes, mowing the lawn and/or babysitting.
  4. Receiving gifts-This is an expression of love. Of course, make the gift meaningful.
  5. Quality time-spending time with one another with no cell phones, no tv and no other distractions.

My number on love language is Quality Time. Maybe this is why I blog-because I get to share my feelings and opinions without anyone interrupting me or telling me that I’m wrong.

My second love language is acts of service which is closely followed by receiving gifts. I love receiving gifts and it’s especially meaningful to me when the person thought about what to give me. For example, although vouchers can be handy, I prefer it when people actually buy me a product, and not let me choose in the form of a card. My last love language that apparently “doesn’t mean anything to me” is physical touch.

I do recommend everyone takes this quiz to learn more about yourself and others. But I also warn you to not take everything it says as the truth for you. They’re generalisations that may not actually be true for you. For example, I do like physical touch when:

  1. It’s from someone whose love language is physical touch
  2. If I need a massage and that person is good at it
  3. If we haven’t seen each other for a long time- in this case, I don’t hold back on giving bear hugs.

This is the link to the website and quiz. Try it out now and share with me your results.





Happy Birthday poem

To those of you who were born on this day,

a merry happy birthday to you.

May all your wishes come true

Be filled with happiness and

joy, peace, love.


Happy, happy, happy birthday to you,

the Lord bless you, prosper you,

Happy birthday to you

and Happy Birthday to me too!