The biblical story

I have created a song that I hope to post on here, both the lyrics and a video. Fingers cross, I get brave volunteers for this. But before the song comes the story.

Rewind: I am in my first year doing bachelor of teaching and one of my subjects is Biblical Theology.

So here is the biblical story:

What do you think about when you think of the ‘bible’?

Here are a few that comes to my mind:


surprisingly interesting at times

66 books

written by many authors all of whom were inspired by God

God as the author of all the human authors behind the bible

But what if I told you that instead of 66 books, it was one book, and instead of many authors, it was just one author?

Biblical theology is seeing the bible as one story. This is a long story. Another word for a long story is a meta-narrative.

A long story

Imagine the bible, as a drama, like a play. like a Shakespeare play; a bit hard to understand but not impossible to comprehend. And it rhymes so you know it’s true.

There are six acts in this play:

Act one:

God is the creator of the universe. The earth is his masterpiece and he is the artist. Imagine that the earth, as beautiful as it is, only God’s footstool.

He also creates man and woman. They’re called Adam and Eve.

Now, I won’t go over this too in depth in this post but yes, God created the sun (a star) on one day and the stars (the ones you see at night) on another day. Get over it. Again, yes, God created the serpent/satan. He didn’t create satan originally as satan but as an archangel named Lucifer. Did God create evil? Well, everything God created was good. So no, God didn’t create evil. But if evil is synonymous to devil then guess what? The devil IS a created being and that is GOOD for us. More on that later and now, because of ‘saying’ a horrible word, I must say a ‘nice’ word in double the amount.

Love, love, love, Jesus, love, hope, God, love, love.

Ahh, I feel so much better.

Moving onto, act two:

The fall

Fall from grace, fall from our relationship with God. Also, the animals fell too. So all of creation fell with the humans. (wolves and sheep used to be able to lay side by side and one day, they will again).

Act three: Israel

This is a long act and then there’s an intermission in the play. *sips tea* *chats with a few aristocrats* *checks the time*

This act includes:

Noah, Abraham, Moses, David

I will go over this act in another post. Yes, this one has a separate post all to itself. Act three, I think, is actually what makes the old testament, not outdated or old but actually useful and ‘surprisingly interesting’.

act four: I will also post two posts, one for act four and another for act five.

Act four is: our Redeemer is born, grows up, lives, dies, rises up from the grave, and then ascends into heaven.

Everything I said is true but I am aware I’m not doing Jesus or the story justice. Be patient. I have two hands because my feet can’t be used as hands, unlike a monkey.

Act five: The church

Spreading the Good News everywhere and to all corners of the world.  I’m not ashamed of the Gospel. The Good news is for the dead. You know, that kind of stuff.

Act six: New creation

I love this title because there’s a church in Singapore called New Creation Church (NCC). I love it so much. I gave my life to Jesus at this church. And I had said the Sinner’s prayer many times before and since, but that day in 2015, was the day when I said to myself, “no more apologising for my sins. After this prayer, I am a new creation. I live as “Ching Ern Yeh”, and I thank God every day after today, for forgiving me. I don’t ask for forgiveness again.”

And I meant it.

That is true grace.

Not cheap grace either.

But the story doesn’t end there. There’s a sixth and final act that is yet to come. Jesus, our king will return one day. When that day comes, God will ascend from heaven and live among his people. I’m so excited to be sharing what I know about biblical theology and the biblical story. One post won’t do it justice so watch this space for more posts on this.

Here’s a short video of Pastor Prince’s vision for this year (From NCC)




Drama of Scripture, 2014, Bartholomew and Goheen

Youtube-Joseph Prince


2014: A collection of poems

Prompt: Write a weird and crazy story that is at least semi-true

Poem one: The Pill

The doctors made me swallow a pill

“It’s good for you. It’s medicine. It’ll help you.”

That’s what they said. They made me swallow the pill. A birth control pill with lots of water. They know what he did.

But I didn’t believe them. Because I got knocked up. It was a birth control pill so I wouldn’t have a baby. I know because my tummy swelled and I had a ravenous appetite. And then my tummy stopped swelling. I know what he did.

Poem two: Suicide

I wrote a poem about suicide. Yes, about suicide.

All the psychiatrists took a long hard look at me.

“Is this a suicidal kid?” They asked each other.

At first, I smiled, then I was annoyed. didn’t they know that I’m a writer? Yes, I wrote about my feelings and those feelings were real. But feelings fleet like time.

Poem three: Boys

One day, I will get over him. I swear I will. but I’ve also got to realise that much like my dad’s death, this boy will always affect me. It’s up to me to choose whether I go down the wrong path and blame him, or because of him, I learn from my mistakes and maybe along the path to inner peace, help other people too.

Poem four: 

What’s the time of the day? What is the day of the week? What is the month of the year? What is the year? And are you sure? Really sure? 100% certain that whoever invented a way to tell the time, was correct? Why is it 10 O’clock here but 5 am somewhere else? How do we know? These are the questions that keep me awake, pacing the downstairs floor, waking everyone else up.

Poem five: Worst

This is the worst year of my life. Don’t tell me otherwise. I’m quite determined to make this the worst year of my life. So take away the internet from me, take away my love of reading fiction, take even my religion away so that I’m nothing but an empty shell that for whatever cruel reason, is still breathing.

Poem six: I did try to kill myself

I did try to kill myself. I really did. but painfully, slowly. I deprived and starved myself of love, laughter, happiness, and food. Looking back, sometimes I feel like the only reason why I didn’t just plunge a knife into my stomach was that I was afraid of blood and pain.


Did anything shock you?

Do you think any of this is real?

Do you think the narrator “I” person is mental/crazy/in need of medical attention?

Did anything challenge your thinking or perception of anything such as mental health or time etc. ?

What was your favorite and least favorite poem?

Write a poem yourself based on the prompt at the start of the post.




It’s almost half past six and I’m awake, red-eyed and yawning.-But awake. Why is that? I suppose it’s because I’ve got a lot on my mind. I can’t tell you how many times, I woke up in the night, sitting up straight in bed and talking to myself. I hope nobody heard me. Although I did whisper, never shouted, but I always feel like the walls are thin and you never know.

I think I have a lot on my mind because it’s Thursday-I have no classes today so it’s kind of a “do everything” sort of day. I have time. I could sleep or try to sleep some more but at the same time, I don’t want to wait for the sun to come up to start my day. And besides, I’ll take a nap in the late afternoon. I like naps.

I do apologize for the randomness of this post. I do want to keep a sort-of structure so that you can expect when I’ll be sending out posts. But then again, this is my comeback stage, so you really never know when it’ll happen.

So three things (of the many things), on my mind:

  1. When you’re trying to be quiet because everyone else is sleeping, man does sound become magnified. Every punch I make on the keyboard is so loud. A whisper becomes a shout. Doesn’t help that my stomach is growling.
  2. Look at the tags and you’ll things words like “hesed” and “blessed”. I will make a post about Hesed soon because it’s the word for this year. I have those kinds of tags in the hopes that God will give me success in all I do, including but not limited to blogging. Let’s hope blogging becomes a regular thing and not a phase.
  3. I used to not like demi’s newer songs but after watching that trailer of her movie (her life’s story), her newer songs move me. I think her newer songs show her vulnerability and a softer side to her. we all want to be loved and even celebrities can feel lonely and unwanted. So I’d like to share with you, “Tell me you love me” by Demi Lovato. This is the lyric version because I like to look at the lyrics.