Learning to ride a Bicylcle

Let me just put it out there right now: I can’t ride a bicycle. I never learned mainly because Asians don’t ride bicycles. Okay, that’s not fair to say. My Asian family doesn’t ride bicycles. I did ask at least once to my mum if I could buy a bike and learn. She said no, road kill.

Having said that, I recently got a “vision”, a very vivid image of me, a bike and God.

I gave my worries and fears, some specific others not so.

  1. worries about my assessments
  2. worries about the future
  3. despair
  4. hatred
  5. a broken heart and not being able to move on from a bad relationship

Each worry or problem made a part of the bike. The seat was Jesus. That never changed. One of the wheels was my worries and fears for my friend who was going through a bad break up.

Then, I gave these parts made of my problems to God. I saw all the different parts of the bike, labeled with my problems, go to the clouds. Because, of course, that’s where heaven is. He turned this into a bike.

I rode this bike with God walking beside me, holding onto the bike as well. As I rode along with him, my bike turned to gold and eventually all the parts of the bike were replaced with something good.

  1. God cares for you (from the verse, give all your worries to God, for he cares for you).
  2. love
  3. hope
  4. shalom (peace from God)
  5. hesed (wisdom of grace)

My old bike laid on the side of the pavement. God took it away to heaven. This means that all my worries, problems and fears were given to God. I don’t need to think about these things for one more moment of my life.

God let me go. I’m riding the bike by myself but he’s always behind me, watching me, ready to catch me if I fall and help me back onto the bike again.

I quite liked this ‘vision’ that I had and hope that this could help some of you out there who are struggling with doing everything on your own. I’m still struggling with this because of my essays and practicums. But  I have to constantly remind myself that I’m riding a bike.


Demi’s story

Maybe a few years from now, I’ll actually ‘buy’/subscribe to Youtube Red. Then again, maybe I’ll do the free trial and then watch this movie during that time. This is a trailer for the movie. It’s Demi Lovato’s story. She was on the brink of suicide. Did you know that? Honestly, I knew she did drugs and had a breakdown but I didn’t know she was suicidal. Maybe one day, she can make up with Selena, just saying. Hey, in my world, miracles happen.

Demi is authentic and that’s why people love her.

Poems on cooking


I bought noodles for two dollars. Had the noodles for my lunches and dinners.


I bought mushroom and lettuce. Lettuce in a salad bag. I cooked the lettuce last. Why did I cook the lettuce? My good friend made chicken soup. I poured most of the soup into my bowl to wash down the flavors.


I eat and feel nauseous. It’s because of many things, overeating, chicken powder instead of sauce, too much salt, and cooked lettuce. I’m not a rabbit. also, why do rabbits eat lettuce?


Sweet Hallelujah. I bought soy sauce. Cooked my last batch of noodles, bee hoon. Economic noodles. For students because it’s so cheap. For people on a budget. It was delicious. I was happy.