Mahi Tahi: Relational approaches to learning

This is an introduction to Mahi Tahi, one of the course papers that I’m studying. I wanted to write this post and subsequent posts on this subject because Mahi Tahi is one of the few subjects that I have to take and that interests me. The other two is Maths and English, so you know how that is.

Mahi Tahi is all about helping students learn and disciplining them in a relational and positive way, rather than using anger or sarcasm. I’ve seen really poor classroom management in the class, mostly by teachers who said that they don’t have a classroom management plan. Shocker! I know. And completely not practical for me.

For me, (and I’m sure I got this off a book somewhere), classroom management and learning are interconnected. You can’t teach without addressing behaviour issues. This supports research that says the first step towards learning anything, is “reach and teach”. The “reach” part is about relationships between student and student, student and teacher , and relationship with ourselves. In order to teach students and gain their attention for learning to happen, we must first meet their needs one of them being the need to belong in a group. This can happen through good relationships. It makes sense that if students like the people they have to be with everyday, and can work well with people who may not be in their ‘group’, then students are more likely to give teachers their attention and in turn, learn a thing or two.

This is just an introduction so I hope it wasn’t too much information crammed into a post. I told you, it’s interesting, and I hope it is the same for you as well.

I will be writing more Mahi Tahi posts so be on the lookout for that.

Brainwashed by the Westboro Baptist Church Part 1/2

I want to talk about a particular family who joined the Westbaro Baptist Church. It is the Drain family. One week ago, I wrote a post on a woman who left that cult after seven years and her name was Lauren Drain. Yes, this is in fact, about the story of her family and how they came to WBC in Topeka.

It all started when Steve Drain went to Topeka to create a documentary that he called, “Hatemongers”. His intention was rational, a reason that most people who support and rally for. He wanted to make a documentary on WBC that would expose them for what they were.-Snake oil sales men.


To go from his original intentions, to where he is now and what he’s doing now, is a scary thing and it makes me think twice about entering WBC. By the way, the only reason why I would enter that church would be to write a documentary on the hate mongers. Although, I don’t think they need a book made about them.

WBC is a primitive church meaning it follows the way of what the christian church was like in the old days. This is ‘old days’ as in when the LGBT could not marry and homosexuals were thrown in jail or even put to death.


I’m going to say it again-

WBC breaks apart families, not just their own but other families that comes in their cult.

This is one reason why I’m speaking out against WBC and all of their man-made views on everyone. I don’t know how a civil rights lawyer could start a hate cult this big and influential.

A bit of context:

Fred Phelps used to be a good guy once upon a time

He was a civil rights lawyer who fought for African-Americans who claims discrimination in the school or anywhere else. No white lawyer would defend them, so that’s what Fred Phelps did. This is one example of it being okay to go against the grain or the norm, and fight for what you believe.

Then Fred committed perjury and lost his licence. What a shocker that he carries anger towards everyone. But despite the good that he had done in the past, it isn’t enough to condone his present acts now.

And going against the grain this time, will not work in his favour. I was going to write a post on part two of Vice’s documentary, but I’ve decided you can search for the video yourself on youtube. Because I think I’ve said enough.-at least for now. But this isn’t over because as long as there are people like Fred Phelps, who do and say things in the name of the God whom I worship and believe in, I will keep speaking up and I will keep writing about it so that the world may know that this is not okay and I will not sweep this under the rug.




In my weakness

Lord, I am so useless. I’m not good at anything.

I thought I was a helpful person but I only make things worse.

Turn my idle hands into usefulness for your glory and movement.

But I have no skills, gifts or experiences.

I am useless.

I can’t do anything.

And yet, here I am, called by You to do greater than what I alone could achieve.

Because you see me differently than others.

You see what I could do, not based on my merits and strengths,

but based on YOUR goodness, YOUR merits,

YOUR faithfulness and OUR relationship.

It is based on your hopeful and prosperous plans for my future.

Thank you,

for the greatest gift I have is being your daughter.

Thank you,

for in you, I am capable.

For in you,

I find my strength,

It is the strength that carries me over the waters,

and what I once couldn’t do, I can do because You give me success in everything.



Psalm for the morning

This is a psalm to be said in the morning before the start of the day.

A morning prayer:

Thank you God for this day. Thank you for all you’ve given me.

Bless my friends and family. Help me throughout the day.

In Jesus name,


Back story:

I think praying in the morning is important but it can be really hard because we’re still asleep. So this is a psalm and a short prayer that I made to be said in the morning before the start of each day. I wrote something simple but still meaningful. I know this is a short post but I hope this psalm/prayer will help you in praying in the morning, or at times when you need to pray but are really tired for a long one.

Note: If I make a bunch of psalms and put them all in a book, I’d call it, “Psalms for the season.”

Have a blessed day.


What if I never got paid to write?

This is a scary question for me as I come to a time (and age) where money and budgeting is something I have to think about. I know that money is important and crucial in order to survive in this world. But I love writing. That is my passion and even when I hate it, I don’t hate it. Writing is my lifestyle. It is a choice and also not a choice.

But I also need to pay the bills. (in the future). I still need money to live, survive, thrive. What if writing never got me to where I want to go? What if there was absolutely no financial gain from writing stories? Even worse than that possibility is, what if no one reads my writing? I don’t become the next J.K. Rowling, I don’t write stories that struggled in the process but eventually thrived like Matilda. I become like Vincent Van Gogh, the worst artist in the world. Or worse-I don’t even become famous after my death.

Vincent Van Gogh lived in the mid to late 1800’s. He was an artist before his time and greatly under appreciated. He certainly didn’t paint for the money. And while there are good benefits for working without the need to impress an audience, it was also lonely. He was misunderstood and eventually was driven to suicide.

The truth is, I’m scared that I’ll never be good enough to make it, to gain the reader audience, to say something worth reading about. And the lack of any social-ness will lead me to quit writing altogether, give up on my dreams and aspirations. And yet…

And yet even as I write these depressing thoughts on the screen, I have this feeling inside me that my story isn’t going to play out like that. You see, even though I lack ambition and confidence, I have other qualities. I am, for lack of a better word, stubborn in my ways. I’ve already learned from my first-hand experience that the biggest obstacle in my way is myself.

Van Gogh’s biggest obstacle wasn’t his “weird” paintings and it wasn’t his loneliness. It was because when he did start to get recognized, he hated it. He suddenly had an audience waiting for his next painting and he couldn’t handle the pressure. It was genuinely never about the money.

But the thing is, in this world, in these times, whatever I do have to benefit me in some way.

I think even if I don’t become very famous or very rich, whatever I do, it will support me and my living. But writing will always be so much more than a paycheck. Writing is my lifestyle. It is a choice and not a choice.

“Your turn”

In this post, I’ve expressed my worries and doubts about becoming a recognised and published writer. But does earning money truly equal success? Is there possibly something else even greater than money that makes the world go round? Okay, now that I’ve stirred something inside you, here are a few questions for you.

Do you understand what the message I’m conveying or am I rambling? Am I the only one here or is there anyone here that feels the same way?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me.





Some people have a home without a house,
They’re poor but happy,
They have much but they’re content,
They don’t eat out often,
But they never go to bed hungry,
They’re looked down on by society but they have family.
I wished my life could be like and yet,

I have a house to call home,
But I’m not always happy,
I have a lot of things
But I’m never satisfied,
I eat a lot,
But sometimes I’m still hungry for more.

Why is my life different from theirs? Is it even possible to always be happy?
Or maybe those people talking and laughing together,
The ones who don’t have a mortgage because they are unemployed,
Have something more than happiness,
Something better than happiness,
Perhaps they have peace,

Yes, I think that’s what it is,
and day by day,
Slowly, like the turtle who once raced against a hare,
I discover
that I have these things too.


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Bad Dream

I had a bad dream,
I dreamed my family’s killed
Everyone I knew and loved, gone

They came for me
Bullet hits my skin
And I was gone too.

Most nights,  I wake up sweating,
And I have to cry
Because I’m alive
But my family is not.

My inspiration for this poem: Children had to flee from Sudan into Uganda and some children escaped without their parents. I don’t know if there are still children yet to escape war-ridden Sudan but I can imagine that the children in Uganda would have nightmare. No child should ever out live their parents.

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