Scar and cuts

The girl of seven years
Has a faint line on her pinkie,
A scar of when she was three, cutting herself on a piece of sharp plastic, because she was too busy to see what she was touching. Sometimes, it still hurts.

People laugh at her,
They call her ugly,
They say she was born with a deficit.

A boy of sixteen, who has grown up big, tall and strong, but has an education equivalent to a nine year old. It huts his head when he does maths, It hurts his self esteem when he sits on the mat with the kids seven years younger than himself.

People laugh at him,
They tsk and make him feel ashamed,
They say he’s stupid and slow,
He’ll never amount to anything.

These children with their scars and hunger to learn,
Though poor and disadvantaged,
Thought they did not have the best start to life,
Though some scars do not heal,
It’s okay because everyday, the scars are a constant reminder, a loud trumpet, with shouts and singing:

They will live.
They will live
They will live.


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Dedicated to:

To the child refugees of South Sudan
To all refugees
To my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

Five ways to show mothers gratitude

Mother’s day is when we show gratitude towards the women in our lives. It isn’t being thankful but it’s about reciprocating the love and care that they have shown towards us. We shouldn’t show gratitude for our mothers only on Mother’s day but everyday.

Show your gratitude for your mother or woman figure in your life, every day, a random day, more than once a year.

Gratitude is having a Grateful attitude. How can you show gratitude towards your mum?

That being said, here’s a list of five things to do to show gratitude towards the women in our lives:

1. Kisses and hugs-

Women love affection and there’s nothing that say gratitude than not feeling ashamed of showing this affection in public. Although you don’t have to be outside to kiss your mother on her cheek.

2. Words of affection

  1. “I love you”. Look your mother in the eye and say, “I love you”. Mean it. Trust me when I say, you don’t say it enough times. If you don’t live with your mum, then text her regularly and message her that you love her. It is a heartfelt gesture.

3. Notice what she does and compliment her

Compliment on something your mother does that you normally take for granted-Some examples: Wow, my shirt is without any crinkles. That was such a good dinner, lots of good taste and love in this dish. The floor is clean. etc. Perhaps even better than this is to do these chores without waiting for mum to tell you or telling your mum. Just do it and surprise her. Surprise visits to home are also good. In a world where everyone is busy and a lot are living paycheck to paycheck, it’s important to make time for the people who matters. Afterall, no one has ever regretted about missing work but perhaps they felt that they didn’t spend enough time with their grandkids…

4. Show you care by your actions, not your words.

  1. Show that you care about what she cares about and what she does for you. It’s easy to be ungrateful about things we take for granted. To show we don’t take things like an ironed shirt for granted, actually care. Fold or hang your clothes properly. Go out of your way to keep the carpet clean and if you make or see a mess, then clean it up. This is similar to doing chores without being asked but really, we should be cleaning up after oursevles in any house or place.

5. Take a picture and it’ll last long. Take a picture, print it out, put it in a photo albulm, it’ll last even longer.

  1. Photos-pictures contains long lasting memories of the good and the bad. Capture these moments with your mother, with your friends and families. Your mother will treasure these photos for a long time to come. For me personally, my mum’s sent a lot of pictures and videos of her grandchildren. Even though she treasures these pictures and videos, they take up a lot of space on her phone. Plus, her phone for some reason doesn’t have Google and we know how hard it can be when our devices aren’t connected to Chrome. It can be convenient to put the videos on DVD and photos into albums. I’ve only done the latter once, but you know? It’s worth it.

Note: Mother: A person who takes cares of you, who looks after you. A woman figure in your life who leads by example.

What to do now:

  1. Tell your mother you love her
  2. give her lots of bear hugs
  3. Clean up after yourself and the house without being asked
  4. Compliment and acknowledge her hard work
  5. Take pictures and videos and turn them into hard copies so that she can have space on her phone for more pictures and videos.

You turn:

Do you agree with anything on the list? Do you have anything to add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.





Bad Dream

I had a bad dream,
I dreamed my family’s killed
Everyone I knew and loved, gone

They came for me
Bullet hits my skin
And I was gone too.

Most nights,  I wake up sweating,
And I have to cry
Because I’m alive
But my family is not.

My inspiration for this poem: Children had to flee from Sudan into Uganda and some children escaped without their parents. I don’t know if there are still children yet to escape war-ridden Sudan but I can imagine that the children in Uganda would have nightmare. No child should ever out live their parents.

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What shows your true character?

A boy tells the bus driver he’s going to kill himself today before leaving the bus. A four-year-old go unsupervised to the swimming pool and drowns. A seven-year-old boy is on a sled, on top of a grassy hill, directly aimed at the fence instead of the tires (the safe spot).

What do you do? If we were to do nothing to intervene and something bad happened, would it be your fault?

What does your inactivity show about your true character?

This is one dilemma I’ve been facing for a few weeks. Because I’ve ever experienced times when I was unaware that my character and my morals were being tested. I was unaware that I play any significant part in the lives of other people.

Sometimes, I still experience times when I’m unaware and oftentimes, it’s too late to catch myself before something bad happens.

The truth is, I feel bad, even guilty that these things happened on my watch. Let’s be a bit specific and zone into one example: The seven-year-old boy in a sled on top of a grassy hill. He clearly was not aiming for the tires where he’d be safe. As a result of his stupidity and also mine, he hit the fence, resulting in a deep gash on his eyebrow.

I know what any good-hearted adult might be thinking; You should feel guilty. You shouldn’t be anywhere near kids if you’re not going to supervise them.

But does this incident truly show my true character? I’d like to think that I’m kind, caring and actually good with kids. This incident doesn’t exactly show my ideal values and character traits.

Am I, therefore, someone who shouldn’t be anywhere near kids? Am I heartless to have not stopped the kid before he had gained momentum on the sled?

Is it my imagination, or did I really just watch what happened while rubbing my hands together in evil glee? Like I wanted to see what would happen. Like I wanted him hurt so that he’d learn the lesson. I mean, that’s worse than tough love. That’s just cruel. Right?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m moping. Maybe if I were a more experienced leader I’d had known without a doubt what to do regardless of my own life. I say that because frankly running down the steep hill means facing a whole heap of fears, heights being one of them.

Or maybe I should’ve known. Deep down, I knew and I could’ve prevented the disaster that followed.

This then makes me think of spectator bullies and why they exist.

Spectator bullies are people who know that a person is a victim of bullying but they don’t do anything about it. This is usually out of fear of becoming a victim themselves but it can also be to do with, stubbornness, laziness, and not caring about someone who’s not in their inner circle of friends.

Maybe the reason why I didn’t help the boy wasn’t that I wanted to see him hurt and get stitches. But maybe it was because of my own fears and insecurities. Even though I value kindness and helping others, when it came down to these values being tested, my doubts and fears inhibited me and stopped me from what I believed would be a futile cause. After all, it’s not like the boy would’ve listened to me, right? I guess I’ll never know.

I think for this one, even though it was a horrific experience, I need to forgive myself. But for next time, I need to be more secure in myself and my abilities to lead so that I can better supervise and in turn, keep the children that are in my care, safe and happy.

You turn:

I think I might start doing more “your turn” things. I’d like you to reflect on this post and on your own life. Have there ever been times when you were a spectator bully or even just a spectator when you should’ve taken the main role? A time when what you did or didn’t do, did not align with who you really are or at least, who you want to be?








4,200 religions in the world

There is an estimate of 4,200 religions in the world. I know this because I googled, “How many religions in the world” and this was what had turned up. The question is, why do I choose Christianity? how can I say that this religion out of 4,200 religions is the ‘correct’ one? This is a hard and difficult question to answer. But it’s one I’m willing to try to answer, even if I only touch the tip of the iceberg.

Out of 4,200 religions in the world, how can I say that the God I believe in is the true God?

I don’t like writing posts with a lot of words. I wonder if anyone’s noticed. Anyways, I’ll try and keep this short yet informative.

  1. Every single religion in the world is a religion. My religion is a relationship with the creator of the universe.
  2. Not every religion actually helps people grow and be better people. But Jesus changes lives. He helps us develop love, faith, and hope in ourselves and we then share this with other people.
  3. Most religions are built on fear but my foundation is Jesus. I say, ‘most religions’ because I don’t know what every religion is like. But I can say from the ones I do know, fear is a great motivator. God does want us to fear him, but this fear is not the same as being scared. “Fear”, in this sense, means to ‘worship’. Truly, God is worthy to be worshipped.
  4. In most religions, you can see the God/idol, but for what I believe in, I can’t see him with my physical eyes. I see by faith and not by sight.
  5. And finally, the icing on the cake: God is all about love and grace. No other God gives mercy. Only the true God is able to say, “Neither do I condemn you” without condoning our actions either.

Your turn

I don’t normally do this. In fact, as much as I’d love to chat, this just feels weird to speak directly to you. But as this post is quite provocative and I’ve only scratched the surface, I’d like to know what your thoughts are. Perhaps you have other things to add to the list or things to expand. Perhaps you’re not a Christians and in that case, have something entirely to offer. Feel free to write a comment down below. If it’s too provocative, then of course, please feel free to be silent.




Myths on Christianity debunked Part one

Hi everyone. This post is a little bit provocative, just warning you in advance. Also, please note before reading this post that I don’t have all the answers so you may not be completely satisfied with the title “debunked” and what’s actually in this post. Before I begin listing myths on Christianity, here’s something everyone should know:

People who become atheists, or for that matter, Buddhists, Muslims etc. were never true Christians, to begin with. (Tweet this with caution).

A true Christian is a person who has a relationship with God. You CANNOT have a relationship with God and then one day, POOF, God doesn’t exist or has ever existed. Therefore, this relationship you had with him, never existed. It was all your imagination.

No, it doesn’t work that way.

Here are a few myths that I will debunk:

  1. You need to tell people about Jesus otherwise they’ll go to hell

So many people fear hell and death. They do things because of this fear. In fact, they’re manipulated because of this fear. But telling your loved one what to believe because you fear for their lives, is not a good reason to tell them about Jesus. Jesus conquered death. He defeated the only weapon that Satan had at his disposal. We don’t need to fear death anymore. We certainly don’t need to fear hell. Even though when we believe in Jesus, we receive salvation and eternal life, but being a Christian is so much more than living forever. It’s about love, hope, joy and having a relationship with God.

2. If you’re a Christian, you have to be anti-gay

Okay, I admit some Christians are a little old school in their thinking. There’s no way to persuade them or any one person that being gay is okay and not a sin. For me, I don’t know if it’s a sin or not. It’s not that clear-cut. But I don’t think it’s something God would hold against anyone.

This means that because we don’t know whether or not being gay is a sin- it’s not as crystal clear as we know that killing another person is wrong- homosexuals can come to God as themselves and He will accept them.

Again, this issue largely connects with the first myth. So many people hate God and the idea of God because they know that if He was real, then they’d go to hell. There are too many rules and restrictions. There’s no breathing space. That’s far from the truth.

On one hand, the decision to follow Jesus is a matter of choosing life or death. But on the other hand, it’s not about hell or heaven.

So many people ask “I’m a ___, does that mean I’ll go to hell?”

Get that out of your mind! As far as I’m concerned, Jesus defeated hell. He went to hell so that we wouldn’t have to.

To debunk this myth, no. A big “NO!”. You don’t have to be against gays in order to be a Christian. You can even be gay and still be a Christian. It may not be easy but here’s another thing for you to think about:

Don’t leave your relationship with God because of society (Tweet this.)

There are going to be some Christians who are absolutely horrible people. Likewise, there will be plenty of atheists, Muslims and Buddhists who are so kind and caring. Even though God made us to be social creatures, but never ever let how someone behaves to dictate your relationship with God.

For example, say you’re a Christian but you have a gay friend. You have nothing wrong with homosexuality. However, everyone around you, you see fellow Christians who are against gays. That means they’re against your friend. Sure, that would sting, hurt, maybe even be frustrating. But regardless of their actions and beliefs, God is a constant. Don’t leave him because of other people. You’re not cherry picking or selecting bits of the bible that sounds good to you and ignoring other things just because you’re not anti-gay. Being sheep means being God’s people. It doesn’t mean following each other because of peer pressure.

The question I always ask when I see or hear or experience something that doesn’t sit right with me:

Is this enough to make me turn away from my relationship with God forever? (Tweet this)

The answer is always, “no”. This is no matter how much wrongdoing there is in the world or how “out of faith” I feel.

3. In the book, “Leviticus”, it says to put homosexuals to death. The bible also condones rape, murder, and slavery. Therefore, morality does not come from this book.


The only thing I will say right now is a lot of people who read the bible are not trained enough to do so. I’ve said in a previous post that “bible interprets bible”. Another truth is, “Context is key.”

That’s all I’m going to say on that. Anybody wants to debunk this further, feel free.

Oh, I will say one thing: The cost of sin (doing bad things) is death.

That’s what “Condemn” means.

‘Condone’ means to ‘sweep our wrongdoings under a rug’.

Does this look like ‘condone’ to you?

No, I didn’t think so. BOOYAH!

That’s all the time we have for this post. It’s very long compared to my other ones. That’s probably because one thing that I’m passionate about is the issue of Christians becoming non-christians way too easily. It’s a great sadness. On the other hand, it gives me something to talk about. Something that I believe is worth sharing and talking about.









My revelation on Jeremiah 29:11-whoop!

There’s a well-known verse in the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11

Here is the verse in the form of a song so that it gets annoyingly stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

For years, YEARS, I’ve wondered what God’s plans were. It’s one thing to have plans, but you know, tell me what they are. How can I live out his plans, which are full of good things like hope and prosperity, if he doesn’t tell me? I mean, okay, truth be told, I don’t stick to plans. Sometimes, I don’t even listen to myself which can be super annoying and not to mention inconvenient. It bothered me for a while. In fact, I remember when a friend of mine quoted this verse, saying it was her favorite. she looked so happy, peaceful. In my head, I was screaming, “but what is the plan?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, be frustrated no more. For I have had a revelation on this verse. You see, prosperity is a synonym for success. In the old testament, we see the phrase, “God gave __ success” quite a number of times. To name a few, He gave success to Joseph, Samuel, and David.

Do you know what this means? This is really significant! Because Sucess is given by God, handed to us on a silver platter.

Sucess is given by God. When the spiritual battle has been won, the win in the physical battle is a given. (Tweet this)

That’s God’s plans for us. He gave David success in all of his battles. He gave Joseph success even as a slave. He gave Samuel success in leading the people as their judge. He gives us success because that’s his plan for us.

He also gives us hope…I’ll talk about this in another post. Stay tuned.

I’m feeling so happy on this revelation. I think I’m happy about this because I’m currently an undergraduate student studying to become a primary teacher. I need all the success I can get. So if my success comes from God and he’s willing to give success to me, I’m all good with that.



Spoken word: Easter

Easter is more than a public holiday, more than chocolates and hot cross buns. Easter is more than a weekend or a one-day celebration. Easter is about something so special, magical and wonderful.

It is about our Lord and savior who lived, died and rose back to life for us.

Now you might be thinking, why would anyone need the motivation to rise back to life? If I died and had the chance to not be dead, I would gladly take it. I don’t need to live for anyone other than myself.

Yet the resurrection of Jesus Christ was for us. He was raised back to life for our forgiveness, our justification, our redemption.

Isn’t that wonderful?

I don’t talk about this much in the video because it’s a “back to basics” video on Easter and it’s also because I have the video making skills of a 6-year-old. This means in terms of content, simple is the key. Regardless or perhaps because of its simple nature, he content is a treasure. I was excited when I had this idea of “Show me” and I hope you do too.

Now I know watching videos aren’t for everyone but I don’t want to give any spoilers for the video. I’ll end my written message here. As for the video… Watch it, don’t watch it. Up to you. Happy Easter.


Where am I at?

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. I’ve been thinking about it while I’ve been away at camp and before I left for Raglan. It’s a little bit hard to write this post but I’ll try my best to write a good one.

There are six thinking hats according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Facts, knowledge, data. What you know.

I know that…

I’m happy to be back in my own bed

I like sleeping in sleeping bags. I like the material.

Friends are important. The most important friend I have is the one inside of me; Jesus, but I’m really grateful for my other human friends too.

I miss my brother. I don’t get along well with him but I miss him.

I have assignments and things due soon after my break ends. Need to get onto it.



I am…

unsure-will I continue with my blog? Will I keep writing blog posts? Is it worth it?

Happy-just to be home

sad-that I’m not at camp

Glad-that camp was BEAST

Nervous and excited-for tomorrow because I’m volunteering at Stardome which means more kids. Yay…. Fun.





Camp Raglan 2018


This week was the first week of my mid semester break. I went to a children’s christian camp as a leader. I had a lot of fun with the activities, was pretty good with my aim on the air riffles, and I loved the children. This is a video that one of the staff leaders from CBM made:

I don’t usually do this…but please like and suscribe! thanks!

Have a blessed day.