Why did God make LGBT+ women?

I feel like I’m going to get backlash for this. Look, I don’t have any final or definite answers for you. But I’m bringing this question up because I realised that in my series “Why did God make women?” where I respond to a blog post with the exact same title from “Biblical Gender Roles” website, I was focusing on heterosexual women in marriage.

Both men and women were made to procreate, look after the earth and keep each other company. I’m going to talk about these three points and link them to LGBT+ women (particuarly homosexuals as to talk about the whole spectrum would require a lot more than one post).

We were made to procreate and fill the earth

A lot of christians believe that because God told Adam and Eve to have children, it means that this is the duty of everyone on earth. But this is not right. First on a practicle scale, there’s over 7 billion people in the world so I’d say we’re close to over filling the earth.

Second, not everyone can get pregnant and not everyone want children. Then there are the women who don’t identify as hetero at all. Surely if these women were in an intimate relationship, it would look a lot differently than in a hetero relationship. (Well, not that differently. I mean, the main reason to be with anyone for the rest of your life is to do with love, not making babies).

So while there are many of us who are excited to go down that life path of starting a family, some prefer no children, some will adopt and some will not get married. I mean, we’re so diverse, we can’t possibly say that this is the purpose of every women on the planet.

On another note, the fact that women can bring life into the world is a crazy, scary and amazing gift. So thanks to all you mothers out there who chose to bring life and/or raise a child.

We were made to look after the earth

I insist that yes, this reason still stands. More than ever before, we have reason to look after our earth. This is the only home we have and if we lose it, there’s no second earth to fall back on.

Let’s look after one another. Let’s look after our animals, our sea, our trees and overall, our planet.

We were made to keep men company

As soon as God created Eve, Adam and Eve married. Because of this, many christians believe that men and women need to keep each other company through and by marriage. But for you LGBT folks, this is most likely not the case. Or then again, maybe it is for some of you.

Let’s not be romantic for a second. We are lonely because there isn’t another species or race whom we can converse with like we do with each other. Parrots don’t count.

So yeah, how about we keep each other company? Again, not in a romantic way or through marriage, but just through being friends, being nice to each other. In this way, this really link back to the second reason, how we are to look after the earth.

In a romantic or “marriage” sense”, this is not always true and since the GMB have passed in many countries, it is even more not always true. So no, we weren’t made to marry men or keep them company. We can now be with whoever we want which is great.

But let’s keep each other company because if we don’t, then this earth won’t be big enough for everyone.

It is a compliment that God made us, the counter part to men, who are equals in everyway and side by side, we can join forces to make the world a better place for the next generation of humans.



SSA and the christian girl Ep 3.

As with the previous series, this will be my third and final episode in response to this article, “SSA and the Christian girl” by Girl Defined. I’ll be using the same video as last time but will cover more of the other articles that Girl Defined links to, mainly to a blog post from “desiring God” that explains to me more clearly the dangers and offense of the term “same-sex attraction”. Before I crack my knuckles and my neck muscles, please remember to hit that follow button, that like button, and leave a comment too. I’ll be sure to return the favor unless I genuinely don’t like your content because I shall not butt-kiss.

Nick Roen is saying that SSA is not a sin but is a temptation to sin. If we changed SSA to Homosexuality (which by the way, is what he’s doing), then we’re saying that Homosexuality itself is not a sin, but it is a temptation to sin.

Sexual identity of any kind is not a sin neither is it a temptation to sin. It’s an identity. It’s not a temptation. Being gay is not tempting someone else to “be gay”. Being gay is not a temptation to have sex with people outside marriage or to rape or any other sin. This is how disgusting the term SSA is and how offensive and dangerous the term is because it is used interchangeably with “Homosexuality”.

Please do keep in mind that sexual identity is something we’re born with, it’s not something we can change about ourselves. We can’t be homosexuals and then decide later that we’re heteros. But we can be homosexuals and then live under the dominant and more accepted sexuality which is being straight and being in a straight relationship. This is something that happens all the time.

I’m tired of talking. Is this how atheists feel? Oh, Jimmy, I’m so sorry that you have to put up with this sh**, even though it does give endless content.

I’m going to let this video carry across my message because, despite typing, my jaw is tired somehow.

I’m sorry that this blog post is really short. I just wanted to get this series over and done with. I’m not, by a longshot, finished with speaking up about LGBT and the poisonous beliefs of Christians, but I’m done with it for now. Damn. Good God.

Another article that Girl Defined links to and which may be interesting to you, because of all the lies and self-hatred that’s in there, is an article written by Christopher Asmus.

I just want to reiterate very strongly and clearly that being homosexual is NOT the same as SSA and sexual identity is not a temptation to sin. It can lead to sinning as in doing bad things with other people that you later regret, but that probably happens due to the restrictions from other people who tell you what you must and must not do, than from being homosexual.

There’s nothing to cure. I think if Christians didn’t believe that the purpose of marriage was to have sex and procreate, then actually, having the spectrum of sexual orientation that we have, would probably not be such a big deal. But because we’re “wired” to want sex, any sexual activity that isn’t between a man and a woman, is wrong. I don’t think it’s wrong to say that we’re wired towards this, although there are some people who are wired to not want sex at all, so sex isn’t for everyone. But really, I mean seriously, that kind of stuff is not other people’s business and frankly, it’s not the business of the bible either, who you want to f**K.

I’m sorry for swearing. I’m feeling a bit crude this year. Please forgive me and I’ll see if I can tone it down. I need more than four seconds, but this kid’s video is still a good reminder to calm down. No need to swear. Maybe. We’ll see.


Same sex attraction and the christian girl Ep 2.

What to do when you’re a Christian lesbian

I think my title is a lot shorter and to the point. It might even lead to a helpful article for lesbian Christians. Not that I’m in a position to give advice. This post is less a response and more an apology. Yes, it is time for yet another apology from me on behalf of Christians but NOT MORMONS. Mormons are their own thing.

I’m sorry, you confused LGBT teenagers

At around10:59 in Jimmy’s video, he points out how there are a lot of dead LGBT teenagers and most of them were conflicted between their sexual identity and orientation, and the religion that they grew up to believe in. He’s responding to a cherry that Girl Defined had picked. (Uh, talking about a bible verse), from 1 Cor 10:3. It’s about how God’s not going to give you anything you can’t handle.

I grew up with this verse and this belief that I won’t ever get any struggles or problems that I couldn’t handle with God. One ‘problem’ I had to handle growing up was not having a dad. He died when I was four. Funny how I remember how old I was when he died. I used to think that God thought I, a four-year-old, was strong because I could ‘handle’ the problem of not having a Dad. That’s some twisted thinking and again, really dangerous as well.

There are people who go through stuff including the death of a parent and also divorce to name another one, without having a relationship with God. Conversely, there are Christians who go to church, who went through divorce and had absolutely no support whatsoever.

What I’m saying is, you don’t need to know God, to be able to go through a tragedy and come out of it alive. Being a Christian and in a church might actually have the opposite effect since church people can be judgemental and “good-intentional” snakes. But maybe God helps and certainly, he helped me since the ‘struggle’ I had to deal with was about death. God certainly helps a little bit with that.

Moving onto my apology to the LGBT people-sorry. While I agree with Jimmy and can’t say that I’m in your shoes, it sucks. People suck and Christians suck and I genuinely hope that, whether or not you’ve been brought up religiously, that you find some sort of peace and self-acceptance with who you are and what you identify yourself to be.

You are special, you are unique, and it gets better.

Now, I know this is a huge jump from the above “it gets better” video, but this next video is to show you, and to everyone, that on some level, I do understand. -only because I’ve been suicidal before (which doesn’t really go away), and as someone who’s been bullied for not being talkative, or not being “alive” enough or even just for the colour of my hair, I want to say to you, that we’re special, unique and different and that’s okay, because we are who we are…You’ll understand after the video