Happy Birthday poem

To those of you who were born on this day,

a merry happy birthday to you.

May all your wishes come true

Be filled with happiness and

joy, peace, love.


Happy, happy, happy birthday to you,

the Lord bless you, prosper you,

Happy birthday to you

and Happy Birthday to me too!




Social capital-what is it and how do we get it?

What is social capital?

Social capital is, “The network of relationships between people, who work and live together to create a functioning society.” (Definition from Google)

But what does this actually mean? I think examples will help us understand Social capital better.

Here are some ways to increase your social capital:

  • Start a youtube channel
  • quality time with people
  • Toast masters
  • increase participating in current groups/clubs
  • trust exercises
  • team building activities
  • being trustworthy and reliable
  • serving others with no hidden agenda or ‘counting’
  • solving problems together

Building social capital is more than just talking to people and it’s not only for extroverts. Social Capital is about making meaningful relationships with other people. You’re not friends with someone because of what they can do for you, but because you value them as a person and you genuinely care about their interests, worries and knowledge.

Let’s go a little bit deeper into each bullet point to better understand how we can build our social capital.

1. Start a youtube channel

This is something I’ve tried to do many times before but failed. I think I might’ve failed in the past because I didn’t have a set goal or focus in mind and because I didn’t work with other people. Being a youtuber means working with people, making sure that your content is good, meets the intended purpose and for the intended audience, and is something people would actually be interested in.

From experience, I’d say it’s easy to create a youtube account and to make the first few videos. But after the first few, without anyone viewing or commenting your videos, it can feel isolating-something that’s the opposite of what social capital is about.

So if you’re looking for a quick way to build social capital, being a youtuber is not one. You need to have patience, determination, a subject you’re passionate about, a team, and technical skills. But in terms of slowly building an audience, it’s a good one. Also keep in mind, that if you love making videos or if you have knowledge in a subject, it doesn’t hurt to make youtube videos just for the fun of it.

2. Quality time with people

This is probably the cheapest but trickiest way to build social capital. On one hand, it’s an obvious way, but on the other hand, having high quality time with others can be really challenging. Quality time does not mean eating together, watching tv, playing a game or watching a movie. Quality time tends to mean talking and not everyone likes that. For the introverts, this can be particularly difficult. But quality time, also means listening, not just talking or “waiting for your turn to speak”.

The reason why I say “Quality time TENDS to mean talking”, is because everyone’s idea of quality time is different. For me, I love playing games with my friends. Maybe I don’t get to know about their boyfriend, or a laptop that they recently bought, but I can laugh with them, share jokes and make memories that are meaningful to me. The best times in my childhood was when I played games with my friends.

3. Toast Masters

From what I know of Toast Masters, it’s not available everywhere and it’s not free either. However, for the people who have time and can afford this, I think it’s worth it. I haven’t attended this myself but it looks trustworthy, like somewhere to go to build on public speaking and confidence skills.

4. Increase participation in current groups/clubs

This is something I have to work on in the group that I’m in which is the RICE internship. I need to pick my work off the floor and carry it on my shoulders. I believe that people notice hard workers. But I wouldn’t participate more to be noticed or acknowledged. I want to work hard because I’m passionate about what I believe in and because I don’t want to let my team down.

5. Mathex group

Most of the bullet points (See above) can be under the same heading. I’ve named the heading Mathex group because Mathex is when you’re in groups and you need to work together for a common goal. Social capital is all about building trust in relationships with people. It is about working as a team and using all of your different strengths and knowledge together, to create something you couldn’t have created on your own and solve problems together.

6. Serving others with no hidden agenda or ‘counting’

My sister is very bad at this. She would do something nice for me and then later on, ask me to do something for her. If I don’t want to do it, she reminds me of what she did for me. It makes me feel ungrateful and resentful towards her. So a word of advice, if you’re going to be nice to someone, do it with a cheerful heart and out of love. Don’t count your good deeds. Good relationship is about doing things for each other spontaneously, not because we owe each other anything.

I hope that these six ways of building social capital has helped you to understand what social capital is and how we can build this in our lives.

When I write my post about why we need social capital, I’ll post it right, ‘here’.

But for now, good bye and let’s get social capital building!





What if I never got paid to write?

This is a scary question for me as I come to a time (and age) where money and budgeting is something I have to think about. I know that money is important and crucial in order to survive in this world. But I love writing. That is my passion and even when I hate it, I don’t hate it. Writing is my lifestyle. It is a choice and also not a choice.

But I also need to pay the bills. (in the future). I still need money to live, survive, thrive. What if writing never got me to where I want to go? What if there was absolutely no financial gain from writing stories? Even worse than that possibility is, what if no one reads my writing? I don’t become the next J.K. Rowling, I don’t write stories that struggled in the process but eventually thrived like Matilda. I become like Vincent Van Gogh, the worst artist in the world. Or worse-I don’t even become famous after my death.

Vincent Van Gogh lived in the mid to late 1800’s. He was an artist before his time and greatly under appreciated. He certainly didn’t paint for the money. And while there are good benefits for working without the need to impress an audience, it was also lonely. He was misunderstood and eventually was driven to suicide.

The truth is, I’m scared that I’ll never be good enough to make it, to gain the reader audience, to say something worth reading about. And the lack of any social-ness will lead me to quit writing altogether, give up on my dreams and aspirations. And yet…

And yet even as I write these depressing thoughts on the screen, I have this feeling inside me that my story isn’t going to play out like that. You see, even though I lack ambition and confidence, I have other qualities. I am, for lack of a better word, stubborn in my ways. I’ve already learned from my first-hand experience that the biggest obstacle in my way is myself.

Van Gogh’s biggest obstacle wasn’t his “weird” paintings and it wasn’t his loneliness. It was because when he did start to get recognized, he hated it. He suddenly had an audience waiting for his next painting and he couldn’t handle the pressure. It was genuinely never about the money.

But the thing is, in this world, in these times, whatever I do have to benefit me in some way.

I think even if I don’t become very famous or very rich, whatever I do, it will support me and my living. But writing will always be so much more than a paycheck. Writing is my lifestyle. It is a choice and not a choice.

“Your turn”

In this post, I’ve expressed my worries and doubts about becoming a recognised and published writer. But does earning money truly equal success? Is there possibly something else even greater than money that makes the world go round? Okay, now that I’ve stirred something inside you, here are a few questions for you.

Do you understand what the message I’m conveying or am I rambling? Am I the only one here or is there anyone here that feels the same way?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me.





I say hello
At the same time you say goodbye

I smile at you
At the same time you look away and hurry past me.

Its OK,
You don’t need to be afraid or feel guilty,
It’s OK,
If you have no money or don’t want to give,
I don’t want your money

Just a friend,
A smile is a treasure,
All the greatest treasures have no price
They’re for the poor, not the rich

Stay a little while longer,
Let’s forget about our problems,
And just pretend,
That the war has ended.

Thank you for your support over my book.

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Friends are fun but families are gold


Some people have a home without a house,
They’re poor but happy,
They have much but they’re content,
They don’t eat out often,
But they never go to bed hungry,
They’re looked down on by society but they have family.
I wished my life could be like and yet,

I have a house to call home,
But I’m not always happy,
I have a lot of things
But I’m never satisfied,
I eat a lot,
But sometimes I’m still hungry for more.

Why is my life different from theirs? Is it even possible to always be happy?
Or maybe those people talking and laughing together,
The ones who don’t have a mortgage because they are unemployed,
Have something more than happiness,
Something better than happiness,
Perhaps they have peace,

Yes, I think that’s what it is,
and day by day,
Slowly, like the turtle who once raced against a hare,
I discover
that I have these things too.


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Bad Dream

I had a bad dream,
I dreamed my family’s killed
Everyone I knew and loved, gone

They came for me
Bullet hits my skin
And I was gone too.

Most nights,  I wake up sweating,
And I have to cry
Because I’m alive
But my family is not.

My inspiration for this poem: Children had to flee from Sudan into Uganda and some children escaped without their parents. I don’t know if there are still children yet to escape war-ridden Sudan but I can imagine that the children in Uganda would have nightmare. No child should ever out live their parents.

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My 201st Post: Quality vs Quantity

Note: Sorry, this was supposed to be the 200th post but I miscalculated. Anyways, here you go.

Before I get into this post, I have a few things to say:

  • Thank you JESUS for giving me prosperity. I smile at every single read and every single vote that I get. I know that my success comes from GOD so I’d like to acknowledge and praise Him.
  • Thank you to YOU for your reads, votes and comments. It makes me feel super popular even when I only get one vote, but it also makes me feel less lonely.
  • Thank you so far for everyone’s support and love over my fundraising. I think it’s tough work fundraising for anything, even for a good cause. BECAUSE you’re asking people to give something they hold dear which is money. I’m grateful to the people who have donated whether by cash, through the website or through my fundraising page which again, here’s the link. Just click on the Asparagus. It’s my way of making clicking on links fun instead of saying, “click here”. Did it work?
  • And now, the theme of this post is: Quality versus Quantity.

I’m a relatively new blogger and I don’t have a big following. The content of my blog itself is pretty random. It can be anything from things about my life, to poems I made to fundraise for a charity, to preaching to you the Gospel. It’s random.

But are all my 200 posts of high quality? Here’s where I admit something a bit shameful: No.

I don’t spend the same amount of time on each blog post. Some posts, I just want to share a video with you, like sharing a phase I’m going through such as the Singaporean franchise Ah boys to men

I don’t go that deeply into topics. The most deep I’ve ever gone is when I’m struggling to continue growing my blog because it feels like a garden with only thorns and weeds, but I turn that around and I write a motivational post to motivate people including myself. Example of this kind of ‘deep’ blog post is in the omelete.

Why do you think the motto of this blog is, “writing is hard”? Why do you think the title of this blog is, “No Excuses”?


I will tell you this.

I’ve never published a post that didn’t have anything that I didn’t want to share or wasn’t passionate about. Speaking of passion, I’m going to be posting a lot of Wattpad stuff because that’s the site where I’m slightly more ‘deep’.

On the other hand, that’s only a plan I just thought of and we all know how plans usually end up.

I think quantity is more important than quality because of these reasons:

  1. I’m still a relatively new member of the blogging community
  2. which means that my biggest obstacle is the writing and getting posts out there on a pretty consistent basis so that I have frequently new content.
  3. I’m not focussed on awards, recgonition, following or even likes. I’m blogging for myself.

This doesn’t mean that quality isn’t important at all, it’s just that I’m at a stage where I need to write lots, focus on the quantity and then in time, I will get better with lots of pracise. I will improve my quality of writing. One day, I’ll even focus on quality.

It’s a bit of juggling, I think.

There’s a part of that doesn’t agree with what I’m saying because spending the time to write good posts (even if it means being slower), shows that you’re serious.

But I guess that’s the thing.

I’m not serious. Yet.

This year, the theme of my blog is “Comeback 2018”. The goal is to just maintain this blog with new added content. That’s what I’m been aiming for and that’s what I’ve been doing.

But next year?

Next year will be a whole other ball game. And as I write more, publish more, become more familiar with my blog, I get better, I get comfortable with being here, and I become a serious blogger.

Although, in saying all that, I don’t think blogging will ever become something I do to earn money, earn a following or become a big blogger. I write for the Sundanese children. And of course other charities too.



Ching Ern Yeh 🙂

Thanks for reading




Pocket change

First posted on Wattpad

If I had two dollars in my pocket,
I’d go to the supermarket and buy bread,

If I had a loaf of bread,
I’d tear it into chunks and feed the birds,

If I could feed the birds,
Then the birds would grow strong and healthy,

If the birds grew strong and healthy,
Then maybe one day they’d remember me
And help me out too.

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Sudan child refugees

I have recently created a poetry book about the Sundanese children that are or had to flee Sudan. They escaped to Uganda because Sudan has been going through a war and 2018 is its fifth year.

It makes me wonder, what if the world wars lasted more than four years? That thought chills me.

Some of the poems are artistic, some are slow, some are sad and some are laments or prayers to God.

As I learn more about these children, my heart goes out to them and their family. As a christian, my response is to cry out to God and ask him for his mercy and provisions. I can’t do much from New Zealand but God can do a lot.

This book is a small thing but I hope it can be used to make a difference in these children’s lives. I’m selling this book in the hopes to fundraise for World Vision. The money towards world vision will then be used for these children from Sudan.

I have a fundraise page which I will give in a different post. But you can also donate straight through the World vision website.

The poems are on a writing community called Wattpad but I will also be sharing the poems with you here on my WordPress website.

In addition, in the near future, I will also use Teespring to design mugs, tote bags and t’shirts to also fundraise for World vision. Every product sold from Teespring will automatically be donated to World Vision and for the Sundanese children.

I’m not a fashion designer 🙂

So, the things I design on Teespring will most likely be just my poems or a verse from the poems onto T’shirts and mugs etc. But if anyone have any ideas in terms of images or sayings that you’d think would look good on a mug or shirt, please let me know in the comments below.

I know this post is a bit longer than others but it’s because there’s a lot of information to give. Stay tuned for more information.





10 things you should know about biblical theology

  1. One out of a thousand- There are so many kinds of theology, it’s crazy. Biblical theology is only one kind of theology. One out of many ways to look at, approach and interpret the bible.
  2. Story focussed- Biblical theology is following the grand story of the world. It’s a meta narrative. It’s a large story composed of smaller stories. Every book in the bible contributes to the grand story-yes, even Leviticus.
  3. Forest for the trees-We’re looking at the big picture. We’re looking at the trees and how they link to the forest. In other words, why did God allow the Hebrews be subject to slavery for 400 years? Why did God stubborn Pharaoh’s heart? Biblical theology asks and reflects on these questions in light of the bigger story of salvation and redemption.
  4. Themes-like any good story, the biblical story is told through the lens of themes. you can tell the biblical story many times because there are many themes to look at.
  5. The Theo Combo-Biblical Theology is not just one kind. It is a mixture of systematic, historic and biblical theology. Yes, it’s true. You do need to be a bit systematic when telling the story in the lens of a theme
  6. Many themes-and only some include-Covenant, redemption, salvation, God’s people, temple. For my class, I wrote an essay, framing the story in the lens of the covenant theme. I’ll do the same for the others themes to in order to broaden my understanding and yours too.
  7. Grace-When you can see the bigger picture, the one story from Genesis to Revelation, then you will know Grace. When you know Grace, you will worship God. You might even go so far as to bow down and break out in tears. This is because Grace produces true worship. And there’s a lot of grace in the biblical story.
  8. We’re all in the story
  9. A ministry tool
  10. All Christians are theologians